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Spring Babies
Name: Spring Babies
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: May 8, 2016

Previous chapter: Cold Business
Next chapter: To be written...

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Spring BabiesEdit

The Wizard HouseholdEdit

Lee Wizard Adult

Lee as an adult

Bill Wizard Toddler

Bill as a toddler

Now that we have settled in our home and made it through the winter, it is exciting to announce that Sebastian and I had a baby. His name is Bill. He looks a lot like I did when I was his age, but he has Sebastian's eyes. I am really looking forward to being able to teach him magic. I have a feeling that he will just be fantastic at it like his parents. Of course, we will also teach him how to be a productive member of the community as well. It is actually very fun working as a cashier for Uncle Jim's music store. I get to be around music all day long. I'm sure that Sebastian has the same excitement over at Uncle Alex's bed shop. To be honest, I can't think of anything better than having magic and music along with Sebastian and Bill. I could dare say that I doubt that my life could be any better than it is now.

Sebastian also wanted me to let you know that my new "giddy" view isn't a gimmick. I have been taking Uncle Drew's advice on having a positive view on life as well as just being a nicer guy. So yes I have changed from my grumpy old self, but I can assure you that this isn't something that will go away. Not like the magically spiced sugar that I was drinking so that I could be nice like Sebastian. Now we can both be the nice wizards we should always be. Bill seems to have taken to my old grouchy behavior, but I can teach him to be nice too.

-Lee Wizard

The Harper HouseholdEdit

Jim Harper Elder

Jim as an elder

Chad Harper Adult

Chad as an adult

Randall Harper Child

Randall as a child

Ron Harper Child

Ron as a child

Raymond Harper Baby

Raymond as a baby

It seems like all we have been doing this season is have birthday after birthday. Not that I can exactly complain because it just means that all of the babies are getting older. And speaking of babies, it doesn't seem that Chad and Franklin have any plans to stop. Having any more of these little guys around will just drive me nuts. I am planning to just move into an apartment to get away from it all. In fact, I just might take this as a retirement and let Chad run everything. I know that Jim would agree with me now that he has had his elder birthday. It just might be a good time to do it since all of the babies in the other families are coming up to school age. So far it has been pretty simple with only a handful of kids, but I can see the writing on the wall that there will be an explosion as soon as next season. I'm not saying that I don't love the little guys, but I know that I don't have it in me to look after so many at one time.

I do have to admit that I do like looking after my grandkids while their parents are off tending to matters away from home. It's kind of fun being able to play around with them without having to be with them 24/7. Although, I can't exactly say the same for the ones that live here with me. I guess that is all the more reason that I need to get my own place so that I can come and go as I please. In fact, I am going to tell Chad right after I finish this report.

As far as the business matters of the family goes, things have been going pretty steady. The cemetery and school are turning out to be pretty good places even though they don't bring in any money. In fact because I know that there will be a boom of school age children soon, I have made sure that I have enough desks for them to be able to do their studies. The next thing would to see about getting more help to run the place when it becomes too much for just one person. Again, I will let Chad worry about that.

The art gallery is doing pretty well. I suspect that all of Tyler's painting will be sold soon, so I have been doing some of my own so that the gallery can continue having paintings to sell. I also might think about making it more than just a place to sale paintings. I haven't decided how just yet, but I think it would be a good thing to also let it be a place that Sims can come to just appreciate art. Or maybe I should do that someplace else. I not really sure what is best just yet.

Jim's music store is actually turning out to be a nice place as well. I have mentioned to him that he might want to expand it a little. Maybe even make it (or even other place) as a place where Sims can listen and play music. Might be something enjoyable to come to. Jim has always done his own thing so I don't know if he will take to my advice or not. I still think it might be a good idea.

The real estate business is also doing pretty well. There have been a couple of more lots sold, so I have gone out to buy a couple more to have a curtain amount available at a moment's notice should anyone decide they need to buy another lot.

And then there are the apartments that have actually been doing really well. Since I only started out with 4 units and I want to move into one myself, I have decided that I will have some more built across the street. When that is finished, I will move in there probably with Jim as well. Of course, he just might want his own unit too, so that is fine with me. It shouldn't be too hard to get a couple of units ready in a short time.

-David Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

George Carpenter Adult

George as an adult

Jeffery Carpenter Toddler

Jeffery as a toddler

Russ Carpenter Toddler

Russ as a toddler

I feel like it has been such a long time since I have written a report, but it has only been a season. I have been really working hard on settling the shifting of business locations and business expansions. Sean's Fitness is a small little gym, but I can see it coming into it's own. It is a really nice place to get a full workout without having to walk all the way across a big room just to get to the next machine. In fact, I have noticed that there are a few from the apartments above that have been coming quite frequently.

Beds & Beyond is also another place that is coming into it's own. Originally I only had one type of bed. Now I have a couple of types for different needs and likes because you can't have one kind of bed for everyone to be happy. I might even expand the variety some more if things keep going the way they are.

The Carpentry and Rec Center are pretty much status quo for this past season, but I have added a couple of basketball hoops behind the Rec Center. I have also gotten some special grass for the soccer pitch. There seems to be a growing interest to build a sports team, so I figured it would be nice to have a better pitch.

Family life seems to be pretty status quo as well in that there aren't any additions to the family, but that will change very soon because Caleb is very pregnant. The twins – how odd to say that and not have it refer to Drew and myself – have had their toddler birthday. They are really looking forward to their child birthday so that they can go to school. Then I can also focus on all of the businesses some more without having to split my attention. Of course, that might not last long because there is another kid on the way.

Lastly, George had his Adult birthday. I don't know why he insists on wearing a suit and tie when no Carpenter has been so dressed up for no real occasion. I suspect it has something to do with his sire, Lance. Of course, Lance's outfit isn't as extravagant, but I will say that George does look really nice. Maybe he is just trying to show me that he is ready to take over the household. I'm just not quite ready to let go just yet.

-Alex Carpenter

The Fisher FamilyEdit

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

Billy Fisher Teen

Billy as a teen

Randy Fisher Teen

Randy as a teen

Not too much has really happened with us in the way of business, but it never seems to during the winter. I have completed the move of Chris' Fishes. It isn't really that much, but I am not too sure what to do with it basically being the same as the Meat Market.

As far as family news, I know that the Originals would have a riot if they were still alive. I know that my dam would have, but Andrew and Ed have decided to make their union solid in name by having a marriage. Honestly, there isn't really much change from their engagement earlier, but I guess this is something that they want. The twins are happy as well.

And speaking of the twins, Randy wants me to mention that he says he saw Tyler at the cemetery as a ghost. I'm not too sure that I believe him, but I just thought that I would put this in the report since he will keep pestering me until I do.

-Nick Fisher

The Thomas Fisher HouseholdEdit

I have really been enjoying my time in the apartments. Because of the location right by all of the stores, I have been meeting a lot of interesting people – including family I didn't know I had. I have also convinced David to let me teach music at the school. A summer camp music teacher sure does have a nice ring.

-Thomas Fisher

The Baker FamilyEdit

The Baker HouseholdEdit

Brad Baker Adult

Brad as an adult

Ivan Baker Child

Ivan as a child

Timmy Baker Child

Timmy as a child

Derek Baker Toddler

Derek as a toddler

Gary Baker Baby

Gary as a baby

Ruben Baker Baby

Ruben as a baby

There has been a lot of changes with our family. As you may or may not notice, I am not Connor. I am his son and he has asked me to take over the household obligations. He and my uncle Zack have also moved out, so I am sure that you will see a report from Connor about their new place. So besides the moving out and my taking over the household, we have also had quite a few birthdays and births. Brad, Ivan and Timmy have all had their birthdays. Brad gave birth to Derek who also had a birthday is quarter as well. Brad also gave birth to more twins, Gary and Ruben.

To say that the house is getting pretty full and busy is an understatement, but I have to say that I am rather enjoying it. Having all of this activity is quite fun for me. In fact just after Brad's birthday, we decided to get married just like Andrew and Ed across the street did. I had almost thought about waiting until Brad had at least given birth to the twins. When I purposed engagement, Brad went into labor with Derek just as I purposed engagement. But Brad was beaming with excitement and just couldn't wait, so we went ahead with it even though I was afraid that he would give birth just as I gave him the ring. He didn't, but it was close. And in case you were wondering, yes we are going to have more kids. I want at least 6.

And before you start wondering how all of these kids are being looked after when Brad and I are out taking care of the family businesses, we have been asking our parents to take care of them while we are away from home. It has mostly been Connor who has been doing it, but I think its a good way for them to get to know their grandparents.

The restaurant and bakery have been doing well, so I also decided to buy up another lot that David had for sale to build another business. I figured that there should be a central place for Sims to be able to get whatever they need to get for their home kitchens. I mean, you can't expect them to always eat at the restaurant or the bakery. They might want to be able to keep some leftovers at home for those times when leaving the home just isn't really possible – like when you are very pregnant. Hence the birth of "Kitchen Supplies". I'm very excited about it – leaving my own mark of the community.

-Lawrence Baker

The Connor & Zack Baker HouseholdEdit

It feels so strange to be in a place and not have so many Sims running around. In some ways it is really nice because then I don't have to always pick up after everyone else, but in another way it is kinda sad because I can't just play with some little guy running around. I guess it's a good thing that Zack has stayed with me when we moved to the apartments that the Warlocks moved out of. And there is rarely a shortage of Sims in these apartments. I can see what Anthony likes about them. And speaking of the Warlocks, I have no idea what they did in this apartment, but there was a strange feel about the place when we moved in.

I also like living in the apartments because I am really close to the Rec Center and can easily go and play on the team. I'm not sure how much better I can get, but I don't think I am the only one. Zack however is doing pretty will with his "party" job. I'm not sure exactly what he does, but he has been going around the neighborhood and collecting ideas for a story. He says it's something creating a legacy for future generations to be able to learn about our time – whatever than means.

-Connor Baker

The Anthony Baker HouseholdEdit

I have been doing my patrols around the neighborhood with most of my time. I know that several of you think that I am insane for believing that there is someone or something that is out there watching us an just waiting to make a move. At least when it does happen, I will be ready to save everyone. Just wait and see.

-Anthony Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

Nicholas Potter Adult

Nicholas as an adult

Adrian Potter Child

Adrian as a child

Danny Potter Toddler

Danny as a toddler

Things have been pretty much stable for us this past winter. The stores and Town Hall have been doing pretty well. They haven't had much change occur for better or for worse. The home life has had a few changes, but not many. We had a new addition to the family, Danny. He just had his toddler birthday last night. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow up. Adrian and Nicholas also had their respective birthdays as well.

I think the one who had the most change this last season was Nicholas. Not only did he have his birthday, but he also joined the new police force. I know that Anthony is really pushing hard for us to be able to defend ourselves should an outside attack occurs, but Nicholas just wants to make sure that nothing bad happens to the neighborhood whether it be from within or without. In any case, Nicholas is currently under training from Anthony.

Kevin has brushed the idea along to Nicholas about getting married just like their brothers and cousins, but Nicholas feels that they can wait at least until after he has given birth. Yeah, Nicholas is pregnant with a third child. Kevin and Nicholas both told me that this will be their last, so I guess that means they won't be giving me anymore grandsons.

That's fine with me to be honest. I couldn't care less about having more grandkids, although I understand that Franklin has just gotten pregnant as well. I guess that means that the next report from them will include yet another baby. Franklin tells me that Chad wants at least 6 and is willing to go with it!

I never could understand the want for a huge family. I mean, I had four and that was more than enough for me. Between them and their sons, and my brothers and their sons, it seems that I am directly related to about half the people in this neighborhood. That is more than I can count on my fingers and toes! If that isn't a big family, I don't know what is.

-Martin Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Joel Gardener Toddler

Joel as a toddler

Tracy Gardener Toddler

Tracy as a toddler

Rob Gardener Baby

Rob as a baby

It seems like Corbin has been pregnant all season. First he had twins, and then he got pregnant immediately afterwards and had another son. I'm not sure if it was because they wanted to have several kids, or if Patrick have a few kids before he turned 40. Either way, it is going to be a busy time in this house. Something that has never happened before. I mean before now, Patrick and Noah were the most amount of children at one time seen in this house. And that wasn't really much different than having only one at a time because there weren't so close in age.

Then there is the fact that this house has only ever had up to 3 Sims, and now there is double that many. Because of that, I have done some expanding to the house. The house and the greenhouse now have a room connecting the two. That should give us enough room to handle three more Sims. Well, maybe only two because one of the twins seems to show signs of being a PlantSim. I have mixed feelings about Joel with his obvious green skin.

On the one hand, it is nice that he will never have to hide the fact that he is a PlantSim like his dam and I had to do. I still don't understand why my dam felt that we had to hide ourselves when it was obvious that the others didn't have any problems with him being one as well. He did say it was something to do with the fact that he didn't start out that way, something about a chemical accident. Who knows! The point is that Patrick and I didn't start out that way either.

Which leads me to the reason for the reservations I have about Joel. His skin has shown to be green right at birth. That is something that I haven't seen before. Makes me wonder if there is something wrong. I sure hope not. It could just be that he is a normal PlantSim, which is nice to know that he will continue the legacy of the Gardeners.

Aside from the births, I have been taking Patrick to Mike's Garden to teach him the ropes of the trade. I am still a bit hesitant about turning it over to him just yet, but I know that I will have to soon because I am not getting any younger. Some of my brothers have already started turning the households over already and taking out retirement, which I might do.

-Eric Gardener

The Taylor FamilyEdit

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

Timothy Taylor Elder

Timothy as an elder

Joe Taylor Adult

Joe as an adult

Jacob Taylor Adult

Jacob as an adult

Floyd Taylor Child

Floyd as a child

Ronald Taylor Child

Ronald as a child

Arnold Taylor Toddler

Arnold as a toddler

Jesse Taylor Adult

Jesse as an adult

It seems that I was the only one who did not have a birthday, which is fine by me because I wouldn't want to take my final walk just yet. It's very weird to have so many days full of celebrations. Of course, who had to clean up after everyone other than yours truly! Don't get me wrong. I love my family and everything, but sometimes there are just so many Sims around that I'd like to get away sometimes.

That is what I did do a few days this season. Because I wasn't the only adult around to take care of the little kids, I could get away and just work on the businesses. I mostly worked on improving the Fabrics Shop, which is now ranked at a Fledgling Firm. Not too shabby if I might say so myself, but I think I want to get Luke's Taylor built up as well because it isn't nearly at the level that it was when it was at the house under the direction of Luke. I own it to my dam to get it to at least the same level that he had it at. Then there's Designer Fashion. It is still going strong just like it was when my dam was running it. True, I have made some improvements here and there, but it is basically the same as he left it.

I should probably start focusing on getting Joe up to where he can start running the businesses so that I can eventually turn it over to him. I'm not quite ready just yet to do it, but I guess I really should start thinking about it now that I am sure I am getting close to the same age that my dam was. True, we don't know exactly how old he was, but he lived in here for 47 days before he passed away. If you consider that I had my adult birthday about 40 days ago, it would make since that this is probably my last year. If I live much longer than that, I doubt it will be that many days longer.

Just looking back at how much the neighborhood has grown and change since my lifetime, I can't help but wonder how much it will change by the time these little guys are my age. We could only sell things from our homes because we didn't really know what was really around us yet. Now we are "forbidden" from selling from out home and have to have a store to sell from.

There also wasn't any rule about who you could or couldn't have a relationship with. Well, there was the "you can't kiss your brother or cousin" rule, but that was really all. Now the younger guys are talking about making it so that you have to commit yourself to only one Sim. Who came up with that idea?! I know that Tyler was really against that idea, but he was the last of the Originals so there wasn't much he could do to fight it.

Then there's the who education aspect of things. We didn't have school when I was growing up. It was up to your dam to teach you everything that you needed to know. Now every child and teen must go to school together to be taught all in one place. And I even heard rumors that there will be school for young adults as well. I can't even begin to imagine who would run that sort of place or even how it would be handled. I mean like I said before, we didn't have formal education growing up. I guess it would make sense that it would be our kids who would figure something like that out because they did have formal education after all.

This just all makes me fell very old. I wonder if this is how my dam felt when he was my age. Although I guess it wasn't so drastic for him because he only remembers about 50 days of his life and not any of his upbringing. In any case, it is still mind boggling.

-Lance Taylor

The Jesse Taylor HouseholdEdit

I just saw what my uncle wrote for the report. I don't even know how to follow that. I guess when he puts it that way it does make sense that things have really changed. I know for certain there weren't any apartments to live in when he was growing up. True, they weren't even around when I was growing up, but the next generation will probably think nothing unusual about them. Now that kinda makes me feel a little old as well.

Anyways, moving onto another topic: me! I just realized that I have just over 20 best friends. How awesome is that! It just sort of happened. One of my neighbors saw that I was saying hi to almost everyone that walked passed the apartments and asked if I truly knew all of those Sims. I told him that of course I did because we are all buddies. Then he asked how many "buddies" did I have. He even put in the air quotes because he didn't really believe that I had that many. So I named them all. Took me almost 15 minutes just to name them all because there were so many.

I guess I can check that life goal off and get a new one. I wonder what I should do. I know! I could use my friendship with everyone and take the place of being the head of the court system. Who better to do it than someone who knows practically everyone?

-Jesse Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

Noah Plummer Adult

Noah as an adult

John Plummer Teen

John as a teen

Oliver Plummer Teen

Oliver as a teen

Clinton Plummer Child

Clinton as a child

It feels like only yesterday my grandchildren were born. Now they have just grown into teens. And Clinton has also grown up to being a child. He is excited to go to school like his older brothers. They sure do grow up fast. Now I understand what my dam meant when he used to say the same thing. Does that mean that I'm getting old now too? I guess it does because I am now 70 days old. Ha!

It really feels weird to have so many people living in the same house. True, it has been expanded upon since it was first built by my dam, but it is still weird nonetheless. I know that there are a couple of other households that have more than we do, but 6 Sims under one roof is quite a bit. Not that I am complaining. Just means that there is a lot that happens. Kinda makes it hard to keep track of everything that has happened.

I guess the most obvious thing is that there have been quite a few birthdays. John and Oliver went from toddler to child to teen, Clinton when from baby to toddler to child, and Noah had his adult birthday. Dustin and I are the only ones who didn't have birthdays, but I am fine with not having any more birthdays because I have probably already seen my last birthday just like my dam did.

It's hard to believe that he only remembers 51 days of his life while I am now 70 days old. I guess if you were to assume that he was about 30 days old when he found himself in Genesis that would have made him 81 days old. If that is true, then I still have about a couple more seasons more to go. That's not even a year. Wow! I guess I really should start thinking about turning over the family affairs to Dustin. I can't just leave him with a mess and no knowledge of how to run things.

Speaking of family affairs, the family businesses have been running at pretty much status quo this past season. That is mainly because of all of the business that was happening at home. I guess now that the grandsons have pretty much grown, I can take Dustin to focus on the business aspects of things so that I can transition things to him with ease before I am gone for good.

I know that I have mentioned that I would do this before, but I just got really distracted with all of the little ones running around and then having birthdays one after another. Kinda made time fly by. In any case, I guess I really would like to be able to just focus on the sports team while I still can. It isn't like I am going to be young forever. Maybe Connor and I can finally settle that bet as to who has the best field goal. I know that he has been really working on it since he moved into those apartments.

And speaking about the apartments, I don't think I will do the same as Connor. After I turn over the family affairs to Dustin, I think I will just stay where I am. While there may be several Sims around, it isn't like there are more than I can count on my fingers.

-Jared Plummer

The Warlock HouseholdEdit

Adam Warlock Adult

Adam as an adult

Ace Warlock Adult

Ace as an adult

Dennis Warlock Toddler

Dennis as a toddler

Sam Warlock Toddler

Sam as a toddler

Clark Warlock Baby

Clark as a baby

Well, I was finally able to convince David that he should allow us to have a lot of land to live on instead of having to live in the apartments. He shouldn't be playing favorites just because he raised Lee. Ace is his son as well. I sometimes wonder if David doesn't care for Ace and me because of the type of magic we practice. If that were the case, it would be because of that Lee and Sebastian told him, and I wouldn't put it past them. In any case, we were able to get a lot of land next door to the Plummer household albeit that we had to pay money, which I know that Lee didn't have to do. Oh well!

In addition to moving, things have been very busy for us. First is that Ace and I have gotten married. I can't tell you how happy I am about that. That means we will be together to raise our children together, unlike our parents. I think it will be good for them to have both parents rather than waiting until much later to meet their sire. This way will also mean that we can raise them up in the way of warlock magic. I can just imagine having a bunch of warlocks around the house.

And speaking of children, Ace has given birth to twin boys just after we moved in. They are Dennis and Sam. They are growing up fast – already toddlers. Ace quickly got pregnant and gave birth again to our third son, Clark. So we now have three sons to raise. I think that is a good number for now. I know that Ace agrees with me. He feels like he has been pregnant for a long time, which is pretty much true because he has been pregnant for longer than one full season. Now we just need to focus on caring for them so that they will grow up to being strong and healthy Warlocks.

Ace and I have also had our own birthdays. Seems kind of odd that we had so many birthdays with the three boys that we also had our own. I almost forgot about it also happening this past season, but Ace reminded me. I had thought that it was last season that we had our birthdays, but Ace is right that it was this season because we wouldn't only be 32 and 31 days old if that were the case. Like I said earlier, we did have a lot happen for us this season.

I would have liked to have also bought a business so that our family could have at least one to run, but I wasn't able to because we had to pay for the lot for our home. I guess I will have to see if I can work some extra shifts to earn some more money to save up for a business. Too bad the law was changed to where a business could no longer be run from the home because they I could just start one here while I build it up so that I can move it out. I mean, that is what the Originals had done, so why can't I?

I know that Lee hasn't bought a business lot yet as well, but I can just see it that David would just give it to him just like he did with the home that Lee and Sebastian now live in. I know that I am starting to rant a little here, but it really isn't fair that we have to pay where he does not. He said that it was because he was selling the lot to me, and we aren't related in any fashion unlike selling the lot to Lee who is his son would just be strange.

Of course, it seems that everyone else either agrees with him or just doesn't want to take sides. Martin was trying to be neutral when he told me that there just isn't any procedure for buying home lots because it has never been done before. The Original 8 just settled on their own home lots. The lots that Lee and I got are the first home lots to be "purchased" in any fashion. He also told me that since Lee was moving out from the household that David was in and taking a part of the household funds, paying back a portion would just be the same as taking less of the funds which is what Lee (supposedly) did. Rrright!

-Adam Warlock