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[[File:The entire first and second|670px|link=|The Parker Legacy]]
The Parker Legacy
The Parker Family

The Parkers are my favorite family I have ever created. They are the second family I created in the Sims 3 and they have gone through many different incarnations and styles. There have been exactly six different incarnations, mostly in the Sims 3, some continued into the Sims 4. The family mainly consists of James, Joanna, Jared, Jacob, Julia, Jenna and Jordan. Others include Jackie Rose, Joanna's sister. There has also been a similar incarnation known as the Bigs. Currently, the latest incarnation includes James, Joanna, Jared, Chris, Amber, Marcy and Eric.

The Sixth IncarnationEdit

This is the current incarnation and it is a combination of all of the previous incarnations. This one follows the timeline of the Sims Universe (i.e. The Sims takes place 25 years before the Sims 2) James and Joanna had five children, twins, Jared and Chris, daughters, Amber and Marcy and their youngest, Eric.

The Sims (Jared and Chris)Edit

Jared inherits the fitness pursuit and blonde hair of the third Jared. This Jared is an Assistant Coach in the Athlete career. He married Karissa, a reference to Karissa Gallagher. This Karissa is Lieutenant in the Law Enforcement career. Together they had a son, Leo and a daughter, Darla. Chris inherited red hair like the fourth James, and the weight like his equivalent, third Jacob. He currently is a Congressman in the Political career. He married a sassy black woman named Patricia. She is a Veterinarian in the Animal Care career. Together they had twins, Karen, who has medium skin tone and Cameron, who has light skin tone. They all live together in a duplex home at 67 Old Farm Circle.

The Sims: Livin' Large and The Sims: House Party (Amber)Edit

Amber is the Julia equivalent. She lives with her lover, Jennifer and their adopted son, Damien at 9 Sim Lane. They later have another adopted son named Tyler. Amber and Jennifer are described as being very irresponsible. They live in an eccentric home. For example, the boys share a bed, they have color clashing walls, a heart shaped bed and a party house that stores buffet tables. They would throw parties everyday and block off their bathroom so it wouldn't get crowded. Amber is a Party D.J. in the Slacker career and Jennifer is a Fashion Columnist in the Fashion career.

The Sims: Hot Date (Marcy)Edit

Marcy is named after Marcy Big and the Jenna equivalent. She lives in a small house at 51 Ridge Road and works as a Typesetter in the Journalism career. However, the main focus is Edward Big, named after the other Edward Big. This Edward Big currently is Elite Forces in the Military career and he is the standard Sim that everyone wants to play (i.e. get a job, get promoted, get married, etc.). He lives at 1 Sim Lane.

The First IncarnationEdit

This incarnation was short lived. It included James, Joanna, Jared, Jacob and Julia. Due to aging being off, no one aged at all. This incarnation was later recreated into the second incarnation, but with aging. As for the Parkers themselves, James was a workaholic, family-oriented, ambitious businessman with a brown pompadour and a blue collar shirt; Joanna was a family-oriented, great kisser and virtuous musician who wore her brown hair in a ponytail and wore a red turtleneck and black skirt. They lived up away from Sunset Valley near the waterfall.

The Second IncarnationEdit

This one is more or less the same as the first, except with more story. James and Joanna were recreated and joined the same careers. They lived on the same lot near the waterfall before moving next door to the Working Roommates house. Together, James and Joanna had twins, Jared and Jacob, closely aged Julia and Jenna and the youngest, Jordan. Jared and Jacob soon married twins, Cindy and Sandy, a cook and a politician and had daughters of their own. Jenna started dating the son of Lisa Bunch, Mick before heading of to University with him. She studied Fine Arts and he studied Physical Education. Julia became a cop and Jordan became overweight. This incarnation was transferred to the Sims 4, without Mick, Cindy or Sandy. James and Joanna died of old age, Jared marries Katrina and has two daughters with her while Jacob has a son and two daughters with Dina. One of the daughters was also a lesbian with an adopted son and a lover.

The Third IncarnationEdit

The third one has more story as seen below. In this one, the family grew up and eventually went on their own ways. Joanna was a blonde in order to give more variety in hair color, as well as being unemployed during this. James was the same. Jared inherited Joanna's hair and pursued a life of fitness with a girl named Karissa in Isla Paradiso. Jacob went the doctor route before moving to Moonlight Falls to study alchemy, marry Deedee Wynn and let go of himself. Julia was the third born and the first to attend University. There she met Walter Fullman, who had spawned as a fairy. They had a fairy son, named Jack and moved and married in Appaloosa Plains. She was also going to be a PlantSim. Jordan was the second youngest, instead of the youngest and he came out as well as turn into an emo before turning into a vampire and dating a guy in Bridgeport. Jenna was the youngest and she was the most to look like Joanna. She was also going to pursue acting in Bridgeport. This incarnation also had a couple of pets, Lucky the Dog and Pepper the Cat.

Parker family
Name Parker family
Number of generations Three generations
Family connections Fullman family, Gallagher family
The Sims 3 Logo
James and Joanna
James and Joanna are your average couple looking to raise a family in ordinary Sunset Valley. But what happens when Sunset Valley is overun by animals, supernaturals and weather?
Members James Parker, Joanna Parker
Lot 72 Water Lily Lane
Funds §18,000
Difficulty level Difficulty2
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Unplayable
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley
The Sims 3 Island Paradise Logo
Karissa and Jared
Karissa and Jared are ready to start a family of their own in sunny Isla Paradiso
Members Jared Parker, Karissa Parker, Jessica Parker, Jasmine Parker, Jade Parker
Lot Pretty Port
Funds §856
Difficulty level Difficulty6
Other Information
Game TS3IP Icon The Sims 3: Island Paradise
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Isla Paradiso
The Sims 3 Supernatural Logo
Jacob has been transferred to the mysterious Moonlight Falls where he will continue his life as a doctor and possibly a father
Members Jacob Parker
Lot 126 Wood Street
Funds §10,681
Difficulty level Difficulty1
Other Information
Game TS3SN Icon The Sims 3: Supernatural
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Moonlight Falls
The Sims 3 Pets Logo
The Fullmans
The Fullmans are ready to move to smalltown Appaloosa Plains where they won't be judged by being a hybrid family
Members Julia Fullman, Walter Fullman, Jack Fullman, Josh Fullman
Lot 1004 Promona Promenade
Funds §2,798
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3P Icon The Sims 3: Pets
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Appaloosa Plains
The Sims 3 Late Night Logo
Parker Bridgeport
As they grow old, James and Joanna moved to Bridgeport with their two youngest so they can pursue their dreams.
Members Joanna Parker, Jordan Parker, Jenna Parker, Pepper Parker
Funds §26,260
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3LN Icon The Sims 3: Late Night
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Bridgeport

The Parker family began with James and Joanna. A young couple who were ready to start a family of their own in Sunset Valley. Though their past may be unknown, it doesn't matter because this legacy is about the descendants of them to come. The way this legacy works is that there will be multiple stories going on at the same time, but these stories are non-linear from each other.

The First Legacy (James and Joanna)Edit

Before the memory system came into play, James Parker and Joanna Parker moved into the Monotone of Sunset Valley, a one bed, one bath house behind City Hall before it was destroyed and remodeled into what it is as seen below. James got a job in the Business career as a Coffee Courier to pursue is lifetime wish as a CEO of a MegaCorporation. Joanna decided to become a stay-at-home wife so she can be Surrounded by Family for the years to come. Luckily enough in three days time she gave birth to twin boys, Jared and Jacob and earned a promotion to Filing Clerk. Then came the memory system and around fifty Sim days had passed before they moved to Bridgeport with their two youngest to start their legacy with them.

Before the Birth of Julia (Days 1-11)Edit

Day One James had the eventful day of going to work for the first time (after being late for not waking up in time) but not before getting a promotion to Report Processor and when he got home, he learned how to cook for his ever-growing family in the future. Joanna's however was less eventful as she just picked up the Twins for the first time. Day Two was when James picked up the Twins for the first time while Joanna received a party invite. Day Three James could've gone to a party he was invited to but instead he threw a birthday party for the Twins while Joanna went to adopt a puppy from the Clavells. They named him Lucky. James met a vampire at a party that was thrown for the Twins aging up into toddlers. Day Four James got a promotion to Corporate Drone while Joanna stayed at home and taught the Twins to speak. Day Six The Twins learned potty training and after that event, the whole family went to the Summer Festival as well as receiving a party invitation. Day Seven Jared learned to walk. Day Eight Jacob learned to walk as well and James and Joanna WooHooed. James also saw a wild horse after becoming a Division Manager. Day Nine is the day Joanna got pregnant with Julia, Lucky became an adult and learned hunting, Buster Clavell died, Joanna went shopping at the supermarket and bought three slices of watermelon, they both received party invites and James earned a raise and a promotion to Department Head. Day Ten James and Joanna threw a birthday party for the Twins who were about to age up into children and at this party was the music stylings of Joanna and her guitar. Day Eleven was the birth of Julia as well as the death of Bessie Clavell and James picking up Julia for the first time.

Before the Birth of Jordan (Days 12-18)Edit

Day Twelve Joanna learned guitar to level 5. Day Thirteen the Fall Festival had arrived and so James visited Central Park and braved the Scary Shack and received another of many party invites. Day Fourteen with the Celebrity system installed, Nick Alto had become a one star celebrity, James and Joanna befriended him and they had both become celebrities. Although, James became a two star and Joanna became a one star. Julia also became a toddler and learned how to speak. James received another promotion to Vice President. Day Fifteen Julia became potty trained. Joanna adopted a kitten named Pepper. James got a promotion to CEO and fulfilled his lifetime wish days before becoming an adult. James and Joanna both kissed and WooHooed with a celebrity which was each other. Day Sixteen James rode in a limo for the first time. Julia learned to walk. Received a party invite. And Joanna got pregnant with Jordan and went shopping to the supermarket wanting to buy three slices of watermelon before letting fate decide. Day Seventeen The family rode in a limo to the Central Park Winter Festival and this day was the day James reached adulthood. Day Eighteen While at the hospital to be with Joanna, James had left some spaghetti on the stove and it caused a fire at home and this was when the Twins were still children. Jordan was born and the Twins aged up into teenagers. James and Joanna both picked up Jordan and Joanna saw a wild horse for the first time.

Before the Birth of Jenna (Days 19-31)Edit

Day Nineteen James received yet another promotion to Chairman of the Board while Joanna became an adulthood after having to wait to give birth. Day Twenty Pepper became an adult, the Parkers received another invite but instead they threw a party of their own. Day Twenty-One Julia had became a child while Jordan had become a toddler. Day Twenty-Two James had been late for work for the second time in is life. Day Twenty-Three Iqbal Alvi had died of old age just as Jordan was learning to walk and James was learning to cook recipes at level 5. Day Twenty-Four Jordan was potty trained in time for the entire family to head down to Spring Festival where James and Joanna slow danced for the first time. Day Twenty-Five Jordan learned to talk for the first time. Day Twenty-Six Cornelia Goth died before Gunther and James earned a raise and a promotion to Power Broker. There was also a second fire at home when a lightning bolt came down and blew up to family car and singed Jared in the process when he was talking to Karissa. Day Twenty-Seven James and Joanna received a party invitation from Thornton Wolff in which they both attended and Joanna impressed the guests by playing guitar. Day Twenty-Eight Jordan and Julia both aged up into a child and a teen respectively. James and Joanna WooHooed to have their fifth and final child. They went on their first date to the hotspot of the day, Varg's Tavern and where James impressed fellow celebrity, Ephraim Gutierrez. Day Twenty-Nine James was late for a third time but it was worth it when he rode in a car worth over 40,000 Simoleans. Joanna got pregnant and befriended Jordan who had become a celebrity. She went shopping to the supermarket to buy and eat three apples to get a boy. Day Thirty James and Joanna received a party invite and James impressed fellow celebrity, Gus Hart. Day Thirty-One To keep the population stable, Gunther Goth died on the birth of Jenna, the youngest Parker. James and Joanna both wanted a boy but got a girl instead and James picked her up for the first time.

Before Julia Left for University (Days 32-41)Edit

Day Thirty-Two Jacob and Jared, the Twins, grew up into Young Adults and Karissa Gallagher moved in. Day Thirty-Four Jenna was the next to age up and into a toddler and James and Joanna received another party invitation. Day Thirty-Five Jordan grew up into a teen and the family visited the park again. Day Thirty-Six Gus Hart had died and Jenna learned how to use the toilet. Day Thirty-Eight Jenna learned how to talk next, James learned the Athletic skill and Joanna received a  party invitation. Nick Alto also died on the same day just as he was visiting the Parkers. And so, James and Joanna both saw him die and seen his ghost. Day Forty James became an elder and made a new outfit in response. Day Forty-One Jenna learned to walk and aged up into a child. Joanna aged into an elder, Julia grew up into a young adult. James also went to work for the final time before retiring and Iliana Langerak sadly died.

Julia's First Term of University (Days 1-15)Edit

Day One of University, Julia rode in her first owned car, she gained nerd influence and received a party invite from one of her sorority sisters, Ashley DeSorrento. On Day Two, Julia learned Handiness from her time playing with blocks as a toddler. Day Three Julia learned the Science and went shopping at the supermarket to build a garden. Day Four she received a party invitation from her husband-to-be, Walter Fullman, and she attended, where she found out he was a fairy celebrity. Day Five Julia impressed Walter enough and befriended him. Julia's Day Six included her following Walter to the library where she waited for him to finish class. She asked him if she could sleepover and then they had their first kiss and first WooHoo and where Julia gained jock influence. Day Seven Julia completed a gardening achievement, threw a pool party on the last day of summer, won a trivia challenge against one of her sorority sisters. At the pool party she met a vampire, went swimming and skinny dipped and received a party invite to Walter's upcoming party. Day Nine Julia asked Walter on their first date just before class and she ate at a restaurant after class. Day Eleven Julia collected mushrooms and learned the Social Networking skill. Day Twelve she asked Walter on their second date. Day Thirteen she received a party invite from Walter, yet again. And on Day Fifteen Julia learned the Athletic skill after passing the term with an A GPA and before going home.

Between Terms (Days 41-43)Edit

As no time has passed in Sunset Valley, James and Joanna's memories are the same as above. Day Forty-One Julia found a ge. Day Forty-Two Julia was struck by lightning on a rainy day and went to the library. Day Forty-Three Julia asked Walter on their first date in Sunset Valley and WooHooed for the first time in Sunset Valley before Walter moved in for good and before the two went back to University to complete their degrees.

Julia's Second Term of University (Days 16-23)Edit

The first day back, Day Sixteen Julia moved into a dormitory with Walter and received a party invite from Nina Simons, one of his old roommates, in which he attended. Walter also won a game of pool against his friend, Skip Taylor and Julia also learned cooking. Day Eighteen Walter gained nerd influence. Day Nineteen they both received party invites and Julia visited one of the parks. Day Twenty-One Walter went to the library for his class. And on Day Twenty-Two the couple WooHooed before going back home and graduating with a B and a C GPA on Day Twenty-Three.

Before Moving to Bridgeport (Days 43-51)Edit

Day Forty-Four Jamie Jolina died while on Day Forty-Six James and Joanna visited the park to check out the Winter Festival. Julia also got pregnant on the same day and James felt her tummy. James also picked up Lucky for the first time to give him a bath. Day Forty-Eight Jenna became a teenager, Joanna threw a Gift Giving Party on Snowflake Day and James and Joanna became a grandparent when Julia gave birth to Jack and received another party invite. Day Forty-Nine Dorothy DeMayo died of old age and James and Joanna saw her ghost and Lucky also passed away the same day. On a good note, Jordan aged into a young adult. Day Fifty Joanna picked up her grandson before he moved with his parents to Appaloosa Plains. Finally on Day Fifty-One the family visited Central Park one last time, James picked up Jack before he moved away. Spring Monk died and Joanna caught a chipmunk and named it Chippy.


The Second Legacy (Jared and Karissa)Edit

Jared and Karissa moved to Isla Paradiso to start a family on a houseboat and so Jared can get more opportunities as a lifeguard. Karissa also purchased a resort and named it 'The Home Away From Home'.

Before the Birth of the Triplets (Days 1-6)Edit

Day One alone, Jared went swimming, saw the ghost of Edward Dregg and WooHooed with Karissa who became a two-star celebrity after befriending three-star celebrity Carolina Ichtaca. Day Two involved Karissa learning how to cook, Jared kissed his celebrity wife and the two tried for a baby. Day Three Jared skinny dipped in his neighbor's hot tub when he wasn't home and lit a firecracker. Karissa got a promotion to Campaign Intern, went swimming at the resort, got pregnant and went to the supermarkert to get some watermelon. She also visited the Ichtacas and picked up Everado and put him in his crib. Day Four Jared found a gem while snorkeling and got promoted to Rapid Rescuer. Day Five Karissa asked to stay over at Carolina's because she would've passed out by the time she got back to her houseboat. First thing Day Six, Jared and Karissa got their TV and lounge chair stolen. Before she went into labor, Karissa met a vampire and had three triplet daughters named Jessica, Jasmine, and Jade. Karissa had picked up all three of them to put them in the crib and Jared just picked up Jasmine when she was hungry.

After the Birth (Days 7-)Edit

The Third Legacy (Jacob)Edit

The Sunset Valley hospital had transferred Jacob to Moonlight Falls and as compensation they had given him a four bed three bath house with Bonehilda as company. Jacob quickly settled in earning promotions and making friends.

As a Bachelor (Days 1-)Edit

Day One Jacob learned alchemy, learned an elixir, created it, rode in first own car worth over 40,000 Simoleans and visited the park. Day Two he saw the ghost of Frida Goth. Day Three Jacob got robbed early in the morning, luckily the robber was distracted by the alarm and didn't take anything and escaped, read 5 books before work and got a promotion to Trauma Surgeon. Day Four after knowing Deedee for a day they had their first kiss and first WooHoo and Jacob also found some metal before work. Day Five Jacob saw a foal after getting home from the graveyard shift and was late for work when they needed him. He also threw a Leisure Day pool party and of course he went swimming and skinny dipping. He also made out and went steady with Deedee. Day Six Jacob bought the Potion of Large and in Charge at the consignment store and asked Deedee out on their first date at the Toadstool where he saw Violet Slymer's ghost and won Deedee a prize from the crane game and safed Frida Goth's life. Day Seven he got a promotion to Gene Therapist and became fat off of the Large and in Charge potion. Day Eight Jacob learned gardening. Day Nine Jacob got a promotion to Infectious Disease Researcher, proposed marriage to Deedee and reached adulthood after leaving work from on call and experienced a midlife crisis.

The Fourth Legacy (Julia and Walter)Edit

After having Jack, Julia and Walter moved to Appaloosa Plains to start a new life with their new family and where they won't be judged for being hybrids. They moved in at 1004 Promona Promenade because it was the best home to start a family and had a pond where Walter can start his Fishing skill.

Before the Birth of Josh (Days 1-7)Edit

Day One Julia went to work for the first time because she was pregnant with Jack back in Sunset Valley and was on maternity when she got a job. Walter also met a vampire, learned Fishing, caught a minnow and a goldfish and learned charisma. Day Two Walter caught a rainbow trout, Julia burnt a meal and went to the supermarket to start a garden. Day Three Walter caught a toad, Julia got a promotion to Fertilizer Analyst and saw a foal and Jack aged up into a toddler. Day Four Walter decided to go steady with Julia before becoming romantic and proposing marriage. They WooHooed and tried for a baby in the shower. Day Five Walter caught a record size goldfish, Julia grew a perfect forbidden fruit, threw a bachelorette party at the Watering Hole Saloon, visited the park next door, went to the dive bar hotspot where her party was and got pregnant with her second child. Day Six Walter threw a bachelor party at the same dive bar where Julia held hers and Julia grew a great apple tree. Day Seven Julia grew a great red berry bean plant and a great cortado bean and potty trained Jack. Julia and Walter also exchanged rings and married during a wedding party with each other. Julia had the honor of cuttung the cake and the two had their second son, Josh, in wedlock who is a Sim like his mother.

After the Birth (Days 8-)Edit

The Fifth Legacy (Jordan and Jenna)Edit

James and Joanna decided to move to Bridgeport with Jordan and Jenna so they can fulfill their dreams in the Big City. Even though this legacy stars James and Joanna, this legacy is about Jordan and Jenna.

Before the Deaths of James and Joanna (Days 1-)Edit

Day One Jordan joined the Film career, got trapped in the elevator doors, met a vampire named William Fangmann, befriended him and asked to turn into a vampire. William made that promise but didn't fulfill it until  Day Three. Day Two, however Jordan was late on his first day of work. Day Three Jordan visited the graveyard with William where he fulfilled his promise and turned Jordan. Jenna became friends with fellow celebrity and classmate Lil Bling and went on a field trip. Then when she came home from school, James died of old age. Jenna also invited Lil Bling over again where they had their first kiss. Day Four Jordan got a promotion to Best Boy.

The Fourth IncarnationEdit

This one received the most change. James became a redhead instead of a brunette. Joanna wore glasses. She also had a sister named Jackie Rose. Jackie Rose was a cop and began a sexual relationship with her partner, Hank Goddard. Jackie had a kid named Austin with Hank before breaking it off. She moved out temporarily before moving back in. She later married a wizard with blonde hair and dark skin. He was a stylist before pursuing his dream as a firefighter. As for James and Joanna, they had triplets instead of twins, they were Jared, Julia and Jenna and one of daughters inherited Joanna's glasses but James hair. This incarnation that continued in the Sims 4 with James, Joanna and Jackie. They also had transgender roommates named Emilie, transman and Avery, transwoman. Another thing to note about the incarnation is that Nick Alto was a mermaid, ironically, and Gunther Goth and Thornton Wolff made out voluntarily.

The Fifth IncarnationEdit

In this one, Joanna had two sisters, Jackie and Karissa Sweet. Karissa was married to Marcus Sweet and they had a daughter named Katie. James was their neighbor across the street. This incarnation was made to be canonical with a Sims 4 Katie Sweet. Katie was forced to drop out of college in order to take care of her younger brother Tyler after Marcus and Karissa had passed away.

A Similar Incarnation=

Instead of the Parkers, we have the Bigs. They lived in the fan made Union Cove. Edward Big was James's equivalent and he worked in the Political career. Joanna's equivalent was Marcy Big, an unemployed who was cheating on Edward with a neighbor. James had brown hair wore suits and glasses while Marcy had blonde hair tied back. Despite Marcy's cheating nature, Edward and Marcy had a son, Chris, twins, one was named Will and a fourth child.


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Family TreeEdit

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