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The Journey of Bigfoot
Name: The Journey of Bigfoot
Genre: Kids, Adventure and Comedy
Created by: Lost Labyrinth
Rating: G

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The Journey of Bigfoot is a fan-fiction written by someone with nothing better to do. Unlike his 20 chapter comedy, The Journey of Bigfoot was written for a younger, general audience.

Characters Edit

  • Jack Harrison - a 14 year old male who has been under the care of Bigfoot since he got lost on a journey through Three Lakes 13 years earlier.
  • Bigfoot - the animal hero who has cared for Jack since his arrival. He has a soft spot for children and dogs.
  • Djinn - a wizard who's aim is to stop Bigfoot at all costs.

Plot Edit

Chapter I: The Beginning Edit

It was August 1998 and a hot one at that too. Alan and Megan Harrison had set off on a holiday to Three Lakes with their one-year old son, Jack. As they had boarded the flight at the SimValley Airport, Alan asked Megan, "Do you think that Jack will remember this in 20 years time? I can't remember 10 minutes ago! I really am becoming senile!" Megan gave Alan a blank look and replied, "You were asleep 10 minutes ago you plumbbob! I'm sure Jack will have a great time at Three Lakes no matter what..."

The plane wasn't bad. Alan was the CEO for a Cable TV service, meaning he was paid a lot of money thus he was able to treat his family to a lot of nice things. Megan didn't have a bad job either. She was a world renowned surgeon working at the local hospital. All of this meant that Jack was left as a happy baby seeing as he was given everything he could have ever wanted. The plane had taken off from the airport, with Jack sitting there silently.

16 hours later, the plane had landed at the Three Lakes Airport. The family had rented a car and they travelled to their holiday home, which was in fact a mansion. The Harrison family were quite well off when it came to luxuries. As they grabbed their Kodak camera, they took a picture of themselves as Jack said, "Da...Da...Daddy!" Both Megan and Alan smiled as Jack said his first word. The couple felt that nothing could go wrong on their holiday. As the night drew, Jack was put to bed. As she tucked him in, Megan said to Jack, "You're probably very young...too young to realise this but your parents love you very much and nothing will ever change that! I know you'll do something extraordinary one day, I can see it in your eyes!" Megan kissed Jack on the forehead and turned out the lights, leaving Jack to gain a good nights sleep.

The next day, the family went sightseeing. While Megan was getting a Deep Tissue massage, Alan and Jack took part in several activities, such as axe throwing, eating local food and playing around with some log rolling. Megan felt relaxed while Alan and Jack were thrilled. The family reunited and had continued to tour Three Lakes.

"Hey look, there's some guy over there dressed in black! Could it be...the Grim Reaper?" asked Alan. Megan gave Alan another blank look and replied, "Don't be stupid, you know he isn't real!" As Megan and Alan argued, Jack wandered into towards the burrow, to see the black figure. As Jack approached the figure and mumbled in baby talk, the figure grabbed its cape and covered Jack with it, teleporting them both elsewhere. Megan and Alan realised that Jack had disappeared and searched everywhere to find him.

Both Jack and the figure ended up in a secret burrow. "Oh dear don't know who I am, do you? Ha! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Djinn and I am a wizard. You and I are looking for something down here...yes we are...we're looking for something furry! A furry monster that talks! He has a hygiene issue too!" said Djinn. As both Djinn and Jack wandered into the burrow, Djinn said, "I think you could make a good sidekick! Together we will rule the world! MWAHAHAHA!" As they continued to wander, another voice said, "I'd let that kid go if I were you! You don't want the police catching you, do you?" asked the voice. The voice sounded deep and husky with a slight touch of gentleness to it. "Bah! Just ignore him, he's probably looking for food!" said Djinn. The figure appeared and revealed himself to be the furry "monster" that Djinn was telling Jack about. "I told you to let him go!" shouted the Monster. The monster charged for Djinn, while Jack stood out of the way, and Djinn teleported elsewhere as the monster hit the floor. The monster said to Jack, "Come with me and I'll get you home!"

"We checked ma'am, he isn't here. Come on, we'll go back to the station!" said a local police officer. Both Alan and Megan were upset about Jack's disappearance. As the monster arrived just as Jack's parents left, the monster had a look of sadness on his face. "I guess it's you and me for a while, son. I guess you should know that my name is...Bigfoot!" Jack looked at Bigfoot like he was an important figure of his life. Jack then replied, "Big...foot."

Chapter II: Growing up Edit

Four years had passed and Jack had settled in well in Three Lakes. Fortunately for Jack, everyone spoke his native language. "This is your big day!" said Bigfoot. "I'm wondering what school would be like...what if they needed to meet you within 2 minutes?" asked Jack. Bigfoot then chuckled and replied, "Why son, I'm not taking you to school. That's what you have the school bus for!" Jack then smiled and hugged Bigfoot as he ran onto his school bus. As the bus left, Bigfoot said, "Kids. How adorable."

Jack was a generally good student at school. Throughout his school life, he had gained straight-As and made it to the honor roll. Within his mind, he had an image of Alan and Megan, who had accepted that they had lost their son forever. As Jack completed his first year at school, the Principal organised a treat for the students. "Okay kids, who wants to see a wizard?" asked the Principal. As all of the kids chanted the words "I do", the wizard was revealed to be Djinn. "Hello kids! Today, I will perform magic! I have spent the last 20 years looking for a furry creature living on this island. I haven't got him yet but soon, I will get him and turn him into a potion!" Jack looked worried and ran out of the assembly hall and back to the burrow.

"Bigfoot! Bigfoot! I saw...Djinn at school today! I'm scared! I am totally scared!" panicked Jack. Bigfoot had a face of concern but he did everything to try and ease Jack of his fears. "Easy boy! You have nothing to worry about...Djinn will never win!" replied Bigfoot. Jack then smiled as Bigfoot assured him that everything was alright.