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No Spring Chicken
Name: No Spring Chicken
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: September 29, 2014

Previous chapter: The Cold Changes
Next chapter: New Year, New Generation

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No Spring ChickenEdit

The Harper HouseholdEdit

465 W Business Loop Original

Tyler decides that he would give Jim his own business

There weren't any birthdays this season. Kind of feels weird because it seems like someone always had a birthday every season for as long as I can remember, and I have been around for 36 days. That is quite a long time!

In any case, the businesses have been going quite well. My real estate business has a continual flow of lots being bought and sold, which is bringing in a lot of simoleons. My paintings have also been selling for quite a high value. I might open up a separate business for my art. It isn't like I don't have the simoleon to afford it.

Because of the extra simoleon that I have, I decided to add onto the house so that the boys and I had more room to move about in the home. And speaking of the boys, I decided that since Jim enjoys music so much that I would give him one of the lots to build a music store. I think that he has really taken to being a businessman of his own.

-Tyler Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

633 W Business Loop Original

The Rec Center stops being the place to also buy carpentry

675 W Business Loop Original

The Carpentry is built next door for all carpentry needs

Things have been picking up somewhat, so I decided that it was time to separate The Rec Center from all things carpentry and take the lot next door for that. I know that it looks like we didn't make any profit this quarter and The Carpentry isn't really that much to look at, but I feel that this is for the best. Who wants to take a lap in the pool and then decide what windows he wants to buy? Doesn't really make sense to me. Alex and Drew agree with me as well. It is a good thing because they will probably be responsible for really taking the place off the ground since I am clearly slowing down. I am not, however, ready to give up just yet.

And speaking of my boys, they haven't quite had their birthday just yet, but they are just about there. They will be full pledge adults very soon. It's so hard to imagine that I was surprised that I had twins what feels like was only a few days ago. Truly it was 29 days ago, which is almost a year and a half ago! And to think that they will be having their own sons in about a couple of seasons. Time sure does fly! I have no worries that they will make great parents and even business owners. I don't think that I could be prouder of anyone. I guess I am actually quite proud of the community that we have created as well. Almost two years ago found the eight of us in a very strange place with no knowledge of where we were, or even who we were. Now we have made our homes, had our families, and built various businesses to help give our various skills for the improvement of the community as a whole. I just hope that I am around long enough to make sure the next generation doesn't ruin it all.

-Sean Carpenter

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

591 W Business Loop Original

The Market is starting to grow!

It has truly been a time to "spring" back into action. After the rough winter we had, we have been able to make up for the losses that we incurred. Still we haven't gotten much more than that. Nick and I will just have to work really hard to make some more profit than we did this past few seasons so that when the tough winter comes along again, we won't have very much in way of losses.

I know that everyone else is saying that we aren't really doing that bad compared to them. Honestly, it is true that we could be doing worse, but it isn't entirely the fault of a bad winter either. I know that I promised Nick that I wouldn't vent my anger about it here, but that doesn't mean I can't vent out the facts of the matter since I know that no one else will, especially not Tyler. I found out that I was being robbed by having to pay twice for my business lots where everyone else was only paying half what I was. No wonder why Tyler is getting so rich and I'm getting so poor. Of course Tyler said that it must have been a mistake, so now I don't have to pay so much. That doesn't mean that he will pay me back what he stole, oh Sim forbid that. Well, maybe now I won't be as stomped in profit without having to shell as much now.

-Chris Fisher

The Baker HouseholdEdit

717 W Business Loop Original

The Bakery is taking shape

Connor Baker Adult

Connor as an Adult

I find it hard to believe that Connor just had his birthday. He is now an adult. He might be the age that I was when we first found ourselves in this place 36 days ago. I guess that would mean that we are at least 66 days old or more. That means that almost half of our lives have been taken from us, but we have moved on and built our lives here with our sons. I can't imagine live any different than this, but it kind of makes you wonder what our lives were like before we arrived in this place. Did we choose this? If so, why did we have no recollection of it? Or were we abducted and brainwashed to forget? Kind of makes you wonder.

In any case, the Bakery has been doing some growing into the place that it is now. It has been a little slow, but it has been doing well. I hope that I am around long enough to see it really become successful like I want it to be. I am not concerned that my sons won't be able to keep it going. It's actually a good thing because this community would starve without us providing meals for everyone. No one really knows how to cook other than myself, which is actually a little of a concern for me because the boys haven't really taken interest in learning how to cook. I'm not too worried because I know that when the time comes, which I'm sure will be at least another 30 days, I know that they will be quick studies. I mean, I was about Connor's when I started working on cooking, and I didn't have anyone to teach me other than experience.

-Matt Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

381 W Business Loop Original

The Ceramic Store in its hay days

I have been trying to get my boys to take up the pottery wheel. While they aren't that far along skill-wise, they are slowly coming along. It is hard work to feel the clay in your fingers and mold it as it spins around. It actually took me a while to get to where I am with it now. I just hope that it doesn't take them as long since they will have an earlier start than I did. Or at least it is an earlier start. Of course, it doesn't help their learning curve when they both try to say that making one plate is exhausting. I know when I first started I was able to make 2 plates before I had to lay down for a rest. Maybe now that they can do vases, they can go longer. Who knows? On another matter, the Ceramic Store is really starting to take shape albeit slowly. Just like clay on my potter's wheel.

-Kyle Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Eric Gardener Adult

Eric as an adult

423 W Business Loop Original

The Farmer's Market

It is quite amazing to think that Eric has just become an adult. To think that he was born only 30 days ago! I guess that means that I have to be at least 66 days old. Right? Well, we found ourselves here 36 days ago, and we were adults then. If you assume that an adult is at least 30 days old, I guess that would be right. But it is also possible that I am in my 70's or more. Ekk!! No wonders why I have so many wrinkles. Or maybe that is just the folds in my leaves. I am a PlantSim after all. Hehe!!

The Farmer's Market is slowly growing. I have no doubt that Eric will be able to take over if I ever slow down and ask him to. I've also done some perfecting of some recipes with the produces I grow. I have learned to make some pretty need drinks. I have now decided that I can make a blender that the others in the community can use to enjoy some of them as well. Sadly the blender isn't easy to make, so I have to charge quite a bit of simoleons for it. My guess is that Tyler will be the only one with one for a while.

He really seems to be doing quite well because he added an extension to his shack and seems to literally have simoleons coming out of the wazoo. I hope that Chris doesn't take too much notice about it because he has mentioned before that he thinks Tyler is just creating simoleons to make himself rich. It probably is just the Real Estate business and also the tax we have to pay on the lands we own. In fact, there has been some talk about asking him to stop the tax because he obviously doesn't need to simoleons anymore.

-Mike Gardener

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

507 W Business Loop Original

Designer Fashion

I think I have finally convinced my son Timothy to learn some of the business trade. Who would have thought that telling him having more people involved make it easier to run a business would have done it for him. Apparently he didn't like seeing Lance and me struggle so much to keep up with the sewing. I think that it might be possible to have the business grow to where there is more than just one store. Probably best not to mention that to Timothy just because that would really stress him out.

And then there's the issue of when all the boys start to have kids. I don't know if I can handle so many little guys running around. I'm not young like I used to be. Guess I better spring into action now to ready for the oncoming storm.

-Luke Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

Jared Plummer Adult

Jared as an adult

549 W Business Loop Original

The Hardware Store

Has it really been another quarter? It doesn't really seem like that much has happened, but I guess it has. Jared had his birthday. To think, it was almost 2 years ago when we all found ourselves in a strange place. Now we have children of our own who are getting ready to have their own children soon. I'm not sure I am ready for that sort of thing again. Not that I don't mind having kids around again, but I just don't want to have to take care of diapers again. I shouldn't have to anymore. And no, I am not saying that I am old.

How can I be old? I have a business that is on its way to becoming quite the store. We will have all the plumbing needs fulfilled that one could dream of. I even have some ideas on how to make even fancier plumbing that will make all the aches and pains just wash away. I mean, we shouldn't have to struggle from day to day like some wild animals or something. We have brains for a reason.

And speaking of brains, I remember those beginning days quite well. I just hope that my sons don't forget their brains and make some unnecessary drama for themselves. The last thing that we need is the whole catastrophe like Mike, Tyler and Kyle.[1] I suspect that these boys will be smart in their dealings of love, but you never know what will happen until it happens. Maybe I should go and have a talk with Jared just to be sure that he doesn't have that problem... Nah.

-Dan Plummer

Note from the AuthorEdit

  1. See the story that was mentioned here.