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The Lotharios and The Calientes
Name: The Lotharios and The Calientes
Genre: Drama
Created by: FluffBall

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The Lotharios and the Calientes is a fan fiction created by FluffBall. This story happens 16 years after TS2.

Don Lothario got married to Cassandra Goth and they had a daughter: Vicky, who is now 15 year old.

Nina Caliente also has a daughter: Jenny, but Nina refuses to tell anyone who the father is.

Jenny and Vicky are BFFs and the prettiest teenagers in Pleasentview, which has since then expanded into a much bigger, richer and more glamorous town.

Dina Caliente is Jenny's aunt and the grandmother by marriage of Vicky. She is a role model for these two teens. She is now a successful and rich widow.

This story is a drama set in Pleasentview. It's mostly about Jenny and Vicky but also about what happens to the major characters in TS2 as the years pass.

Chapter 1: The LothariosEdit

Vicky wakes up in the morning. She goes downstairs to find that her father has already left for work and that her mother is making breakfast.

Cassandra: Ah! There you are! Hurry up, you're going to be late for school!

Vicky: Jeez! Get off my back!

Cassandra: Don't you talk to me like that young lady! Here are your pancakes, eat up!

A few pancakes later ...

Vicky: Finished!

Cassandra: Good! Do you need a ride?

Vicky: Not from you anyw...

Her sentence was interrupted by the sound of a Ferrari .

Vicky: Oh, there they are! Gotta go! Bye mom!

She rushes out of the house and runs towards a red Ferrari with Dina at the wheel and her best friend, Jenny, at the back signaling her to hurry up.

Jenny: Hi Vivi, I missed you so much!

Vicky: You saw me yesterday!

Dina: Hi Vicky how are you today?

Vicky: Never been better! Jenny take a look at this!

Jenny: What?

And the two girls start chatting (mostly gossiping actually).

Vicky: Yeah I know, it's like wh...

Jenny: What's wrong?

Vicky: I think I saw... nothing, it's stupid.

Jenny: O-ok ! well as I was saying...

But what Vicky saw was not nothing! It was her father! And he was walking in the opposite direction to his office! Why? ...

Chapter 2: The CalientesEdit

Jenny: O-ok ! well as I was saying...

Dina: Alright you're here!

Jenny: Ok! Pick us up at 4:00 ?

Dina: Sure thing! Bye!

Jenny: Bye!

Vicky: Huh? Oh, yeah, bye!

And Dina drove off .

Jenny: You're sure you're alright?

vicky: Yeah, I'm fine! Thanks!

Jenny: Oh boy! Here they come!

Vicky: Ugh!

boy #1: Jenny! I love you!

boy#2: Marry me!

boy#3: Vicky! Vicky!

boy#4: Girls,'you free Saturday?

Jenny: Coming through!

Vicky: S'cuse me!

And a regular day of school goes by ...

Dina: Hey girls! How was your day ?

Jenny: Great! 4 boys fell in love with me!

Vicky: 5 boys for me!

Jenny: You don't have to brag about it!

She says as she sits down in the car.

Vicky: You're just jealous!

Jenny: Am not!

Vicky: Are too!

Jenny: Am not!

Vicky: Are too!

Jenny: Am not!

Vicky: Boys like me better than you!

Jenny: Uh! Take it back!

Jenny jumps onto Vicky and starts tickling her.

Jenny: Take it back!

Vicky: Never! Hahaha! Stop! Stop!

Jenny: Not until you take it back!

Vicky: Okay! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Jenny: There, you see? It wasn't that hard!

Vicky: It was either that or be tickled to death!

Jenny: I take pride in my powers of persuasion!

Vicky: You mean your powers of torture!

Jenny: Hey! Is that your dad over there?

Vicky: Oh yeah! It is!

Jenny: Well he doesn't seem very happy,does he?

Vicky: I wonder what's wrong?

Jenny: Maybe he got fired!

Vicky: I don't think so! His office is that way, he's coming from that way!

Jenny: Well let's wave at him!

She starts waving.

Jenny: Hello Mr Lothario!

Don Lothario suddenly notices them.

Jenny: He doesn't seem happy to see us either!

Vicky: Something's definitely not right!

Dina: Oh I'm sure it's nothing! Vicky, it's your stop!

Vicky: Bye!

Vicky get's out of the car.

Jenny: Bye!

Dina: See you tomorrow!

10 minutes later.

Dina: Here you are! See you tomorrow!

Jenny: See ya!

And Dina drives off.

Nina: Hi darling. Had a nice day?

Jenny: Great!

As Jenny comes in she sees a bouquet of flowers sticking out from the trash can.

Jenny: Hey! Are those flowers?

Nina: Ehm...

Jenny: Let me guess: One of my secret admirers! Ugh, they're so annoying!

Nina: Uhm...yeah...

But the way Nina said that made Jenny guess that something else was going on...

Chapter 3: The PleasantsEdit

Daniel was in the middle of working when the sound of Dina's Ferrari distracted him.

Daniel: Ugh!

Kaylynn: What's the matter darling ?

Daniel: The sound of Dina's Ferrari always distracts me when I finally manage to concentrate!

Kaylynn: Well why don't you stop working for a while ?

Daniel: Well Lilith and Angela are coming today!

Kaylynn: Oh! They're coming today?

Daniel: Yes! Didn't you remember?

But before she could say anything the telephone rang.

Kaylynn: I'll get it!

She awnsers the phone.

Kaylynn: uhuh? Yeah, sure, right away!

Kaylynn: Sorry honey! Gotta go clean stuff.

Daniel: Aww... but the twins are about to arrive.

Kaylynn: Say hello to them ror me !

She then dashed off merely a few seconds before Angela and Lilith arrived.

Angela: Hi dad!

Daniel: Angie!

Lilith: Uh...hi...

Daniel: I missed you so much!

Angela: Yeah, me too dad...Hey! Isn't Kaylynn here?

Daniel: She had to leave not even a minute ago.

Lilith: Good! I wasn't planning on talking to her anyway!

Daniel: Lilith! How dare you say that!

Angela: I never thought I'd say this but I agree with Lilith! Kaylynn is just a cheap maid that married you for the sake of being married!

Daniel: Don't you come in too my house and insult Kaylynn! I will not stand for it!

Meanwhile, with Kaylynn...


Cassandra: Kaylynn? Your only supposed to be here on Tuesdays!

Kaylynn: Erm... Your husband called me to do some cleaning.

Don: My office!

Cassandra: Wh-What?

Don: My office is filthy! That is why I called Kaylynn.

Cassandra: Oh, very well..

And as she walked away to finish her cup of tea in the living-room''''', Don'' said:

Don: Come on, there are a few things I have to show you before you start!

He accompanied Kaylynn to his office .But as soon as he closed the door behind him...

Don: Kaylynn!

Kaylynn: Don!

And the two started kissing!

Kaylynn: Don! Don! You know I'm married!

Don: So am I, Kaylynn, that isn't stopping me!

We will now head ''''''back to Daniel, Angela and Lilith in order to leave these two lovers in privacy'!

Daniel: ...Soooooo...Other than that, How's life?

Angela: Great! I finally managed to buy my own cruise ship! I'm now a captain!

Lilith: Well, I went to see the Gynaecologist and... it's twins!

Angela: Oh my God!!!

Daniel: I'm so happy for you!!!

And the trio started celebrating the two future arrivals to the family!

Chapter 4: The BrokesEdit

As time passed, the Brokes also changed:

Their economical problems are now nothing but a bad memory, because, thanks to her great cooking talents, Brandi is now a famous 5-star chef! She is also now very good friends with Nina and Dina Caliente!

Dustin is a former thief, now working in law inforcement and doing all he can to get Angela to take him back.

Beau is a handsome student, he goes to La Fiesta-Tech and is the school womanizer.

John, the baby Brandi was expecting 16 years ago is now a handsome teenager and is the only boy that Jenny and Vicky are interested in. He has a motor-bike and often takes girls for a ride.

Well, it just so happens that Beau is coming home from La Fiesta-Tech for a week today.


Brandi: Beau! Come in! I've missed you so much!

Beau: Hi mom!

John: Yo!

Beau: Hey lil' brother!

Brandi: (Whistles) Butler! Could you take Beau's luggage up to his room?

Butler: Right away Mam'!

Beau: Sooooooo... is Dustin here?

Brandi: I'm afraid not!

John: He's off trying to reconquer that girl again. What's her name again?

Beau: Angela.

John: Oh yeah! Now I remember!

Brandi: You boys want some cookies?

John: Yeah, sure! But do you have the time?

Brandi: 4:01. Why?

John: Oh my God ! I'm gonna be late! Gotta Go! Bye!

He rushes off on his motorcycle!

Brandi: I wonder where he's off to?

Beau: Bet it's to pick up Jenny or Vicky, or another girl!

And he isn't wrong, for John has a date with Vicky.

Chapter 5: Don's many lovesEdit

As you see, Don hasn't given up his many romantic affairs. Actually, he is currently in a relationship with 4 women, and if that wasn't enough, he also is trying to conquer two other women.

He is married to Cassandra; he is still leading a passionate relationship with Dina and Kaylynn; he is recently involved with the now adult Meadow Thayer, and is wooing (with mixed fortune) Brandi and his former lover: Nina.

Don: Let's see, there must be some way I can get Nina to forgive me, but I can't find it!

Don: Well, where there is hope, there is a way.

And Don headed out the door in direction of Nina's house. On the way he met Meadow.

Meadow: Hi Don!

Don: Well hello Meadow.

Meadow: Are we still on tomorrow?

Don: You bet! But right now I gotta go.

Meadow: Okay, see you then.

Don continued on his way. On the way in he ran into Jenny.

Jenny: Oh hello Mr. Lothario, what are you doing here?

Don: Please, call me Don. Is your mother here?

Jenny: Yes, she is. I think she's on the terrace. I was just heading out.

Don: OK, have a nice time.

Jenny: Thanks!

She said as she walked out of the house. And as soon as she was gone Don went upstairs to the terrace.

Nina: Hi darling, would you mind getting the sun-screen for me?

Don: Darling? I thought you were still mad at me?

He said with a flirty tone.

Nina: Don? What are you doing here? I thought you were Jenny!

Don: I wasn't aware we looked alike.

Nina: Very funny, now get me the sun-screen.

Don: I can put it on you if you want.

Nina: Don stop it!

Don: Oh come on Nina, How long are you gonna hold a grudge? What did I do so bad that, even after 15 years, you still hate me.

Nina: You know very well what you did.

Don: Oh come on Nina, forgive me, please.

Nina: You abandoned me and Jenny!

Don: That was 15 years ag-

Nina: You left me alone to raise OUR child!

Don: I have a family, Cassandra was pregnant too, I-I...

Nina: Did you ever even love me?

Don: ...

Nina: I thought so!

Don: Nina, don't do that...

Nina: Get out!

Don: Nina...

Nina: GET OUT!

She shouted as she tried to stop crying.

Chapter 6: The Goth's secrets:Edit

Don: I can explain!

He said as Nina pointed him to the door.

Nina: Oh yeah? I would like to see you try!

Don: Wait!

He shout as he turn around.

Nina: Ugh! The door is over there, genius. Now get your butt out of here!

Don: Listen, Nina! You know what Mortimer was involved in, and you know that Cassandra took over his business after he died!

Nina: ...So?

Don: She already hated you! Imagine I left her, pregnant, for you! She would of not hesitated to... to...

Nina: Seriously ?

Don: I swear I'm telling the tru-

Nina: You couldn't have told me earlier?

Don: I- I'm sorry...

Nina (starts to cry again): I missed you so much.

She went and gave a big hug to Don.

Don: There there... It's gonna be alright.

Don took adventage of the situation to kiss Nina, wich quickly led to the bed in wich they had woohoo. But meanwhile in the Goth mansion...

Cassandra (on the telephone): Hello?

Secret agent: Yes, I have news on the BETA project.

Cassandra: Good... I'll be right over.

Secret agent: but what should we do with the witnesses?

Cassandra: Interogate them to see what they know, and don't hesitate to use violence...

Chapter 7: teen troublesEdit

Jenny:  Run!

Vicky: What? What have you gotten us into again?

they ran to an empty street and hid behind a dumpster.

Jenny: "puf"puf" Nothing, I just kinda stole a dog.

Vicky: What? That's not nothing!

Jenny: Hey! I had to, they were going to send him to the pound if no one bought him.

Vicky: Then why didn't you just BUY him?

Jenny:You know I'm not rich, I can't afford it!

Vicky: Well I don't care what you say, we're bringing him back!

Jenny: Just look into his eyes and then dare say you're gonna bring him back!

Vicky looked at the dog and said:

Vicky:... Oh okay! But you're keeping him!

Jenny: Yay! You're the best!

Vicky: I know... I know... Now we gotta get out of here.

Jenny: No prob! I'll call John!

Vicky: Okay, but what are you gonna call your dog? And what are you gonna tell your mom?

Jenny: I was thinking FluffBall. And for my mom, I'll just tell her I found him all alone in the street. She loves dogs, so she'll be glad to adopt him!

Vicky: Okay...

Jenny: Damn it! John's not awnsering

Vicky: What? How are we gonna get out of here? Oh god! There's the shop keeper!

Jenny: OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod! What do we do?

Vicky: Climb into the sewers!

Jenny: Escuse me? I'm not going in there! Gross!

Vicky: Alright, stay out here! I'm going.

Jenny: Okay, I'm coming.

They climbed into the sewers, only to find that...

Jenny: This isn't a sewer.

Vicky: Shhhh! There are people further along the corridor, listen!

Jenny: ...

And sure enough, they heard people talking:

Secret agent: Mrs Lothario gave us permission to continue the project.

Jenny: Mrs Lothario... Do they mean your mom?

Vicky: I don't know...