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Name: Prologue
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: June 17, 2012

Next chapter: Beginning Life Anew

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I am coming to the end of my time on this Earth. Most of my friends have reached their ends before me, though some live on as the undead. I know that this is natural, as it is scientifically proven that vampires live almost five times longer than any normal Sim. And many a Sim, many a friend as well, has died in my presence. I no longer have a purpose. That fact that I still live on haunts me to this day. Vampirism has advantages, however, just as it has its disadvantages.

Excuse me, but I have once again failed to introduce myself. I am Pierce. Pierce VanPyre, to be exact. I must admit, a slightly obvious name for one of my kind. But no matter, everyone in this place knows what I am. Even if I decided to change my name to Mr. Normal, I still would not be. Normal, that is. I would not be normal.

As my time is limited, and I fear I may be losing my memory, I hope that by telling you the accounts of my life you may pass it on to later generations of Sim and Vampire alike.

One thing I would hope not to happen is to be forgotten. And don't worry about me running out of time: that's VERY unlikely to happen.