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Falling into a Different Habit
Name: Falling into a Different Habit
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: April 13, 2014

Previous chapter: The Summer Heat Wave
Next chapter: The Cold Changes

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Falling into a Different HabitEdit

I don't know when I will have my next (first?) birthday, but I can really feel myself slowing down. I know that I am only 26 days old. Or am I? In any case, I have decided that it would be best to have each household write a quarterly report, which I can then place into one larger report. It will also be good to have some of their thoughts, not just mine. I promise that I won't edit their writings.

The Harper HouseholdEdit

David Harper YA

David as a young adult

Jim Harper Teen

Jim as a teen

So I will go ahead and report about what has happened with my household. I told you that last quarter I would set up a Real Estate. I have done that and sold lots to everyone. We now have some businesses that will serve to expand and grow the community for many years to come.

My painting has also gotten better. I am quite please with myself. David has be taking lessons from me. Not as good as me yet, but he is getting there quite fast. He has also been learning some of the trades of the business from me as well. Jim, however, is a different story. He will paint sometimes, but he seems more content to freestyle than anything else. Getting him to learn a few trade secrets is a different story. Maybe David can pass them along to him later.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Jim is now a teen. Kind of explains why he is so rebellious, don't it? I don't remember David being that way, but it might have been because he wasn't able to due to having no older sibling. Speaking of, David is now a young adult. Soon he will be starting his own family. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the Harper Family grow.

-Tyler Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

Alex Carpenter YA

Alex as a young adult

Drew Carpenter YA

Drew as a young adult

I see that Tyler didn't tell you that he caught Kyle and Mike being a little friendly while at the new recreational center. It's actually quite a common occurrence to see something like that around here. I honestly don't know why Tyler got so upset. I mean, he has done the same thing as well. I somehow think there was something else going on because we all know everyone has had children with almost everyone else because we all agreed to do so. It's almost as if Tyler was mad about something else, but I can't quite place my finger on it.

In any case, I'm sure that you guessed that the community lot that I got from Tyler was built, or rather is building, into a fitness center. It isn't much right now with only a small pool, a diving board, and a couple of weight machines, but I know that since I have taught my boys the trade secrets that it will be around for a long while. I know that the first thing I'm going to have to do is build some shelter if I'm going to have it running during the winter. If we don't have a bad one, that is, because I doubt anyone is going to want to walk in a blizzard to get anywhere. Much less a fitness center.

And speaking of the boys, both Alex and Drew have grown up to be young adults at 19 days old. Seems like only yesterday that I held them in my arms. I know that they're growing up because Alex had his first kiss with Lance, and Drew had his with Nick a couple days later. It might just be that biological clock ticking, but I have a feeling that this community that we have built will continue to grow into a good one after we are gone. Well, no one honestly knows how long we will be around, or even if we will always be around forever. You never know though, so I'm just saying.

-Sean Carpenter

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

Nick Fisher YA

Nick as a young adult

As you saw from Sean's report, Nick and Drew had their first kiss with each other. It's so hard to believe that they are growing up. I still see them in their little diapers; the stinky little turds. I'm honestly glad they are out of that now. I can focus on my fishing.

I guess that you can tell that I have been doing well with the fish market. (Of course there are some who think I am doing too well and need to be played like a villain in Robin Hood. Water under the bridge.) Nick has been helping me a lot as well. I have decided that I will expand the fishing industry by building up a meat market. I have also been teaching Nick everything I know, since you never know when he will have to take over for me.

If you can't tell, I am very proud of my son. Not only was he quick on his feet when someone was stealing my stuff — water under the bridge — he is also growing up to be quite the young man like his dam[1]. I admit, I don't like the long hair and facial hair, but it works for him. I guess I'll just have to live with it.

-Chris Fisher

The Baker HouseholdEdit

Connor Baker YA

Connor as a young adult

Zack Baker Teen

Zack as a teen

We sure do have a colorful little community, don't we? I think that is what makes it so great, such diversity. I mean I wouldn't be able to make the food that I do without everyone's input. Those basses and trouts make for some really good meals, and so do the produces that Mike grows.

Just when you think that the community couldn't get any better, it is growing. Connor is now a young adult, and Zack is a teen. Connor has been such a help with the business that I have opened up a bakery. It isn't much now with a few meals for sell, a couple of tables and chairs, a podium, and a stove for the beginnings of a restaurant, but it will eventually become the dining center of this community.

I have also been teaching the boys the trades that I have learned in the few days that I have been running a business. Hopefully when the time comes for them to take over, they will be able to take it even farther than I have. They had better not ruin everything because I WILL find a way to let them know that I am not happy.

On a more lighter note, Connor had his first kiss with Eric on the last day of Fall. I am kind of excited to see where this will take him. He just might follow is old dam in that manner as well. It actually makes Zack want to find his first kiss as well, but I told him that he has to get to know the guy a little bit before he can go ahead and kiss him. And he can't be his half brother. You will not believe how distraught Zack was when I told him that the Carpenter twins are his half brothers.

-Matt Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

Martin Potter YA

Martin as a young adult

Jason Potter Teen

Jason as a teen

I must admit that doing pottery is quite exhausting, but very rewarding. I have learned to do several things with the wheel. I am trying to teach the boys, but it seems that only Martin is remotely interested. Jason seems to have other interests. More often than not, I will find Jason digging holes around the property. He has even gotten Martin to do the same thing. It frustrates me because it is just so dirty, but I must admit that their digging in the ground has unearthed some pretty pottery as well.

Speaking of the boys, they are growing up. Martin is now a young adult and Jason a teen. They have been learning the trades of the business. Even though Jason isn't too thrilled about it, he has learned everything I have learned so far. I don't know what it is that makes him so grumpy, but I have managed to get around that somewhat to teach him the trade secrets.

I have also brought a lot from Tyler, so that I can sell my pottery as well as the ones the boys have found. I have a feeling that it will turn into quite a nice pottery shop that will be around for several years to come to provide the community with its ceramic needs.

Now as you can probably guess from Sean's report, Tyler wasn't too happy with me and Mike. I have managed to patch things up between him and myself. I honestly don't think that he was that mad with me to begin with, though I think that he was more upset with Mike. I sure hope that Mike can smooth things over with Tyler. Enemies are the last thing that we need in this community, being that it is so small.

-Kyle Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Eric Gardener YA

Eric as a young adult

I don't know what more can be said than you have probably already been told by the others of the Original 8. Eric is now a young adult and has a crush with Connor. Tyler was upset with me because I was telling my next door neighbor, Kyle, how good he smells. I was able to give him a soothing concoction of produce brought him back to normal. I honestly still don't see what was the reasoning for him being so furious with me.

It's times like that when I would rather interact with plants than Sims. They're so temperamental! But I had to smooth things other with Tyler so that he could sell me one of his lots so that I can expand the Farmer's Market. It is kind of hard to run a farm and a business on the same lot. Not that it is all that hard since I am such a good gardener and I have been teaching Eric all of the trade secrets that I know.

-Mike Gardener

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

Lance Taylor YA

Lance as a young adult

Timothy Taylor Teen

Timothy as a teen

Well, you already know from Sean's report that Lance had his first kiss with Alex. I wonder if it will grow into something more that just a crush, but only time will tell. He has really grown up to be a nice young man. Hard to imagine that he will be an adult soon, but he'll probably make me old and gray before then. He can be pretty grumpy at time, but I must say that I am happy that he has taken to sewing.

Timothy, on the other hand, doesn't seem interested in sewing or anything that has to do with running the business for that matter. He can't wait to grow up like his brother. Pretty soon he will be a young adult as well. I know he doesn't think I see him, but I know he is checking everyone out. Maybe trying to choose who will be his first kiss. I am lucky, however, that I was able to teach him some trade secrets.

I'm actually glad that I am able to teach them both what I know about running a business because then I can be assured that they will keep things going after I am gone. It is also good because I have decided that we need to expand our fabrics business. That way they can run the home business while I focus on building up the lot I bought from Tyler. I mean, now that I have learned to make some pretty decent threads for everyone, I might as well have a venue for them to get a hold of them that is better than my front lawn. I only hope that it will become as good of a place as I picture it.

-Luke Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

Jared Plummer YA

Jared as a young adult

I think that Tyler made a good choice letting us write reports because he didn't add some things into his report. I will go ahead since everyone else has made mention of brewing romances occurring in the neighborhood. Yup, Jared has his first kiss. It was Jim's first kiss as well. I know, I know! There is quite a few days between them, but I made sure Jared waited until Jim was at least 13 days old. I mean, who am I to tell them they can't express their interests in each other because who's to say that I didn't do that when I was their age? Of course, just as long as they are both consenting to it. So they both had their first kiss on their birthdays - Jared on his young adult birthday and Jim on his teen birthday.

On other matters, I have been teaching Jared the trade secrets of plumbing so that he can be true to his name. He may or may not keep up with it, but at least I have taught him what I know so that he can use it however he will. I mean, he going to inherit the home business as well as the hardware business that I just bought from Tyler. So I guess that completes the report from us this quarter. Until next season.

-Dan Plummer

Notes from the AuthorEdit

  1. Please see this page for an explanation of this term.