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Chapter One:

Eliza Love just moved to Lucky Palms, her childhood home, from Pleasntview after finishing high school. She is hoping to have a large family here, but knows that she will probably end up like her mom; alone, out-living her friends. Eliza has never been, What you would call, lucky.

She has brown hair and hazel eyes that are a golden brown color in the dark and blue green in the light, both in which have her right iris show up in a bright blue tint. She is lean, and big chested. She is quiet and dosn't have many friends, and is very kind and hates being mean. But that doesn't mean she CAN'T be mean. She dresses very rebeliously, but not risky. She is thinking about adding pink and blue tips to her hair. Since Eliza dosn't remember anybody from when she lived there when she was younger, she is moving in with the daughter of her mom's best friend. They don't know each other very well, so she dosn't know what to expect.

Eliza is on her final flight to the desert-town, afraid of what her friend- Danielle- is going to be like. Eliza has never been, what you would call, kind, to Danielle. When they were younger, on those rare occasions they hung out, Eliza would cry and make up some story of how Danielle hurt her and that they needed to go home.

Eliza sighs as the plane pulls to a stop on the runway. People start rushing to get their stuff and get off the cramped plane. Eliza has learned from past experience to wait until most people are gone. During that time, she packs up her mp3 player and tablet into her bag and her phone into her pocket. 

In a few minutes, most people are gone; so, Eliza gets up and heads down the aisle to meet her not-so-loved friend.

Chapter Two:

Eliza soon gets through the mob of passengers and into the airport. In her gate, it has a lot of families, and what looks like partners. Than there is a girl with brown hair in the corner. This, is Danielle. She is nice, sweet and selfless. But she also has a stubborn and rebelious side, too, along with her bubbly and hiking side.

Her hair is a purple color with pink and blue strands, which shows her bubbly side, her eyes are the same as Eliza' s, but her left iris instead of her right has a bright blue tint. Her clothes are very risky, to show her rebelious side. Today she is wearing a 5SoS sleeveless shirt under a black vest, with combat boots and leggings.

Danielle waves kindly to her to come over. I smile at her and start walking towards her, thinking, why is she acting so nice?