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Contessa Ember Rose
Name: Contessa Ember Rose
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: December 31, 2012

Previous chapter: Pyromania
Next chapter: Allied Factions

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Contessa Ember RoseEdit

"Alright," said Elvira. "This shouldn't take long. And don't worry, Brigit, it won't hurt a bit."

The fact that Elvira also worked as a doctor was somewhat beneficial, considering that Brigit and I were having a baby sometime in the next five months, and also since my wife wanted to know if he or she would be a he or a she. Elvira was using some tool to identify the gender of our unborn child.

"Okay!" said Elvira, startling me. It was different to hear her loud, booming voice in a high-pitched squeal. "So, Pierce, Brigit, you two are having a girl!"

Brigit jumped up and through her arms around me. As we were pressed together, I felt a kick from my daughter. My heart lept with joy, and Brigit and I were laughing. From the doorway, I could see Elvira walk out, still almost as excited as I, and as Nisha had come with, she flashed me a grin, displaying her unnaturally pointy incisors.

Brigit released me, and started jumping up and down, squealing and clapping and smiling all at once. I gently laid my hands on her shoulders, and as she stopped bouncing she looked me straight in the eye. I flashed her a quick smile and gave her a kiss.

"So," said Brigit, dragging out the o, "What are we going to name her?"

The sudden question hit me. I hadn't really thought of names yet. It was a consequence of the job. I didn't have as much time to think about family. I barely could spend any time with my wife, my brother or my sister. I guess when you're mostly confined to a penthouse apartment, with a new life growing inside of you, you get a lot of spare time to think about what the name will be.

"Well, how about... How about Countess?"

"Eww!" She protested, but she gave me a smile all the same. "Not Countess. Wait a minute... What about Contessa?"

"Contessa..." I thought, and suddenly it clicked. I liked it. And it went perfectly with the middle name I wanted for her. "Contessa Ember..."

"Rose!" Jinx.

"Wait!" Brigit interrupted. "Why Ember? Why not just Contessa Rose?"

I displayed my power, carefully cradling a small flame in the palm of my hand. A look dawned on Brigit's face. She looked both infatuated and wary at the same time. She knew why I wanted the name Ember in our child's name.

"Well, I guess that's settled!" she said. And, looking down at her belly: "Your name will be Contessa Ember Rose."

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