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The Investigation is the second episode of Silver Falls.

Last time on Silver Falls. Joanna Fuchsia was killed by a mysterious stranger during her midnight walk. Thomas Fuchsia and Daniel Pearl found her body after her cat Esmerelda led them to her body. Thomas ran to alert the cops and Daniel had a heart attack. The episode starts wiith the police arriving at Fuchsia Manor. The paramedics lift Daniel Pearl into the ambulence while Inspector Henry Beige questions the Fuchsia family. "So, Mr. Fuchsia, what happend exactly?" Thomas gets up from where he was sitting between his duaghters, Bella and Emma. "Well, after I heard there was an intruder last night, I checked the safe - nothing was gone - and thought he might have hurt Joanna, so Daniel, the butler, and I went to see if there was a struggle, and, well, you can figure out the rest." the inspector finishes writing his notes. "Thank you, sir." He goes to talk to the daughters, but spots Helen Magnolia, the family housekeeper. "Hello, ma'am. Who are you?" Helen looks over at the inspector and starts to cry. "Oh, it's terrible what happened to Mrs. Fuchsia. I've worked for her since her childhood, and I never expected my employment with her would end this way." Inspector Beige brings her over to the Fuchsias. "Sir, this woman is in quite a shock." Thomas got up and brought Helen into the manor. "I can tell you any information, Inspector." Says Bella. "Thank you, Miss Fuchsia." Bella sends Emma inside. "That woman is the housekeeper, Helen Magnolia. She's work for Mom's family since Mom's birth. I don't know what she'll do now. You know, go work for my uncle William or stay here with Tom." Inspector Beige looks up. "Tom? You mean you're father?" Bella starts to laugh. "That man's not my father, although he thinks he is. No, my father is Daniel Pearl."