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Newbie Family 001

- Oh God... That's not possible! I've been here since 8 am! It's almost 5 pm! They do not call me... How should be the face of my beautiful daughter? I'm dying to see her and catch her in his arms! "- Muttered Vadim

Newbie Family 002

- Vadim Simovitch? - Spoke to Attendant.
- Yes?
- You can now head to the bedroom where his wife is Fatima Simovitch, right?
- Yes, it's my wife!
- Her daughter had just been born a few hours ago, the parturition was made and nothing happened, barely. The room is 55, second floor, reaching there you will see the door. Congratulations to the family and the baby!
- Thank you ... er... is... What's your name???
- Jessica!
- Jessica! I'm already going... Thank you once again!
- You're welcome! And good luck!

Newbie Family 003

Vadim climbed the stairs with a proud chest. It would be her first child! Fatima could not get pregnant, but after his wife risky to do several treatments to get pregnant, she finally succeeded! Vadim was a little nervous and very happy at the same time.

Newbie Family 004

Room 55 - Parturition job: Fatima Simovitch
- Room 55... Should be here. - Vadim spoke, shaking a little. He was very nervous. He knew, from that door, a new stage of your life arise. He would be a father for the first time in life. It was a miracle!

Newbie Family 005

- Vadim Simovich? - Did the doctor.
- Oh, it's me! This is my daughter?
- It is. Congratulations! It's a lovely girl!
- Oh, I'm so thrilled! For the first time I'll be a father!
- Oh, dear! Glad you came! I'm so happy! Now we can form our happy home beside our daughter!
- Yes, my dear! It is the happiest day of my life! God gave us a very special gift.

Newbie Family 006

- That's great! But already have an idea of how they will call your daughter? - Did the doctor.
- My love... Come on put Betty? Betty is perfect! Will be in honor of Grandma Betty, who died last month. Too bad she is not here to see it, but in the sky she's very proud. - Fatima spoke
- Yes, dear! Betty! Betty Simovitch! Oh, little Betty, we will take good care of you! You came into our lives by surprise and only brought us joy!

Newbie Family 007

- Is not she beautiful, dear?
- It is a wonder! Do not wait to bring to the home! We will only build fourth for her a wonderful room!
- Yes! and give baby food in her mouth! Buy diapers and play with it, throw it in the air. I'm so happy!
- Well, now let's go home. This hospital gave me dizzy, I'm spinning. I will make a special lunch in celebration of the birth of Betty!

Newbie Family 008

- Welcome to your new home, my poppet Betty! It is here that your father and I will make the magic happen, make yourself at home! You will grow very well here! - Fatima spoke
- Oh! We have to decorate the baby's room now! I have the number that the Sim-furniture. I have a golden VIP card and I can get things for half price! Let's take only 7 are still of the night, there ace close 8:30! - Said Vadim, quickly driving to the phone and asking the furniture at the same instant.

Newbie Family 009

Many, many hours later...
- Oh, dear! The hard work was worth it! We decorate in a way so beautiful! Betty will feel free here!
- Yeah! It was worth it, even! Vish, forget the dinner! Incidentally, lunch should have been hours ago! Is almost giving eleven at night!
- Oh, my God! as we had no sense of time! I'll leave Betty here and now we eat. Well, I deserve a rest, we order a pizza? I'm tired.
- Okay dear, I do not do it for you? (laughs)

Newbie Family 010

Has passed by days, weeks, months and even years! The little Betty was growing and growing alongside their parents. The more she grew, more felt happier! Vadim and Fatima felt proud to raise a daughter like Betty! But the time spoke louder... Fatima and Vadim were already aging in a heartbeat! In these moments, Betty also was already talking, learning to walk... She went to school, made ​​great friends, and especially a special someone...

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