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The Goth Story is a fanon series created by Glenn31 it follow the Goth's life from the Sims 2, Currently there are 2 Storylines,

  • Story Line 1 is about Bella Disappearance and will be the main storyline, who knows, it could end with a happy ending
  • Story Line 2 is about Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario's Relationship, It's only 3 months until the big wedding, but will Donsandra make it that far?
  • Story Line 3 is about the revenge of Dina Caliente. Bella's back and Mortimer ended it with Dina, but she still wants that fortune


  • Mortimer Goth: Motimer is the current holder of "The Goth Crown" although for about 8 years his Queen has been missing
  • Cassandra Goth: Cassandra is your average 28 year old Pleasentview woman, she's involved in the Don Lothario love Hexagon, and is helping her father cope with the loss of The "Jewel" Of the Goth empire
  • Alexander Goth: Alexander (Alex by his friends) Is a 10 year old Child Genius, most his teachers say that he is their smartest student, the rest feel sorry for him due to his missing mother
  • Donald Lothario: Donald (Known as Don) is Pleasentview's town womanizer, he's involved in The Love Hexagon with nearly every woman in Pleasentview,