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The Goth Imperial Family began with a small, lonely child in Sunset Valley, known as Mortimer Goth. When his grandson Caesar Rex was elected Leader of the Free World, it set in motion a turn of events that would result in the formation of the Goth Empire under the iron boot of Caesar Rex's warlord grandson Nero Caesar.

Encompassing Sunset Valley, Riverview, Champ Les Sims and Shang Simla, the Goth Empire became a formidable force only rivaled by the Confederacy of Independent Neighbourhoods. Locked in a perpetual feudal war, the two vast Empires continuously attacked one another, forming a great and noble dynasty.

All heirs and some spares of the Goth Imperial Household such as Nero Caesar, Bella Caesar and Nero Rex II all possessed the Grim Reaper's pitch black skintone, inherited from Grimebelda Reaper, the Grim Reaper's mortal daughter.







Mortimer Goth

Bella Bachelor + Bethesda Grotesque

Cassandra Goth(Don Lothario+Eric Crumplebottom), Alexander Goth(Sophetta Simmington), Clymenestra Goth(Emperor Leopold XVIII Simmington)

Caesar Rex Goth, Augusta Goth(Cassandra), Seraphine Goth, Vienna Goth, Sienna Goth(Alexander)


Cassandra Goth

Don Lothario + Eric Crumplebottom

Caesar Rex Goth(Aeisha Crow + Princess Fitzgeraldine Mundane), Augusta Goth(King Felix II Mundane)

Philip Crow, Alicia Crow, Agamenmon Rex Goth, Mortimer II Goth, Hecuba Goth, Menelaus Goth, Helendetroia Goth(Caesar Rex),Queen Nora Mundane, Countess Mia Mundane(Augusta)


Caesar Rex Goth

Princess Fitzgeraldine Goth of the C.I.N

Agamenmon Rex Goth(Grimebelda Reaper, d. Countess Mia), Mortimer II Goth, Hecuba Goth, Menelaus Goth(Princess Briar Rose Mundane), Helendetroia Simmington(Emperor Leopold XXI Simmington)

Belladonna Goth, Valdemaretta Goth, Sasparella Goth, Antiope Goth, Nero Caesar Goth, Europetta Goth(Agamenmon), Roldenberger Goth, Talberta Goth(Menelaus), Emperor Leopold XXII Simmington(Helendetroia)


Agamenmon Goth

Grimebelda Reaper(d. Countess Mia Mundane)

Belladonna Goth(Emperor Leopold XXI Simmington), Valdemaretta Goth, Sasparella Goth, Antiope Goth, Nero Caesar Goth(Princess Yolande of Champ Les Sims + Kristine Lopez)

Juno-Harmonia Goth(Belladonna), Sisyphus Goth, Equestriana Goth, Queen Consort of Kent(Nero Caesar Goth)


Nero Caesar Goth

Princess Yolande of Champ Les Sims, Kristine Lopez

Sisyphus Rex Goth(Lady Sibyl Goth + Sonja Ochoa), Princess Zenobia Goth(Malcolm VII Terragraab)

Mortimer Rex Goth, Minerva Goth, Bella Caesar Goth, Norbit Goth, Ceciltina Goth, Lillith Goth(Nero Caesar), Neville Terragraab, Marvin Terragraab, Donald Terragraab, Rosalinde Terragraab(Zenobia)


Sisyphus Rex Goth

Lady Sibyl Goth + Sonja Ochoa

Mortimer Rex Goth(Princess Belle-Aurora Mundane of the C.I.N), Minerva Goth(Adonis Goth), Bella Caesar Goth, Norbit Goth, Ceciltina Goth, Lillith Goth Caesar Goth, Norbit Goth, Ceciltina Goth, Lillith Goth

Nero Rex II Goth(Mortimer Rex Goth) Tiberius Goth, Ruthenasia Goth(Minerva)


Mortimer Rex Goth/Bella Caesar(after Mortimer died)

Princess Belle-Aurora Mundane of the C.I.N

Nero Rex II Goth(Rosalinde Terragraab,d. Princess Zenobia Goth)

Princess Flora Caesar Goth(Nero Rex II Goth)


Nero Rex II Goth

Rosalinde Terragraab d. Princess Zenobia Goth

Princess Flora Caesar Goth(Crown Prince Otto Mundane of the C.I.N)

Hanzel Goth-Mundane


s. or d. = son or daughter of...

g. or g.g. = grandson/daughter or great grandson/daughter