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The Moriarty Legacy is an ongoing fanon story about the legacy founder James and his family's lives in the elusive and mysterious town of Moonlight Falls. This legacy is a particular type called a theme legacy, in which all of the members (spouses included) must have a name that relates to a certain topic. The theme of the Moriarty legacy is "ocean/sea", so all names must either have a literal meaning towards the ocean or sea, or contain an obvious or easily searchable reference towards it. (For example, a member can be named Nemo after the titluar character of the ocean-set movie Finding Nemo, but cannot be named after the author's best friend because said best friend live three miles from the beach.)

Within the legacy, acting as a guide for the readers is Navi, who in a similar fashion to the character she's named for, acts as a companion and exposition fairy for the Moriarty family. She isn't physically in the story, but acts as "The Voice" that all members of the family can hear and communicate with.

The chapters for Generation One of the Moriarty legacy are posted here.


James Moriarty - The legacy founder. Originally named Therese Eaton, James' famous parents left him alone and unattended as they spent their days working in the film industry and their nights partying and socializing, and he was raised almost solely by his mother's best friend and his godmother. Tired of the lifestyle and wanting to get away from his neglectful parents, he fakes his suicide and runs at the age of eighteen to the quiet, mountain-side town of Moonlight Falls, changing his name to James and crafting an entirely new past for himself while he builds his future. Determined to never be in any way like his parents, James wishes for nothing more than to find the perfect woman and start a family, promising to himself to give his children as much love and attention as they desire.

Tallulah van der Zee - A constant member of the Moonlight Falls' party scene, Tallulah has always dreamed for a life full of glitz, glamor and style - nothing that Moonlight Falls can properly provide for her, despite how blessed she's been with a sweet, doting family, a supportive older sister, loving friends and an ability to find sweet, caring men. It just doesn't seem to be enough for her and her worried family believes it will never be... especially once she sets her eyes on the newest boy in town, who's far too naive for his own good.

Minor CharactersEdit

Iris van der Zee - Tallulah's charismatic older sister who's great at communicating what the stubborn and self-centered Tallulah cannot. She often acts as a support system for her younger sister and is well aware that she's being taken advantage on: she does it because without anyone there to truly be able to guide Tallulah, she fears that the girl would spiral completely out-of-control.

Chrissy Eaton - James' mother, the television actress best known for her role as Maya in the drama Night of Our Lives. She's a rather impatient and fiery woman with no problem using dirty means to get what she wants. It is, after all, the way she secured her husband.

Emerson Eaton - James' father, a movie director currently co-writing a film with Matthew Hamming as the starring role. As equally ambitious as his wife, but not nearly as keen to play dirty. Instead, he likes to look at a situation in as many ways as possible before coming up to a decision... unfortunately, he's terrible at settling for ONE decision.

Margaret van der Zee - Tallulah's polite and gentle mother with a bit of a streak for adventure. Whenever she has time, she often goes on whirlwind vacations to exotic locations and brings back stories, relics and memorabilia to pass around as she tells anyone who will listen about her time.

Hendrik van der Zee - Tallulah's father, who at first seems like a very gruff and intimidating individual. He's really just a teddy bear in disguise and he loves to cook and fish at his favorite spot at the brink of dawn.


Moriarty - comes from the Irish Ó Muircheartaigh meaning "expert navigator [of the sea]"

James - comes from the Late Latin name Iacomus, however the name is chosen due its usages in popular culture: James is the first name of two fictional sea-farers, Captain James Hook from Peter Pan and Officer James Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean. Fittingly, it is also the first name of the antagonist from the Sherlock Holmes series Professor Moriarty, the inspiration for his last name.

Tallulah - while it's claimed to mean "leaping waters" in Chotcaw, it may actually mean "town" instead. However, this is the name of a series of waterfalls in Georgia.