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The Misfortune of Roy Lasher
The Misfortune of Roy Lasher

Name: The Misfortune of Roy Lasher
Genre: Dramatic and Comedy
Created by: TheProfessionalBajao
Rating: PG
Number of chapters: 4

Original run: January 19, 2016
Status: Ongoing

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TheProfessionalBajao, who created the character called Roy Lasher, who has becoming the misfortune. 


Roy Lasher - he is a unfortunate or a widower who wasn't have relative

Barton DiBenzo - He is a artist who needs to make Lasher happy

Darco DiBenzo - He loves food who trying to taste with Lasher

Manny Sandrew - A Malcom's Brother who is even smart than Jericho Bajao


The Lasher Family, is the prominent family who was living in Oasis Springs. Father Lasher wouldn't have skills than Mother Lasher while trying to play chess to increase the logic skill. Unfortunately, His mother leaving the house for vacation, Father waved at her with depression. 

His Mother is riding the Cruise Ship, traveling to the Island, Suddenly, The storm came while at the Cruise Ship, she calls her father nervously.

"Father! There's a storm is coming while riding on the Cruise Ship!" She distraught calling him on her phone.

"Uh, Why?" Father asked on his phone

"I think we're gonna get drowned caused by the bad weather!" Mother replied on her phone

"I would gonna miss you." Father on his phone felt worried about her.

"I miss you too......" Mother's last word before the cruise ship is sinking

She was trying to escape from cruise ship to get the boat, Unfortunately, she falls into the ocean and eventually drowned.

"Oh god." Father shocked about his mother is passed away.

Chapter 1Edit

Present Day in Oasis Springs

Roy Lasher, who teaches the son, Larnik, is fishing for food. Afterwards, he cooks the fish, but unfortunately, he couldn’t cooked because he has low skill. However, Lasher was rich but with unfortunate skills which cannot doing it.

 2 years later, his son went to the school. Before that, he sees the memory, he was know about his mother died of drowning caused of the sinking of the Cruise Ship

Meanwhile, his son is went back home, telling his father to calm down, he would like to watch TV. The Next Day, he would visit to the neighbour’s house, suddenly, the car might hit his son, and ended up crushed by a car.

 At the funeral, Roy grief for his death and didn’t know about who was been hitting the son while visiting the neighbour’s house.

“Uh, Father Lasher, don’t cry! It’s okay, I hope you adopt a new child for you.” Manny Sandrew tried to stop crying for him and promising him to adopt a new one.

5 months later, Lasher didn’t have relatives and became lonely. His memories we’re very sad. He was eventually became misfortune, for now.

Chapter 2Edit

Lasher went depressingly to the DiBenzo’s House, These are Darco & Barton which he try to cheer up 

“Don’t give up, Lasher.” Darco tries to cheer up to him.

Unfortunately, he didn’t cheer up because Lasher didn’t have relatives

“Why not? Why didn’t cheer up for you?” Darco asking a question that didn’t supposed to calm down

“Because i had no Son! and My Mother” Roy Lasher, then cries a lot

“Why didn’t care him, dude?” Barton asked Darco

“He didn’t had a child” Darco answered but he thinks

“I think he was killed by a……….Car Crash!”  Barton thinks a situation!

“Who was a driver that kills Roy Lasher’s Son?” 

“None of your beeswax, i didn’t know about this, find out who was doing it.” Darco denies about Son’s death.

“What about should we’re friends?” Barton asked Darco

“Friends? Of course….but i feel little worried.” Roy Lasher thinks nervously

“Don’t be worry, we’re gonna outing for now!” Barton accepted for outing!

Barton and his 2 friends goes an outing for a excitement, they’re visiting the Rattlesnake Juice.

They’re cheering and drinking the juice, Barton gets some chips and taste crunchy, Meanwhile, a man with party hat calling him with funny names which humiliate Roy Lasher.

“What the bunker is that?!” Darco realize that Roy Lasher became humiliated when someone calling him with funny names

“That man who calls him disrespectfully isn’t nice.” Barton thinks that man calling him isn’t right

The man turns out to be a Ricky Tucker

“That was Ricky Tucker!” Darco pointed at him who is caused to calling him with rude at Lasher.

“How did you calling him something rude at Lasher while we’re drinking some like vodka?”

“Eh, I was trying to find some miserable guy!” Ricky Tucker 

Barton is about to fight against Ricky Tucker, he gets the vodka and pours on Tucker’s head, and gets his bowl of chips and put it as a hat on Tucker’s head.

“What did you doing on my head?” Ricky Tucker enrages when Barton doing a mischievous action

“Hehe, i was kidding you.” Barton laughing at him

“You moron!” Ricky Tucker yelling at him

“Who cares?” Darco before gets his drink and pours on him again.

“Argh! you pour me out again?! Get out of my way, skunks!” Tucker runs away badly.

But unfortunately, he was getting kicked his butt by Barton who is being insulted by a bad boy and goes off the Rattlesnake Juice.

After outing with Darco and Barton, he goes home, he seeing his memory, his son and mother are passed away, he was feeling so sad.

After reading his memory, he goes to bed miserably.