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The Life of Alyssa DelMonte is a fanon about what happens behind the scenes in the lives of a seemingly perfect rich family. It takes place in Pleasantview, and includes a few of the characters. --Luvyalife1998 02:22, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

It's a work-in-progress, but I hope you like it! <3


Alyssa DelMonte- The average teen, Alyssa struggles to keep up with school, friends, cheerleading, and her boyfriend, Dustin Broke. She is actually really pretty and popular, with a bunch of friends and a bubbly personality. She hates her serious, over-protective and money-obsessed parents but loves her little sister Katie. She's really free-spirited and energetic.

Robert DelMonte- Alyssa's father. Robert is well into his adult years, at the top of his business and almost rolling in money. Money, money, money, money. He tries to spend time with his wife and daughters, but often finds himself to busy. Because of this, he and his wife are very distant and Robert is having an affair with a hot new girl at the office, Dina Caliente, who is almost 30 years younger than him but seems to love him (maybe for his money?) He's really serious and focuses mostly on work.

Leigh DelMonte- Wife of Robert, mother of Alyssa and Katie. She works hard at the hospital all day and comes home exhausted. Her marriage is hanging on by a thread, and she knows it, so she tries to hold on as tight as she can. It's hard since Robert is always working late. But she has a soft side, unlike her husband, and loves baking and talking with her friend Mary-Sue Pleasant.

Katie DelMonte- A sweet, good-natured child with blonde pigtails, Katie is stuck in the middle of all the drama her family is facing. She tries to get attention, but is usually ignored by everyone except for her sister, Alyssa, who bathes in the spotlight. It's easy for Katie to get jealous. She gets the attention she deserves on the soccer field, where she scores goal after goal. Her best friend, Alexander Goth, helps keep her happy and bright-eyed day after day.

Dustin Broke- Alyssa's boyfriend. He has this macho, tough guy attitude, but on the inside he's the sweetest guy ever. He dumped Angela after her dad forced him away from his daughter. Dustin is even more in love with Alyssa and they are still approaching their first kiss. But things might get a little more serious...

Alexander Goth- A kind but shy boy who's been Katie's best friend since preschool. Now that he's 9, he has a big crush on Katie, and she knows it. They love playing soccer together and exploring the huge Goth mansion.

Dina Caliente- Fresh off a shaky relationship with her neighbor Don, Dina got her money-grabbing hands on the second richest guy in town, Robert. Although he's handsome, she loves him for his money and is totally oblivious to the fact that he has a wife. She has a cruel heart and is eager to take the relationship up a level.


Chapter 1: Edit

The sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky on the warm Thursday morning in May. Cars honked impatiently outside the office building in which Mr.DelMonte worked. It seemed like a pleasant, normal day, but there you would be wrong. Despite the name, nothing was ever pleasant for long in Pleasantview.

At the office, Mr. DelMonte, a big, muscley man with a deep, intimidating voice, was making a series of important phone calls. Today was really stressful; he had a big meeting tomorrow that would make or break the company. He had to make all the preparations, discuss things with the employees, make charts, and ugh, too much stuff.

"Robert?" came a woman's voice from the doorway. A pretty blonde stepped into view, wearing a revealing but elegant red dress and some red pumps. "I need to talk with you."

Robert hung up the phone and gestured her forward. "What is it, babe? You know I'm short on time."

The blonde sighed and said, "Your wife is driving me crazy. She's always talking about you in that stupid lovey-dovey voice, and I can't take it!" Robert laughed gently, and took the girl in his arms. "Dina, I have to keep up appearances. You know I love you,'s better this way. Trust me."

"Fine," Dina said stubbornly. "But I need something to get me through the day."

She pulled him close and gave him a long, passionate kiss,before caressing him on the cheek and gracefully leaving the office. This is so unfair, thought Robert as he sat down behind his office desk. He put his head in his hands and sighed. What was he supposed to do?

Chapter 2:Edit

"Will you go to prom with me?" The words escaped Dustin Broke's mouth before he could stop them.

He and Alyssa, a beautiful blonde with tanned skin and gorgeous blue eyes, were at Alyssa's locker, in the middle of Pleasantivew High, chatting easily about school and cheerleading (Alyssa was cheer captain), until Dustin's outburst. Alyssa laughed and said, "Of course, dummy. You're my boyfriend. I was just waiting for you to ask." Dustin breathed a sigh of relief and pulled Alyssa into a passionate embrace. "I love you so much."

"This is so sappy," Alyssa said playfully and shook off Dustin. "You can do that at my house tonight, not in the middle of the school."

Suddenly the bell rang, signalling the end of the school day. "I gotta run," Alyssa said, planting a kiss on Dustin's lips. "Cheerleading. But I'll see you tonight!" And she ran off.

Chapter 3:Edit

"Goal!" the coach yelled, "Pleasantview Giants win! " The crowd cheered enthusiastically in response.

Katie was lifted onto her teamates shoulders and carried around the field, happy and excited. She had just scored the winning goal to the soccer tournament that her team had been aching to win for weeks. She was like a soccer hero.

Sure, her friends were happy, but neither her mom, dad, or sister was there to be a part of things. Oh well, they never were. She was so sick of it. Sure, she was only 9, not taken seriously, but she still needed love and attention.

Speaking of love and attention, her best friend Alex was walking up the field from the stands, his hands in his pockets. She knew he had a crush on her; it was really obvious. He was too shy to do anything about it, but she didn't care. He was really nice and could be really fun when he wanted to be.

He had finally reached her. He stood there, quiet, like he didn't know what to say, so Katie threw herself into his arms and said, "We won! We won!"

Alex smiled happily, and hugged back with full force. "Do you want to come to my place and celebrate?"

"Yup, I'll ask my dad," she said, whipping out her cell phone and dialing his work number. It rang a couple times then went to voicemail. She sighed and slipped it back in her pocket. "I guess he doesn't care. Let's go."

He smiled and they walked slowly back to the car together, talking and laughing. Katie didn't care about her family as long as she had him.

Chapter 4:Edit

"Dr. DelMonte, we need you down in room 103," the voice on her walkie-talkie said.

Leigh sighed and wiped her sweaty forehead. It had been a long day. 3 patients were in comas, 1 had a bad heart attack, and another couple had to go to surgery. She'd had to deal with all them, and their panicky families. Although she was stressed and tired, she could relate to their trouble. She had a family of her own.

Leigh owned part of the successful Pleasantview Hospital, and was well-liked as a co-boss kind of thing. She treated the employees and patients with kindness and a motherly kind of patience, just like she was with her own family. When they were around, anyway. Oh goodness, she wished her family had one of those tight bonds that families seemed to have on TV.

But she knew that was never going to happen.

"Um, Leigh, it's really serious," the walkie-talkie said, interrupting her thoughts. She sensed the anxiety in the voice of the speaker and picked up the pace.

Briskly walking down the crowded hallways, she spotted the room she was supposed to be in and quickly pushed open the heavy metal door, only to nearly collapse at the sight awaitng her.

Her daughter's mangled body.

Chapter 5:Edit

Alyssa was literally glowing as she and Dustin walked hand in hand up to Alyssa's huge mansion home that her father had built off the ground a little over 20 years ago. It loomed over the other homes in Pleasantivew, letting everyone know who was boss. She smiled and sqeezed Dustin's hand when she noticed his mouth hanging open in shock.

When they reached the door, Alyssa flicked on the light to a huge crystal chandelier that hung over the entryway and lit up the white marble floors. She skipped over into the kitchen, with Dustin following her, and opened the fridge to get a couple of fancy sodas for her and Dustin. She took a tiny sip and pulled out her cell phone to check her messages. One from each of her parents, telling her that they would be working late. Like always. Of course, that meant they would probably be home around 4 in the morning. Perfect.

Turning to Dustin, who was leaning on the beautiful granite counter next to her, she gave him a gentle hug and said, "Looks like we got the place to ourselves tonight."

They both smiled and headed up to Alyssa's room. Alyssa popped in a movie and lay down on the fluffy pink bed, with Dustin beside her. He put his strong arm comfortingly around her as they watched the slow opening credits.

Dustin hardly payed attention to the cute romance flick, mostly staring at Alyssa or kissing her. The movie was long and the movie rolled to a close around midnight. Dustin turned to Alyssa and realized she had fallen asleep in his arms.

Chapter 6:Edit

Leigh sighed as the clock struck 3 AM on the wall of the intensive care floor. She was extremely tired and seriously needed to check up on the house, but she couldn't bring herself to leave her youngest daughter alone at the hopsital.

Katie had been brought in by the father of her friend Alex after getting in a serious car accident on the way home from the soccer game that night. They haf gotten in a serious accident, but both Alex and his father had escaped with some bruises and cuts, although Alex's were a little more severe and he was staying overnight. Katie, however, had gotten absolutely destroyed- she had broken many of her ribs, broken her left arm and ankle, and had a large, heavily bleeding cut on her forehead, along with plently of bruises all over.

Her condition had worsened since she was brought in, mostly due to the blood loss from the cut on her head. The other nurses watching over Katie had urged Leigh several times to go home, but Leigh thought it would be awful to leave your daughter alone in the hospital. But her husband didn't seem to think so.

Almost right as she thought that, her husband burst in the room, sweaty and breathless. His usually sharp suit was wrinkled and his tie was loose, and his dark hair was a mess.

"Honey," Robert breathed. He looked over at Katie's hospital bed and his mouth popped open in shock at the sight of his little girl, looking absolutely broken. "Is s-she going to be okay?"

Leigh bit her lip to keep from crying and slowly shook her head.

Chapter 7:Edit

Under the crisp white sheets, Dustin held Alyssa in a passionate embrace. Alyssa was flushed and breathing heavily, but looked beautiful to Dustin. He stared in her eyes for a minute before Alyssa said breathlessly, "That was....amazing."

Dustin laughed and leaned in for a kiss, "I know, babe. Thank god you woke up. That was awesome."

"Awesome? That's not very romantic," Alyssa pouted playfully.

"You're right. There aren't words to describe how perfect that was," Dustin said.

"That sounded too good. Are you sure you didn't steal that from a book or something?"

"Of course not. And anyway, I think it's better than just calling it awesome."

"I think I need another test run to decide," Alyssa said seductively, rolling on top of Dustin, who laughed again and pulled her in to press his lips up against hers.

They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn't notice Robert DelMonte walk into the room.

Chapter 8: Edit

"What the hell are you doing to my daughter?!" Robert boomed in a threatening voice. Alyssa shrieked and tried to hide her naked body under the sheets, while Dustin stood up and put his arms in front of her as a shield.

"Mr. DelMonte, don't hurt Lyss, it's not her fault," Dustin said. "I should take the blame here."

As touched as Alyssa was by her boyfriend, she didn't want him to lie to her dad. "Daddy, it's my fault too." Tears were streaming down her face, wrecking her perfect makeup. "But I love him, and he loves me, and what's so wrong about that?"

Robert gritted his teeth in anger. "I don't care; you're 17, still a baby, how could you do something like that?"

Alyssa sobbed and leaned into Dustin's chest. "Because, I l-love him daddy, but I guess you wouldn't know anything about how I feel, since I know you never really loved Mom."

Robert was shocked by her words, they cut him deep. The anger pulsing through him took over. " Like you would know, you little slut, I thought you were my baby!"

Before she knew what was happening, he leaned forward and punched her in the face, hard. Her sobbing picked up again and Dustin was beyond angry at her "daddy". He had had enough.

"Lyss, let's go, I'm sick of this guy already." Dustin said, and took Alyssa carefully by the hand and lead her from the room, down the marble stairs, out the door and down the street, never looking back.

Chapter 9:Edit

"Two teens....missing...police..." The morning news was blaring from the small TV in Katie's hospital room while Leigh watched with a mixture of shock and horror. That was her daughter, her little baby Alyssa, being shown on the TV, along with a hunky blonde guy that Leigh recognized as her boyfriend. She tried to listen to the story, but felt dizzy as soon as the newswoman said the word "missing". Why did everything happen to them?

The tears came before she knew it. She was crying for the millionth time that night, and she hated how she felt so weak and devastated. She had no idea how to handle something this huge, in addition to having another daughter on her death bed right next to her. Robert was nowhere to be seen, the jerk. Way to be a good husband. Especially when she really needed the support. Like now.

Wiping the tears away, she stood up, and almost immediately fell over. God, was she tired. What she really needed now was her husband to lean on.

Pulling her phone out of her pocket, she dialed in the familiar number, and waited for Robert to pick up his cell phone.

"Hey, is everything all right, babe?" Robert slurred. Was he...drunk?

"Robert! Of course not! Our daughter is in the hospital and our other daughter is missing! How could anything be all right?!" Tears were forming in her eyes again.

"Oh yeah right, oops!" he laughed, and hiccuped.

"Aren't you supposed to be at work?" Leigh asked, annoyed.

"I am, babe, gotta go, Dina's here. Don't tell Leigh, okay?" Robert said quickly, and the hung up.

Who the hell is Dina? Leigh thought angrily. And why doesn't my husband care about his daughter? What kind of a father is he?

Seething, she was to caught up in her thoughts to notice the long beep on the monitor behind her.

Chapter 10:Edit

"Ms. DelMonte, I'm sorry, but...she's gone."

Leigh, who had just stopped crying, choked out a sob and held her head in her hands as the doctor gently told her what she already knew. Her pride and joy, her baby girl, had died right in front of her eyes. The nurses, hearing the beep, had rushed in, tried everything they could, and then had pulled the blanket over Katie's head while shooting Leigh sympathetic looks. Like any of them knew what she was going through.

The doctor came over to where Leigh was sitting and put his hands on her shoulders. "You don't have to come into work for awhile. Just take some time off." She wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled up weakly at him.

"Thank you," she murmured, and the doctor nodded and left the room.

Leigh got shakily to her feet and walked out of the tiny room and down the hallway to the elevator. She pressed the down arrow and stood there, impatiently tapping her foot and waiting to get home. Suddenly, the elevator doors opened with a cheerful, "Ding!" and a small, dark-haired boy stepped out. He looked very excited, his eyes shining, and carried a bouquet of pink roses. Leigh recognized him as Katie's friend Alex, and her heart sank. He didn't know she was dead.

"Hi Katie's mom!" Alex said, smiling hugely. "The doctors said I'm all better now! So I want to bring Katie some flowers to make her feel better!"

Leigh put on a thin smile and knelt down so that she was eye level with the boy. "Sweetie, Katie....she's...,"

"DEAD?!" a voice screeched from down the hall. Leigh turned to look and saw Robert, obviously drunk, sauntering towards her and Alex, his eyes glazed and his shirt undone. He pushed Alex out of the way and pulled Leigh roughly to her feet.

"How could you let my daughter DIE!?" he screamed in her face. Leigh could smell alcohol in his breath and she began to say, "Honey, I.."

Before she could continue, Robert slapped her across the face. The sound echoed in the empty hallway. Leigh held her cheek and looked at her husband with wide eyes, a hurt expression on her face. Alex looked on, shocked at the normally civil man's behavior.

"You killed my daughter!" he screamed again, and pushed Leigh onto the floor. "We're THROUGH!"

Leigh got to her feet and just looked at her husband. She knew he had only said all that because he was drunk, but there's always a little bit of honestly behind every word. And she decided to do what she knew was right, for her, and for her family.

"Fine," she said simply. "Goodbye."

Chapter 11:.Edit

Out of all the things Leigh didn't expect to find upon arriving at her house, Alyssa was at the top of the list.

It had been 2 months since the messy divorce between her and Robert, and 3 since Katie's funeral. At first, Leigh was extremely overwhelmed with life, between work and funeral planning and police searches for her oldest daughter. Things settled after a while, but was still a crazy mess. Nothing was how it used to be.

The police searches for Alyssa and Dustin continued, but they found nothing. It had ben 5 months since they disappeared; the police were ready to give up but Leigh wouldn't let them. Every night she prayed for a miracle. For someone to find her baby, so she would have something familiar in her life, someone who wasn't new and scary like everything was now. She was alone.

So that's why, when Leigh came home on a typical Tuesday night in October, exhausted from a day at the hospital, she almost fainted when her daughter stood in the foyer with a bright smile on her face. Leigh ran toward her, ready to pull her into a hug, but stopped suddenly in her tracks and stared at her daughter's abdomen, a look of shock on her face.

Alyssa's smile quickly disappeared and she folded her hands over her protruding stomach. She cleared her throat nervously and said quietly, "Mom...I'm pregnant."

Chapter 12Edit

To say Leigh was shocked was an understatement.

"WHAT?!" she screeched, her eyes huge. She really didn't need any more stress in her life right now. "And..and that sleazy, hoodlum boy is the father?! The one who's training to become a CRIMINAL?!"

"Mom, please...calm down," Alyssa said nervously. "He's really a sweet guy. He promised me that he would support me and help me take care of the baby. And he said he's quitting his old job and is going to work at the diner." She paused. " I would like it if you supported my desicion too."

Alyssa looked up at her mother with her big blue eyes, so innocent, so full of hope. Her mother, now slightly more calm, looked into them and knew she couldn't leave her daughter in this mess by herself.

"Fine," Leigh said, a tiny smile forming on her face. "And while we're at it, Dustin might as well move in with us if he's going to help you with the baby."

Alyssa lit up instantly. "Thanks mom!" she said, and gave her mother a tight hug. At that moment, she knew things would be alright.