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Part 1:

Nicholas Robany was born on a Thursday to a rich family. His father was Jonathon Robany, and his mother was Grace Robany. He also had an older brother named Lucas Robany. Nicholas had no interest whatsoever in the family business (Jonathon owned a real estate company selling houses in Twinbrook, their hometown). He always wanted to be a famous inventor. When Nicholas asked his father if he could buy him a Scraptronic™ Workbench, his father said "Why would I? Inventing is boring and stupid! Real estate is where it's at!" Nicholas was always a shy and different child. He had the traits Shy, Eccentric, Bookworm, Artistic, and Ambitious. He was bullied at school, and mistreated by his parents. One day, he decided to run away...

Part 2:

After gathering all his stuff, he slowly snuck out the door, and ran away as quickly as possible. As a child, he didn't know the roads very well, and ended up getting lost. He was near the community gardens at that time. Then he suddenly heard footsteps coming near him. Mary Baker was coming her way. He quickly hid in a bush right before she saw him. He started walking again and soon found himself entering Sunset Valley. He suddenly realized he had the "Very Hungry" moodlet. It was going to run out in 2 hours. He needed to get food, fast. He went to the bistro, hoping somebody would drop some of their food. 1 hour later, he was about to give up when Molly French was coming his way. He quickly hid to not be seen. However, Molly did see him. But, to Nicholas' surprise, Molly said: "Why, you look starving! I'll be right back with something to eat." Nicholas was thrilled. Molly soon came back with some muffins. "Straight from the oven!", she said. Nicholas ate them like a wolf.

Part 3:

Nicholas ran and ran, straightout out of Sunset valley. His hunger need was now full, however his social need was not, and he had the "Lonely" moodlet. He was now near Apaloosa Plains. Suddenly, he saw something coming his way. Thinking it was a sim, he ran away. But, looking closely, he realized it was a stray dog. Nicholas let him sniff his hand. The dog came closer and closer to him. Nicholas thought it would attack him, so he slowly backed away. To his surprise, it jumped on top of him and licked him. He named the dog Raymundo, just like his favorite book. A moment later, a notification told Nicholas he could buy a lifetime reward. He decided to pick "Steel Bladder", as his bladder need was very low. After leaving Apaloosa Plains, he arrived in Bridgeport. He suddenly heard a voice saying "Hey, kid! What are you doing here!? Where are your parents!?" It was Romeo Rake, the best cop in Bridgeport. Romeo went to get the other cops. Nicholas tried to run away, but he couldn't. Romeo was coming towards him. "Don't worry, we'll take you home." Then, Raymundo jumped on top of him! "GET THEM!", Romeo screamed.


Nicholas has his birthday.

Nicholas falls in love.