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The Hunger Sims
Name: The Hunger Sims
Genre: Adventure/Thriller
Created by: ColinThePanda
Number of chapters: TBA

Original run: August 14th 2012
Status: Under Construction

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The Hunger Sims is a fan fiction created by ColinThePanda. It is based on the real novel by Suzanna Collins called The Hunger Games. Much like the real Hungers Games, it will teen sims fighting to the death to be winner of the SimNation Hunger Games!


The Hunger Games are coming to SimNation! Many teen sims from around SimNation will be forced to take part. There will be the same amount of female sims as males sims and there caan only be one winner. Who will win? Will there be make ups and break ups? What will these young sims discover? Death, Victory, Shame, Pride? All will found out in The Hunger Sims!

Female TributesEdit

Angela Pleasant

Sandra Roth

Ophelia Nigmos

Juliette Capp

Jules O'Mackey

Violet Jocque

Tara DeBateau

Meadow Thayer

Ginger Newson

Melody Tinker

Ivy Copur

Tosha Go

Male TributesEdit

Tank Grunt

Johnny Smith

Puck Summerdream

Rick Contrary

Jacob Martin

Dirk Dreamer

Dustin Broke

Mercutio Monty

Tybalt Capp

David Ottomas

Randy London

Ricky Cormier

Chapter 1 - PleasantviewEdit

Angela prepared. She got washed and put on her best dress. Angela's younger twin, Lilith, did the same thing. They were both nervous. The Hunger Games only happens every 50 years in SimNation. 'Why did it have to be my generation?' thought Angela. She tried her best to be optimistic, but it's hard. If she and her sister are both picked, they could never see each other again. With a goodbye from their parents, the Pleasant twins made their departure.

Dirk freshened up, took a deep breath and sighed. Just when he thought life couldn't get worse, he was going somewhere where kids slaughter each other and there can only be one survivor. No one wanted to do this, well unless they really hated the world or something. Dirk gave a hug to his father and started cry onto his shoulder.

"I don't want go, dad!" He cried.

"I know, son," replied his father", I know."

Dirk then left with a lot on his mind. He didn't know what he was going to do if he was picked. He soon caught up with Angela and Lilith. He gave a kiss to Lilith. This could be the last friendly conversation with them in his whole life.

Dustin's mother was heartbroken. She constantly cried "No! Not my boy!" Dustin promised that if he were to get into games that he would win. It'd be for her, for Beau and for his upcoming sibling. The Broke's were a tight family, Dustin's mother would die on the inside if her son had died. Dustin stayed optimistic. He felt that if he had died, there'd be nothing to lose anyway. He lost his girlfriend Angela. He didn't feel his life was getting anywhere. Dustin gave a wave to his mother, whom was drowning in her own tears, and little Beau who was clueless about the whole situation.

Dustin met up with the trio. He may have broken up with Angela but they still had a close relationship. They all remained quiet though, as it could be possible that they would be slaughtering each other in the near future.

Chapter 2 - The ReapingEdit

The Pleasantview teens had arrived. They were bang in the centre of SimCity. The area was swarmed with teens from all over SimNation. Despite the large number of people, the place was deathly quiet that all you could really here were the frightened hearts of many teenagers. The ceremony was bound to begin soon. It appeared as though the teens were all lined in order of which neighborhood they had arrived from. Row upon row stood silent Sims dressed in their best but dull clothing. It could be easily mistaken as a funeral but to some it really was a funeral. The only thing that made it seem not like a funeral was the fact that there were cameras situated all around the area. The ceremony was being recorded and broadcasted to live TV.

The Pleasantview teens stood together without a word. Angela was trembling so much that she had to be consoled by her own sister. This seemed to be the only moment where the sisters had even shown slight remorse for each other. After Angela's short outbreak of panic, Lilith grabbed tightly onto Dirk and cried in his shoulder. Under her breath, she whisper "I love you" to him.

The silence was soon suddenly abrupted by the sound of a screeching mic, soon followed by a voice of a loud, chirpy character. "Hello and welcome to the 24th Hunger Sims!" cried out the feminine voice, "I'll be your host for this ceremony... Titania Summerdream!" A ginger woman wearing vibrant make-up then wandered onto the stage that lay in front of the crowd. The woman then clapped her hands as if expecting a round of applause only to be bitterly disappointed by the fact all the teens did was stare back at her with dreary eyes. Titania shrugged it off and continued with ceremony. "Now, it's time to give it up for the queen and ruler of SimNation... the beautiful and ever so pleasant... Olive Specter!"

Once again there was a lack of response from the crowd as a large curtain standing behind Titania unvieled a lush golden throne with an old woman sitting on. Titania clapped excitedly as the old woman laid on her throne like a rotting cabbage. Olive Specter has been alive for over  500 years. She has been living off the Elixer Of Life, an expensive luxury that only the rich can afford. Of course, the people of SimCity are able to get it but not in such vast quantities as Olive Specter. All the people of SimCity were rich. The ceremony continued with a speech from the Queen of SimNation. "For over 500 years I've been here, therefore, I have been in charge of 10 Hunger Sims. Let us not forget why we do these games. It is a reminder of what happened 1200 years ago today here in SimNation. There was poverty, violence and crime all throughout the country. Soon these little crimes developed into a war. SimCity was the only place in SimNation without all of these nasty things. The people of SimNation turned against their leaders and attacked! They barged into SimCity causing riots and killing many innocent lives. They were hard times indeed. However, the SimCity knights were able to fend off the vast moajority of people from all over SimNation and sent them back where they came from! These traitors made sociert collapse. As punishment for what your ancestors have caused, 24 Sims aged between 13-18 will be chosen to fight to the death for our own amusement. It also serves as an example of what vile acts your ancestors committed on the innocent lives of the citizens of SimCity. 12 males and 12 females shall be picked. Now, let's move onto the whole reason as to why we're here!" Titania brought out a gigantic dome with hundreds of pieces of paper inside of it, most likely all of names of the teen Sims there. The dome was activated and the little scraps of paper began flying about the place within the dome. A single bit of paper came shooting out the dome and Titania grabbed it. She took a breath and