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It was a golden morning. All was pleasant. The sun shone. It was warm. Birds chirped and flitted here and there. The only thing out of place was the girl's floating body in the pool. Who killed her? Was it Neogi, the vengeful ghost sister? Was it Eorja, the deadly stalker? Or was it Pecha, the mysterious aunt? Read the mystery!

001: Discovering

The police fished Naoma's body out of the glittering pool. Detective Vima Walson examined the pale body of the Japenese child. She had clearly drowned in the pool. Pecha wept nearby next to another tombstone. "Mam, who is the other deceased person on the lot?" Vima asked Pecha. "This is my long dead sister's first daughter, Neogi. She died when my brother-in-law tried to cook something, but burned the whole kitchen, along with him and Neogi. She's Naoma's twin sister. I've never seen her ghost," Pecha replied softly. She bursted into loud sobs again and bolted inside.

"Sarge, I'm gonna interogate Eorja, that scum that we arrested for stalking that young girl back in March two years ago. He might know somethin'," Vima called to an officer. The man nodded. Vima ran down the lane to the lower class area of the neighborhood. She passed ramshackle cottages, flimsy shacks, and depressed houses. She found Eorja's house, a brokendown house made of scuffed floorboards. She kicked the door open with her booted foot and stormed into the house.

"Miss Walson! Good to see you! What brings you here?" Eorja sneered mockingly, his yellowing teeth bared in an evil grin. "I'm investagating a homicide involving a ten year old girl. Your work I presume?" Vima retorted with a sickened look. "Which lovely child are we talking about?" Eorja asked puzzledly. "Naoma Kaobi. You know her aunt, Pecha. She's an Adult. We arrested you for stalking her when she was a teen. Pecha and Kana Hasashi," Vima answered.

"I would never hurt Kana's children. I stalked Kana only because she was an angelic child. Not a spoiled teen like Pecha. I loved Kana and hated that swine of a sister she had. I've seen the girls a few times, playing in the park with Kana, but now I see only the younger twin and Pecha. Where is Kana and the elder daughter?" Eorja announced loudly. "You don't know? Kana is dead and so is her oldest daughter Neogi. Kana died when her insane husband locked her out of their house and she was pounded to death by hail. Neogi was killed when her father tried to cook something at Pecha's house when he started a fire that killed both him and the girl," Vima declared as an anguished Eorja bellowed out in sadness.

"I have never touched Naoma or Neogi except this one time when they bumped into me at the store. I wouldn't kill her," he said as she escorted Vima out. He slammed the door and bolted it shut.

002: Evidence

"Is it true that Eorja stalked only your younger sister?" Sargeant Demos Divita asked Pecha in the interrogation room. "No! He followed me wherever I went. At the park, I saw him eye both me and my sister fishing and jogging. Don't believe that mule. He killed my niece!" Pecha exclaimed angrily. "Detective Walson interrogated him yesterday afternoon. He said he loved only Kana and that he would never hurt her offspring. Tell us the truth so Naoma can live in the Netherworld in peace," Demos whispered grimly in Pecha's ear. Pecha shuddered and sighed.

"Eorja Hanzo was my mother's ex lover. He loved her like no other person. When Kana was born, I was scorned for not being as lovely as my sister. Eorja saw Kana and instantly adored her. When she aged into a child, he followed us more. When I found him talking to her at the pool, I called the police. He was arrested. When Kana married that filth, Eorja was torn and left us alone. Yes, Eorja stalked only my little Kana," Pecha explained sadly.

"How did your sister die?" asked Demos. "Kinamo, my brother-in-law, had the Insane, Evil, Flirty, and Artistic traits. He fell in love with another woman and devised what he called an "artistic" way to kill Kana. He watched the weather channel all day and saw that the next day would be hailing. He tricked her into a roofless hut he had made. He then sealed the entrance. Kana was left with a toilet, a sink, a bar, and a hard bench. The next morning, she was pounded to death by the hail. Kinamo was sentenced with house arrest in my house! Neogi was killed when Kinamo burned the kitchen. He died too. I asked that he be put to rest in the cemetery," Pecha replied flatly. Demos dismissed her and she left for home.

'003: 'Mysteries

Pecha was eating some watermelon when she heard a sharp rap on the back door. A little red spirit waited outside. "Neogi! You've come back!" Pecha cheered as she hugged the girl. "Aunt Pecha! I have done something wonderful!" Neogi exclaimed happily. "I've slain my younger sister and rid you of your ugly burden! I tricked her into swimming last night when she first went to bed!" she chimed in her singsong voice. Pecha looked at her niece with an expression of pure terror.

Pecha drove to the library early next morning and looked through the "Prophecy" section. She found the scroll she needed. She unraveled it and saw the picture of a young flaming girl swimming with a tired-looking twin. The next picture showed the human Sim girl thrashing in the water as the flaming girl laughed. The last picture, however, showed a blue girl and the fire girl arm-in-arm and dancing towards a luscious field dotted with flowers and tombstones. This scroll foretold Neogi fate. She would reunited with her sister and they would want their graves next to their mother's.

When Pecha went home, she saw that another grave had been put next to Neogi's. Pecha moodily ate some sandwiches before showering and dressing in mourning attire. She mourned all day, never pausing until some of her motives dropped. She ate her first lonely dinner in years. She poked at the lobster thermidor and scarfed it down quickly before bathing and waiting for both of her nieces to appear.

Neogi was yelling at her sister. Naoma was crying and ran to her aunt for comfort. "Neogi hurt me! She made me swim all night. It was so so cold and I couldn't breathe! Tell her to apologize!" she wailed loudly. "All these days I've waited in my grave, careful not to show myself. I struck quickly. I've had my revenge! All this time, I've wanted to kill my sister for living through the fire while I suffered the deadly pain of flames. You got it easy. All that thrashing killed you so easy!" Neogi shrieked shrilly.

"I wanted to go back and save you, but the firefighters said it was too late for me to save you and Daddy. They said that both of you couldn't have survived that many flames. When I saw your ashes, I screamed and fell ill for a while. I wanted you to be with me. I mourned for you everyday to come back and talk to me. I wanted to see you again before our resemblance diminished when I aged. I prayed and prayed that you would come back!" Naoma sobbed as she rubbed her dripping eyes.

Neogi looked at her sister and her expression became harder and angrier. "If you had been a good sister, you would've come in to save me! You don't know what the pain was. I was the last to die! I splashed water on every flame, but one caught my skirt and I died right there! You should have jumped in and died with me and Daddy! We would've been a family again!" she shouted, hurt.

Naoma stopped crying and a look of desperation shadowed her face. "Daddy killed Mama! He locked her away so he could marry that rich woman, Violetta Snarf! She was mean and spiteful and was ugly! I would never want to face Daddy again!" she shouted. She started to wail again and sat down on the bench.

"I know Daddy killed Mama and wanted to marry Snobby Lady, but he died, too. He paid his debt to SimNation and now lives far from us. I wanted us to be together again. For Mama to hug us snugly and Daddy to kiss us gently. You made that impossible! Aunt Pecha, you were wrong to move only Daddy. You should've moved me too so Mama could see that I was the PERFECT child!" Neogi screeched as fiery tears steadily rained down her flaming face.

Pecha shyly stood up and bowed a little. "I moved your father away from you two because I was afraid that he would try to kill Naoma. I also wanted to be away from my sister's killer. I sent him to rest far from your mother's grave, which is just one mile away from his. I made sure that you both wouldn't try to see him. I cried everyday for you, Neogi, to show yourself and be convinced that your filthy father was never to be heard from again," she whispered sadly.

Neogi looked at her two family members. She felt hurt, confused, and betrayed. She had loved her father, even when he had killed her mother and had stolen §2100 that laid in her bank account. She sobbed to herself and ran to her grave. She dove into the small plaque and disappeared, leaving a few scorched violets to rot. Naoma glanced at the little plaque that stood there and compared it to her medium grave. Neogi had died quite young, just two days after aging into child. She wondered why her family members were dying so young. Her mother, her father, her sister, and her unborn baby brother. All dead. She bade her aunt farewell and dived into her grave. The only sign of the failed family exchange was the burnt violets.

Naoma rose early and climbed a tree. Pecha was gone. She was spending the week at a friend's house in the mountains. It was her birthday, but she wasn't aging. She was frozen in time. Her blue skin glowed a little when it was time to age. That was it. Neogi leapt out of her grave and plunged herself into the pool. Naoma had avoided the pool for the past few days. Steam curled from the periwinkle water. Neogi jumped out, splashing water on everything. "That looks fun," Naoma said mournfully. Neogi looked at her twin with pity. All week, they talked, hugged, and cried. When Pecha came back, she was amazed by the request that the girls made. "We wish to be buried in a mauseliom with Mama," they said. The tomm was finished quickly and the girls got their wish. Their father's grave stayed far away and Pecha soon joined her family as a ghost.