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The Life Of Cassandra Goth
Cassandra Painting
Name: The Life Of Cassandra Goth
Genre: Drama, Family, Biography
Created by: Imasexysimlover

Original run: 8 May, 2015
Status: Active

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Chapter 1 Edit

On a nice, quite day in Autumn, the wind was blowing the leaves fallen from the tree quietly, and there were no signs of sun in the horizon, and the white/grey clouds covered all of the skies, and it was probably going to rain. Unlike all kids who were usually sad because of this weather, Cassandra always loved gloomy days. Cassandra wore her everyday wear, and went to the patio and took her seat at the dining table.

- "What's for breakfast today, mom?" Cassandra said

- "Salmon, Pea and rice" Bella said while serving the dishes

- "Mom, is it true that I'm going to have a brother?" Cassandra asked

- "Yes, Cassandra" Bella smiled "Are you happy Cassandra?" she added as well

- "Sure mom! I'm glad I won't be lonely anymore" said Cassandra

- "But promise us that you'll love him and take care of him" Mortimer said with a smile on his face

- "Oh she doesn't need to promise us, I'm sure she'll do so" Bella said while smiling at Cassandra

- "Yes" Cassandra smiled, "Oh! It's late! I have to go to school now!" Cassandra went and kissed both of her parents at the cheek and then made it to the school bus just a few moments before the driver drove and took her seat.

- "Oh isn't she adorable!" Bella smiled while watching her taking the school bus

- "She sure is going to have a very bright future" Mortimer added

Chapter 2 Edit