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The Cold Births
Name: The Cold Births
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: March 16, 2014

Previous chapter: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
Next chapter: Spring into the Next Phase

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The Cold BirthsEdit

This winter was one of good fortune. Sean was able to build one room shacks after he gave birth so that we could get out of the cold, and it wasn't really that cold. We didn't have any major problems except for a few blue men here and there. Nothing to really worry about. All of the babies were born without any problems. Maybe a few surprises, but no problems.

When winter began with 5 days left, three babies were born. Matt had a son named Connor, Dan's son was named Jared, and Mike's son was named Eric. (Everyone was surprised a Plant could give birth to a Sim, but Eric is really a cute baby.)

With 4 days left, Chris gave birth to Nick, I gave birth to David, and Sean surprised us with twins, Alex and Drew. I can tell you that I was glad to not be pregnant anymore, but I think everyone was even more glad that Sean wasn't pregnant anymore and that he was able to put up those shacks so quickly.

Half way through winter, Luke gave birth to Lance, and Kyle gave birth to Martin. I think that Kyle loved being pregnant so much (or maybe he wanted to avoid doing the pottery) because shortly after he gave birth, I got him pregnant. He was begging me to do it.

On the next day with 2 days left in winter, Matt also got pregnant by Sean. He later told me that he missed it. I think it had to do with the fact that the snow was making it pointless to do anything except stay in our little shacks and being pregnant makes you want to just stay in bed, so it made it tolerable. I have to admit that was the reason for me, so I worked my magic on Luke. He was just as happy not to have to carry another baby, but I suspected that he would just like I did. I was right because on the next day, he worked his magic on Dan. So by the end of winter, we had 9 little toddlers, and 4 pregnant men.

That is the entry for the first Winter in the Genesis Project. I guess I will be seeing you at the end of Spring.

-Tyler Harper