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Jennifer Howardson, Elizabeth Howardson, Samuel "Sam" Howardson and Steven "Steve" Howardson

Chapter 1: The End of the Prologue to the Rest of Life Edit

Young Elizabeth Howardson was playing with her toddler brother twins, Sam and Steve. Teen aged Jennifer was watching them play while she was cooking up some mac and cheese for dinner. Unfortunately, Jennifer left it on the stove a while too long. FIRE! said Elizabeth, grabbing her little brothers and running out the back door. Jennifer ran behind them, but forgot that their parents were in their beds, sound asleep. Unfortunately, they were heavy sleepers, so they didn't feel the strong heat or smell the flames of the fire below their room. Soon, the whole neighborhood was there. Are you alright? Are the little ones alright? Are your parents alright? After that last question was asked, Jennifer freaked. Holy CRAP! My parents! she said.She tried to run inside, but there no longer was an inside. All she saw were ashes everywhere. Even though there were no walls or anything, the firefighters stopped her from entering. She just sat on the front steps (which were, surprisingly, intact) and cried. Elizabeth tried to comfort her, but she would not stop crying. Soon, the social service lady came.I heard your parents have burned to death. Is this confirmed? she asked. Yes, it is. replied Elizabeth. Tears started to stream down all the Howardson's faces. Well, we need to take you to the temporary orphanage until we find a local relative to take you in. We have no room at the normal orphanage for a long-term child. If we don't find a relative in a week, we must take you to a foster home for a while. I promise you will not be separated. Do you understand? They all nodded, even the twins. Soon, they were in the taxi, going to Landgraab Temporary Home for Orphaned and Abandoned Children.

Chapter 2: A Few Months Later...Edit

'I'm TIRED of having to stay here said Elizabeth. It had been two months since the social worker had last talked to them. It had been 4 since the fire. Even when the Social worker DID talk to them, it was to say that they were still trying to find any foster parent that would take in four kids. That day, the social worker talked to them again. Well, we've found a foster parent that will take you in. She's just starting to work with us, so please be patient if she doesn't seem to know what she's doing. she said. Elizabeth soon said something. But what about our cousin Victoria? Or what about Ricky? Or Jeff?'They don't fit our requirements. Nobody in your family does. said the social worker. Soon, they were off to Hannah Garland's home. As they rode in the car, the children read her file.

Name:Hannah Garland


Marital Status(Spouse): Married(Bob Garland)

Has kids?:No

Source of income: Business Partner

Income amount: 4,000 simoleons per week

Likes kids?:Yes

Wants kids?:Yes

Bio: Hello, I'm Hannah Garland. I live with my husband Bob in a medium house in the city. It is not the best of homes, but it is cozy and a just a short walk from all the stores. I am willing to take care of any child that comes my way, whether it is an orphan or just babysitting the next door neighbors' children. I hope to see young smiles soon!