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The Cold Changes
Name: The Cold Changes
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: June 8, 2014

Previous chapter: Falling into a Different Habit
Next chapter: No Spring Chicken

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The Cold ChangesEdit

The Harper HouseholdEdit

Tyler Harper Elder

Tyler as an elder

Jim Harper YA

Jim as a young adult

Well, my birthday has finally come just as I thought it was. It is hard to believe that I have only been here for 31 days and I am already an old man. Jim has now also become a young adult. I hope that I have another 31 days or more just so that I can see my sons and grandsons grow into the Sims I know that they will become.

We are starting to really flourish as a community now. Each household has at least one outside business. I have several more lots for purchase, so I hope that they will be put to good use. My paintings are also becoming quite the collectable items among the others. Makes me feel good. I can't complain about the inflow of money as well, but I will hold off on getting more lots for now. Don't want to expand too quickly for fear of overestimating and causing economical harm. I have done some building of the Real Estate with some of the money that I have. Who knows? Maybe I should also do some expanding of the house as well. I think that I will wait on that for now.

I have continued to teach David and Jim the business trades. I am confident that when the time comes that I will be able to turn over the businesses over to them to run. David will probably be more that willing to do so. I'm not too sure about Jim. He seems to have more interest in rapping and peddling for money than he is running a business. However, when I showed him that doing painting will improve his musical skills, he was more than willing to start learning. So maybe there is hope for him yet. If the very least, he will be of some help for his half brother.

-Tyler Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

Sean Carpenter Elder

Sean as an elder

I noticed that Tyler failed to mention that he has asked each of us to start working for each other's businesses as hired help. Tyler has decided that he will work for Dan at the Hardware Store. I have decided that I would work for Tyler at the Real Estate. Maybe that way I can get some pointers since he seems to be doing so well. If anything, I hope that it will give me an in to get things cheap.

Just like Tyler, I too have had my (first?) birthday. It kind of puts things into perspective now that I have been around for over 30 days. I have seen my boys grow to almost being men themselves. I have been teaching them what I know about carpentry and running a business. Both seem to be really taking it on. They have even taken on personal training. Pretty soon they will know everything that I know, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since it is obvious that I am slowing down and they will be the ones to continue with the torch. I have a feeling that they will take things to the next level. And I am actually excited to see what they will bring in terms of the next generation of Carpenters.

-Sean Carpenter

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

Chris Fisher Elder

Chris as an elder

Well, what can I say? This winter has been a really hard one. The lake froze over and I wasn't able to keep things going business-wise. To make matters worse, I have also become old just like the other Originals. That means that Nick will have to take up fishing more as well as the businesses in the coming days. He has learned what I know about running a business, but he still have some things to learn about fishing. I'm not too worried about that though because I know it is only a matter of time that he learns what little he doesn't know yet. And of course I am going to be helping as much as I can with the fishing and businesses because we have to pickup from this bad winter. I must say that it was a good thing that I was able to start working with Sean at the Rec Center to help keep an income somehow. I know that I will never become a personal trainer, but that is probably a good thing considering that I am really slowing down. A word of advice: DON'T GET OLD!

-Chris Fisher

The Baker HouseholdEdit

Matt Baker Elder

Matt as an elder

Zack Baker YA

Zack as a young adult

I'd hate to say it, but I have noticed that I am slipping with my cooking. I know that my two boys haven't been too keen on learning the pots and pans, but one of them will have to. The first choice would be Connor, but I don't think he would have the patience to labor over the stove. Now that Zack has become a young adult, he might finally be willing to learn. I just have to figure out a way to approach him without pushing him away. In any case, I should be writing what happened, not what I am thinking of doing.

I think that Zack feels that he needs to grow up fast. He is after all one of the youngest in the entire community right now. With 4 days left in winter, he had his first kiss with Martin Potter. He was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. He even decided to do some sales without being asked to, which was a good thing. I had come home from the Meat Market a couple days later with a flu. Connor also came down with it. I don't know how Zack was able to avoid it, but it's a good thing because he was able to handle the home business for a little while until both of us got better by the next day.

The Bakery is actually growing quite nicely. Not quite where I envision it to be yet, but there are a few tables, and even some groceries and a display of bakery. It is even indoors now. A good thing too because there were times when Sims were quite cold from the effects of the winter. Connor and Zack have been good hosts and waiters while our neighbors enjoy some of my cooking. I hope eventually we will have enough money to really build up the place so that we can serve more than just a handful at a time.

-Matt Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

Kyle Potter Elder

Kyle as an elder

Jason Potter YA

Jason as a young adult

There were a couple of cold days, but not too bad business-wise. Martin and Jason were able to develop their business skills a little as well as learn some of the trade secrets. And speaking of Jason, he had his birthday on the same day that I did. He is really turning into a great kid. I don't know how much I like being old, but I guess I just have to suck it up just like the other Originals.

It is so hard to believe that everyone is growing up so fast. It feels like only yesterday there were only 8 of us who had no idea where we were or what we should do. I remember that first winter storm that came. Some of us didn't have shelter yet, and it was getting really cold. Luckily Sean was able to build us one room shacks pretty quickly. Now there are 21 of us with home and community businesses. Even with colder winters (and hotter heatwaves for that matter), we are all doing pretty well. I hope that I live long enough to see the next generation grow up. I am even more excited to see how much we build our little community.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I mentioned that Martin and Jason are developing their business skills. What I meant was they are learning their way around the register and also picking up some sells tactics. Martin has also picked up a thing or two about pottery. Hopefully he will learn some more as time goes on. Jason, on the other hand, has not had a thing to do with pottery. I have tried to get him involved some, but he just doesn't seem to want to get his hand in the clay. Maybe he will later. If not, it is alright since it seems that Martin is really taking it on.

-Kyle Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Mike Gardener PlantSim Elder

Mike as an elder

Except for the fact that my leaves aren't as taut as they used to be, I don't look that much older like the others do. I guess that is because I haven't lost my color like them. I kind of like it because I don't look as old as they do.

In any case, this winter hasn't had that many challenges for my son and I. There wasn't a whole lot of growth for the businesses, but there wasn't any true loss either. I don't think that there will be much worry about in the coming seasons. In fact I think we will keep on growing.

I must say that I am quite impressed with my son. He has really taken to being a true gardener. He helped me keep the plants going even when they were freezing in the cold.

-Mike Gardener

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

Luke Taylor Elder

Luke as an elder

Timothy Taylor YA

Timothy as a young adult

Wow! I honestly don't know what to say. I don't know which was worse, the winter or the birthday. Their both pretty tough. Although not as tough as other things like raising sons.

Don't get me wrong. Lance is a great kid. In fact, I'm not even really talking about him. He is trying to learn the thread and is actually coming along nicely. Timothy on the other hand. I don't know what to do about him. I can't really seem to get him interested enough to more that a couple of potholders. And I can't seem to get him to pull some weight with customers either. I've got to figure out something fast or Lance will be doing everything on his own. I don't know what interests Timothy.

Actually, that isn't entirely correct. Not that I blame him, but David is a few days older than him. Quite a few actually. If you haven't guessed, David gave Timothy his first kiss and Timothy has been on cloud nine all winter because of it. I just hope that he doesn't get too fixated on David because it won't end well if he does.

In other news, the tailoring hasn't been doing too great. Grant it, it hasn't been that bad either, but I just wish it would come along a little better. I know that it was a tough season in general, but it just seems that this season was tougher than most. I don't understand why. Clothes are even more necessary during the winter, so it would seem that Sims would buy them out of necessity. Maybe it is because I am getting older, or maybe because I was distracted by other issues that I have already mentioned. Oh well. Hopefully next season will pick up. In fact, it better.

-Luke Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

Dan Plummer Elder

Dan as an elder

Well, I have also grown old along with my other Original brothers. I must say that I don't like it. I barely have any energy to do anything worthwhile. It's not that I am tired, just that I can't stand around that long like I used to. I mean seriously, I'm not a lazy guy, but I find that I am only able to lay in bed most of the day just thinking of my experiences here. I don't know how we got here, and I know we aren't going to be going back to where ever it was we came from.

Anyways, I'm rambling. The season was a little slow for business, but that was to be expected. I am actually impressed with Jared because he has really picked up for me and is really running things quite well by himself. I have no worries that he will take on the name of the Plummer.

-Dan Plummer

Notes from the AuthorEdit