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This is a fanon written by salammbo about four witch sisters. They are young adults living in Moonlight Falls.

All comments are appreciated and will motivate me to not abandon this fanon (even negative ones).

The four sistersEdit

These are the sisters:

Chapter 1: Where it all beginsEdit

A long time ago, four sisters were condemmed to death for sorcellery. One was suspected of this for her beauty and innocense, one was supected for her seduction, one was suspected for wildness and one was suspected for her perfection. They were tested: they were put in water, if they drowned they weren't witches, if they floated they were witches. They were sent to be burned to death but, at the last moment, they whispered these words:

Corosum Devila ToHoro Teleporto ani, Ohi, Trepos Teloporta Jung

and then disappeared into thin air. No one knew what happened. No one wanted to know what wasn't their buisness.

"What happened?" said Meg. She looked around and saw her sisters Julie, Jenna and Mary. They were unconscious on the floor. It was too dark to tell but the place looked like an old abandonned castle. Meg shook Julie to wake her up. Meg asked her "Where are we?" Julie stared at her, and then answered "Meg, do you remember  that spell we said? Well something went wrong and we ended up in the future".