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Ran Away
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The One
Name: The One
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherÉire
Release date: 14 March 2012

Previous chapter: Night
Next chapter: "Not Fair"

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Welcome to chapter 7 of A Pleasant Story! I'm really running out of ideas to put in the introduction. Be sure to check out a character/chapter list here. If you haven't read any earlier chapters, please click here to begin your adventure with Richie and Co.


The OneEdit

Angela Pleasant smiled. She thought back to the first time she met Richie. It was six months ago! Angela thought his geeky appearance and manner was cute- his short brown hair and glasses, how he was shy around most people and how he was so intelligent.

Angela made her way downstairs to the living room. Before she entered, she could hear Lilith and Mary-Sue discussing and comparing her previous report card with her present and most recent one. Even Richie had helped Lilith- she had changed her appearance and behaviour in general and managed to get her childhood sweetheart, Dirk. "Mum" said Angela as she stepped into the living room. "Could we have a little chat?"

"Of course" Mary-Sue beamed "What is it?"

Before Angela could speak, Lilith hopped up. "Where are you going, Lil?"

"If it's private, I'll leave you two to it."

"No! Lilith!" Angela called out to her sister as she left. Lilith poked her head around the corner. "Could you please stay?" Lilith came back and took her spot on the couch. "Well, to keep it simple, you know Richie?"

"Very well actually" said Lilith. Mary-Sue nodded.

"I think he's really... cute. I want to go out with him."

"That's understandable" said Mary-Sue. "If that's how you feel, then I'm happy for you. Richie's a nice boy anyway"

"I just hope he'll read my mind"

Dustin was late again. He ran to school. He darted down the corridor. As he turned into his classroom, he tripped over someone's bag and smacked his head on Lilith's desk. Everyone rose from their chairs to see if Dustin was OK. He groaned... "Owwww"

Dustin held an ice pack to his head. Donnie and Lilith stepped in. "Hey man." said Donnie "How are you feeling?" Dustin shot him one of his what-do-you-think? looks. "Anyway, we have someone here you might want to meet. She's come to apolgize." A girl with long brown hair and dark blue eyes hidden behind thick glasses stepped in.

"I'm Mona Hillson."

"Dustin Broke."

"I'm really sorry for what happened... It's just-"

"Don't worry about it. It was mainly my fault"

Mona gave Dustin her number to make up for what she did. She felt really guilty for what happened and wanted to be friends with Dustin. Dustin wanted to make sure he didn't look like an idiot around her now. She's the one thought Dustin.

Richie decided to walk home from school. He enjoyed the winter environment. As he opened his front door, he knew something was wrong. The tear-streaked faces of Leona and Mum said it all.

Angela knew something was wrong. It was Friday afternoon and she was supposed to meet up with Richie this evening. I'm going to check to see what's going on.

Richie hated his life. His mum had told him the worst thing possible... Dad died in a car crash... He couldn't make sense of what had happened. A work friend was also killed in the crash. When he heard those horrible words, he ran up to his room and wrecked everything. Everything was upside down. The tears rolled down his face. He heard a small tap on his bedroom door. In came one of the most beautiful girls ever- Angela. She sat down on the floor with Richie and snuggled into him. No response. She moved back, gently pulled his head back onto her shoulder. He spent a while gently stroking his hair, trying to reassure him. "I don't know if you feel the same, Richie," she whispered into his ear "But, I love you." Richie sat up, looked straight into her emerald eyes and said: "I love you too." Their faces moved closer together, and they kissed.