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The Not so Pleasant Pleasants is a fanon created by Glenn31. It's about The Pleasant Family and their life following made up storyline and some storylines made by Maxis for The Sims 2.


Angela Pleasant: She is currently under teen pregnancy since Dustin Broke lured her into WooHoo in the Pleasant family's new hot tub.

Lilith Pleasant: Angela's twin sister, is in a relationship with Dirk Dreamer. Ever since she found out about Angela and Dustin's WooHoo she tries to lure Dirk into WooHoo but always fails.

Daniel Pleasant: The father of the twins. He is very angry about Angela's pregnancy so until Daniel is very sure that Angela needs help with the baby, she may never see Dustin again.

Mary-Sue Pleasant: The Mother of the twins, She is happy about Angela's pregnancy because she gets to become a grandmother early. She will let Angela sneak off to Dustin's when she wants to.

Dustin Broke: The bad boy of Pleasantview. He is soon going to be a father. He can hardly wait for it!