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Ran Away
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The Lost Boy
Name: The Lost Boy
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Created by: AsherÉire
Rating: PG
Number of chapters: 7

Original run: 30 August - 31 August 2012
Status: Completed

Preceded by: A Concluded Tale
Succeeded by: The Truth

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The Lost Boy is a drama/thriller written by a user who can't go a day without writing. If follows the journey of a teen who wakes up after a tragic incident and can't remember anything. It is the first installment of the Confusion trilogy.

Chapter 1: "Who Am I?"Edit

My neck is killing me. I wake up and I find myself in a wrecked car. Two people are in front, one passenger, one driver, one man, one woman. They're dead. They both have red hair and green eyes, like me. I wonder who there were. Maybe they were related to me. I can see in the rear-view mirror I have thick red hair and green eyes, like them. Maybe they were my parents?

I managed to crawl out of the wreckage. We fell into a ditch. I have a stinging cut across my forehead. There's a sign across the road. It says "Welcome to Riverblossom Hills". I have no idea where I am.

Hm... wait a second, I think I remembering my name... my name... is... is...

... my name is... Daniel.

Chapter 2: "What Do I Do Now?"Edit

Daniel, my name is Daniel. Or Danny. I can't think of the rest of my name. I was in a car, so we were trying to go somewhere, but I can't remember our destination.

I think I'm around 15, and I'm an orphan...

I give up. I may as well walk down that long road since the car is pointing in that direction. I start walking, in the hope I can figure out who I am.

I've been walking all day, and the sun is going down. Somehow, I've started walking down a barren road, which is very desert-like. Aw, don't tell me I've wandered into a desert.

I know I'm not from around here. I can speak two languages. I can speak English... and another language... but I can't remember what that one was called.

I'm not American. I was born and raised there, but my parents are from elsewhere. It probably explains why I'm bilingual and can read the road signs. If only I could remember what that language was, I could be able to figure out where I am!

Chapter 3: "Where Am I?"Edit

So... desert, desert and more desert. Great, I'm lost. Properly lost. I should have had a better look around Riverblossom Hills first, try and find some better help. Nope, me being stubborn, I decided I would just continue. I'm probably going to die out here now. Smart Danny. I'm starting to feel light-headed. Even though the sun's down, I haven't had anything to drink all day. The sun was beating down on me, and I'm feeling really feverish.

I must keep going. I must. I think it's easier to travel at night simply because the sun's down and the air is cooler.

I think I can see a stretch of houses in the distance. This time I'll get someone to help me out. I feel awful... really sick and-

Chapter 4: "How Do I Get There?"Edit

I wake up in a soft bed, with soft sunlight coming through the window. The door opens, and a girl with green skin and blonde hair comes in. She's so pretty...

"Are you OK?" she asks softly, in that language I couldn't remember what it was called earlier.

"Yeah... where am I?"

She looks into my eyes, she has green eyes, like me. She's so beautiful, yet...

"You're in Strangetown."

I give her a funny look. "Strangetown?" I ask.

"Strangetown... you know, SimNation?" She is really concerned about me now.

I get up and ask her name. Her name is Rachel Smith. I tell her what I think my first name is.

"My parents are from SimNation, but I live in the US... and I need to get somewhere, but I can't rememb-"

I leap up and tug on my shirt and pull on my shoes. "Danny!" She's shocked by my sudden movement. "What's up?"

I look straight into her eyes and say: "I need to get to Pleasantview."

Chapter 5: "Will You Help Me?"Edit

Rachel looks confused. "I'll go and get Dad's help." She dashes off. This gives me time to look at the mirror on the table. I look a right mess.

Rachel returns with her dad, a tall man with green skin and blond hair.

"So you're Danny?" he asks politely.

"Yes sir... at least, that's who I think I am. I was involved in a car crash and I've forgotten who I am."

The confusion is obvious on the man's face. "Well, before you go, we'll let Ophelia get you breakfast. I'm Johnny, by the way." he says as he holds out his hand.

I shake it.

So, breakfast was nice. Ophelia was nice. Rachel's family was nice. Rachel... she told me she's quarter alien and that her dad's actually half alien. I hope, when I get my memory back, we could become friends. Maybe more.

Right now, Pleasantview is my objective. There's something that's just pulling me there, and Johnny's going to help.

Chapter 6: "Are We There Yet?"Edit

Rachel is desperate to come with Johnny and I. I think she likes me. Hey, maybe when this is finished, maybe she could come over to Pleasantview. She said her dad has a best friend living there. Maybe I could live with his family?

We get into the car. Before I can climb into the passenger seat, Rachel grabs the back of my shirt and drags me into the back with her. Yep, she likes me. We talk all the way to Pleasantview. Or should I say, she talked and I listened. I can't remember anything to talk about. I carefully watch the scenery turn more green, and I can tell we're getting closer.

I'm forced out my sleep by a gentle shake from Rachel. I get out of the car and scan my surroundings.

Now what?

Chapter 7: "Now What?"Edit

"All yours Danny." Rachel says. Johnny looks around in awe. This is quite a bit different from Strangetown, I must admit. A heavy feeling of dejá vu is overwhelming me. I know this place, yet I don't... I could have been here before but...

I start to wander around a bit. There are two guys ahead walking along. They look around my age. One has brown hair and light skin, the other has black hair and medium skin. The boy in black hair has a quick glimpse at me before doubling back. "You look familiar..." he says with a confused expression on his face.

"Do I?" I ask stupidly. The boy calls out to the other guy. He's just as confused now.

"Connor, is it me or does he look like Uncle Marcus?"

"You're right there Drew, he does."

"Connor" turns to me. "What's your name?"

I look at my feet. "My name is Daniel..." I look straight up at them.