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The Life of Friends and Family [Poems]
Name: The Life of Friends and Family [Poems]
Genre: Fiction
Number of chapters: 4

Status: Complete

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  • Jenna Carter (main character)
  • Lisa Carter (Jenna’s sister)
  • Marcus Carter (Jenna’s brother)
  • Steven Holds (Jenna’s boyfriend)
  • Tim Holds (Steven’s brother)


There beginning was easy and it stayed that way. “Someone New” was written to show how they met.

Someone New

Someone NewEdit

Bringing in someone new

Is like meeting another version of you

A boy you meet to love

Is as good as watching a dove

Flying towards him

Like lights will dim

Love is needed and wanted

As long as it isn’t haunted

For you need someone

To outrun

Interlude # 1Edit

Their lives continued to be great. Nothing could stop them. “Keep Up” was written to show that you should never let go.

Keep Up

Keep UpEdit

Steven Holds is a wonderful Sim

He is so similar to his brother Tim

Till he falls back into your arm

To turn on your alarm

But to keep up

Is almost like wanting a pup

Interlude # 2Edit

They never got a pup though, so they continued with their lives. It was okay the way it was. It could have been better though. “Hugs and Kisses (XOX)” was written to inform that there is nothing wrong with kissing.

Hugs and Kisses (XOX)

Hugs and Kisses (XOX)Edit

Love is the best

To have and to hold

To kiss and rest

Maybe even to fold

Jenna and Steven see

That life is great

To talk about the key

To rate

A life full of hugs

And tons more

They might even want a pug

I hope this wasn’t to bore

Hugs and Kisses XOX

Interlude # 3Edit

While they continued to enjoy life, they continued to love each other. No matter how it was, love was the best thing imagined. “Living in Love” was written to tell the point of view as to why love is good whenever.

Living in Love

Living in LoveEdit

Living in Love

On the outside

Flying like a dove

Even during high tide

So no one knew

What to do

For it was just you

The End!!!