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The Less Fortunate
Name: The Less Fortunate
Series: Pleasantview Stories
Written by: SebasV96
Release date: July 6, 2012

Previous chapter: Pleasant Days
Next chapter: The Most Fortunate

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The Less Fortunate is the fourth episode of the series Pleasantview Stories, written by SebasV96. This episode deals with the most impoverished residents of Pleasantview.


"No, no," Brandi said to herself, feeling the tears welling in her eyes. "It can't be!"

But the evidence was undeniable. It was the third pregnancy test she had taken; all came out positive. She was carrying her dead husband's unborn child.

Brandi broke down in tears, having to clutch onto the bathroom sink to hold herself up.


Brandi turned to find her toddler son crawling into the bathroom.

"What wrong?" he asked.

Brandi faked a smile and picked beau up, tickling him and watching him giggle.

"Why are you crying?" he asked once he stopped laughing.

"Because," Brandi said, pausin gto think of an excuse, "I'm happy. People sometimes cry when they're happy."

"Why are you happy?"

"Because you're having a new baby brother or sister on the way."

Beau sqealed with delight, and Brandi led him to his crib where he prepared for his nap. As soon as he was asleep, there was a knock on her door.

Luckily, beau wasn't waken. He slept in a hallway near the door, since there weren't enough rooms in their little trailer for Beau. But he slept fine, and Brandi made sure to keep the doors locked constanty. Pleasantview was overall very safe, but the trailer park she lived in did experience the occasional burglary.

Brandi opened the door.

"Is Mr. Broke home?" the gaunt government agent asked.

Brandi's eyes began welling with tears again. "No, he--he passed away two months ago," she stammered, her voice choking with tears.

"Well, may we speak to his widow?"

Brandi nodded. "I am her."

"Mrs. Broke, we've notices a serious lag in the payment of your bills. If we don't receive that money immediately, we will be forced to take action."