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[[File:[[Parkers]]|670px|link=|The Parker Legacy]]
The Parker Legacy
The Parker Family
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Parker family
Name Parker family
Number of generations Three generations
Family connections Rose family
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The Parkers are a normal kind of family. But every normal family also has a level of special.
Members Ernest Parker, Grant Parker, Tracey Parker, Hannah McGuire
Lot 15 Summer Hill Court
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley

The Parker family is a family that originated from Sunset Valley, consisting of Ernest Parker, Eventually, the family grew to expand across many generations in the many different neighborhoods, including Willow Creek, Neighborhood 1, and Pleasantview.

Within each neighborhood is a notable founding member for that generation. Some of the notable founding members are Ernest Parker in Sunset Valley, ... in Neighborhood 1, ... in Pleasantview, and ... in Willow Creek

Family HistoryEdit

Sunset ValleyEdit

Ernest Parker is born and raised in Sunset Valley to unknown parents. Early into his adulthood, he gets a job at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility. He climbs the ladder high enough that he eventually runs the science facility on the behalf of the second generation of Landgraabs, Nancy Landgraab and Geoffrey Landgraab. During this time, he meets his wife and together they have two children, Grant and Tracey Parker. While the circumstances surrounding Ernest's wife are unknown, Ernest eventually becomes either a single, possibly widowed, father. His older son, Grant, follows in his footsteps by working at the Landgraab's science lab. Just like his father, Grant meets his current fiancee, Hannah McGuire, while working at the science lab. Although Grant and Hannah are in a stable relationship, some are skeptical of Hannah marrying Grant just for his money. Also, unbeknownst to Grant, Hannah works and leads a criminal organization within Sunset Valley. Ernest's younger daughter, Tracey seems to have grown up close to her mother because she is a nurturing and caring person. While she wishes to have a family of her own someday, she is currently single. To compensate her wish, she currently works as a Daycare professional out of their home.

Eventually, Ernest decides to retire from the Landgraab Industries Science Facility. After being approved by the Landgraab Board of Trustees, Grant inherits the science lab for him to run it.

Willow CreekEdit

Neighborhood 1Edit



  • Parker - English origin, derived from Old French with the meaning of keeper of the park
  • Ernest - Derived from Germanic word ernst, meaning serious
  • Grant - Scottish surname derived from the French grand, meaning tall or great
  • Tracey - From the Irish word treasach that means war-like or fighter
  • Hannah - Hebrew name meaning favor or grace

Family TreeEdit

Under Construction


  • Generation One
    • Ernest Parker
  • Generation Two
    • Grant Parker
      • Hannah McGuire
    • Tracey Parker


Under Construction