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The Orange family is a family in The Sims 2 created by thatKitten come and chat!. They live in Belladonna Cove in a house of two storeys (the second one remains unused, and no staircase is there, yet). They've also got an attic, but that's not used. Their greenhouse has 4 small trees in it, and the awning right in front of it has the chess table sheltered. They used to have a hot tub, but they ran outta room for it, so they got rid of it.

Members of the Orange familyEdit


Sydney Orange

This is Sydney Orange.

A mother of one.
  • She seems to wake up very early (3:00-4:30AM), but goes to sleep very early, as well (7-9PM).
  • Likes the colour Blue.
  • Has the Family aspiration.
  • Her Lifetime Want is to have 3 kids successfully graduate from College, in this case, Sim State University.
  • Uses the boolProp controlpets on cheat to make sure the master is able to stop pets from scratching furniture!


  • Jack Orange

    This is Jack Orange.

  • The father
  • Likes to be lazy
  • Works as a Drive thru clerk, and sometimes gets promoted or demoted. Yeah.
  • He has the Romance aspiration
  • Lifetime want: Become a celeb chef.


  • Isabella Orange

    This is Isabella Orange.

    Very naughty toddler/child. Used to throw temper tantrums a lot! She also liked putting her hand in the toilet. >.<
  • Appears to have her mother's hairstyle
  • I forgot her aspiration T_T
  • Is currently a Young Adult.
  • Wants to be part of the secret society...

Jaguar and BaileyEdit

  • Pictured below
  • Jaguar is the top one (I know, she looks nothing like a Jaguar!)
  • Named after my mother's cat :)
  • Jaguar has a pet job, forgot what career but she works as an Extra.
  • Bailey (bottom). He is mischievous.
  • Bailey was adopted over the phone as a cute little kitten! Jaguar was made in Create-A-Pet along with Sydney and Jack.
Jaguar and bailey

Jaguar (top) Bailey (bottom)