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Brigit's Nightmare
Name: Brigit's Nightmare
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: March 8, 2013

Previous chapter: The Gift of Life
Next chapter: No Respect

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Brigit's NightmareEdit

When she woke up, Brigit VanPyre was in total peace.

The sun illuminated the floor before her bed, not that she could enjoy it. She had been a vampire since birth, and it had never occurred to her that she could experience the sun. Her father had never let her play outside when she was little for fear that something might happen to her. Recently, she had been buying elixirs at the Elixir Consignment Shop, offering her temporary protection from the harmful rays of light than singed her skin.

She snuggled close to Pierce in the bed. Her husband would soon be a father, something that both of them were anxious about. It wasn't a fear anymore: Brigit had stocked up on pregnancy books during the seven months of her pregnancy. Only one or two months from now she could truly be a mother.

He didn't respond to her. When she shook him, he laid still. Brigit got up out of bed, pulling the robe her brother, Wogan, had given her tight around her body. She shook Pierce again, a little harder. Still nothing. And then she took his pulse: and there was none.

Brigit screamed, dropping the glass she had placed on her bedside table the night before. It shattered upon impact of the ground, scattering glass shards on the wooden floor. She heard rustling in the room next door: she had awoken Dunstan and Leila.

She quickly picked up Pierce (not that hard to do, considering her vampire strength) and ran out the door. She dashed out onto the street... and out into the sun.

Another shriek echoed into the emptiness as the light hit Brigit's skin. For a second she paused, but she remembered the limp man in her arms, her husband, and ran at the speed of light. For minutes the Sun singed her skin, and she was discomforted by the hiss of the impact. But she had a bigger problem: Pierce needed medical attention right away.

Soothing relief flooded over Brigit as the hospital doors slid open for her. In seconds, a team of medics had gathered around Pierce, and he was rushed to the ER.

They didn't have to do any operations. They shocked him a few times, and when his heart started beating they put him on life support. And here she was, outside the hospital room where Pierce was staying, waiting anxiously with Morgana, Leila, and Dunstan by her side. She had been asked to leave for a while, so Garth and Pierce could have some private time. But she grew more anxious every second. She needed to know that her love, her Pierce, was alright.