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The Pleasant Diaries
Name: The Pleasant Diaries
Genre: Drama
Created by: Slade81
Rating: PG-13

Status: In progress

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The unpleasant diaries of the Pleasants, and how they come to strength and love rather than vice and isolation. Please comment, share ideas, and ask questions!

Mary Susanne Oldie Pleasant: Spring 5th, 2010Edit

I'm trying to write smaller in my new diary. It's much more efficient, and everything runs on efficiency, so I make everything efficient: my work hours, my work methods, and how I spend my time when I get home. That promotion should arrive any day now, but I've got to time myself right...Meaning, hurry. Really, I wouldn't have this diary at all (time-consuming) but I can use it as a reference and never forget anything. Ordinary mothers, wives and workers waste so much time forgetting. Take today, for instance. I did not forget to turn in my report to the boss promptly at nine, I did not forget to open up the new files at nine-thirty, and when I got home, I did not forget to write in here. I did forget Lilianna Lilith's lunch, but I'm sure my precious Angela shared some of hers. One moment, Daniel is talking to me.

As I was saying, before I was interrupted...Angela's so, well, angelic. I can only hope the other one doesn't become a bad influence. I've put up with Lilith for a long time, but only Angela makes it bearable. Well, I have to turn in for the night if I'm to get up at a quarter to seven tomorrow. I love my job.

Daniel Pleasant’s Journal: Spring 5, 2010Edit

Today wasn't so bad. It's just one of those days when you can look around at the past days, look out at the gorgeous spring day, and think, it could be a heck of a lot worse. And it could. My thankful list for today: I hardly saw Mary. I don't mean to sound like an awful husband, it's just that it's easier to not need her when I don't have to look at how pretty she still is. I know I still miss her, and I still feel really guilty about my fling with Kaylynn, our part-time maid, but it's hardly my fault I haven't confessed, Mary-Sue doesn't have the time to talk about it. We've changed a lot since our honeymoon in Sunlit Tides. But anyway, thankful list. That's what this journal's for. Lilith's detention lasted longer than usual, and when she got home she just went straight to her room, doing who-knows-what. Work went pretty well. Another thankful thing is Angela. She's like the axle this family turns on. I don't know what we'd do without her--which is why I must admit I just don't love Lilith. She keeps picking on her perfect sister and I just keep praying she doesn't upset the family balance. Well, I'm going to go try to talk to Mary, then probably go sleep on the couch so she doesn't see how disappointed I always am every single night, if she even cares--Nope, being positive. Positive and thankful, positive and thankful.

Angela Marie Pleasant, Spring 5, 2010Edit

Today was just perfect. I got re-elected for school president! Me and Dustin had a really good date after school, and he didn't say a single bad word in the theatre. The day after tomorrow is my birthday! I'll be a little closer to adulthood. I tried out fried fish for dinner, and everybody liked it...Well, except for Lilith. She  just stayed in her room, but I think I gave her enough of my lunch to keep her from starving. Oh, no, she hardly ate that either. I feel so sorry for her, just sitting in her pain all the time. She starts by fighting with me. Then she fights with teachers at school. Then she fights with Dirk. Then she comes home and fights with Mom and Dad. She's just a concrete rebel under perpetual hailfall. I hope she doesn't break. She really is bright, and she might just be able to make it if she doesn't die young. Okay, I really need to cheer up now. I'm going to go listen to Taylor Swift and do my homework.

Lilith’s Journal: KEEP OUT! Spring 5thEdit

I wrote another poem today. I'm going to post it on Writer's Circle/Poetry/Anger when Mom stops using the simmed computer. Simmed workaholic. Simmed spoiled child. Simmed cheating dad. Anyway, here's the poem. I'm too angry for normal-person words.

Anger in droves, Frustration in piles. Running for years, Running for miles. Tired and angry, Empty and alone, Sitting in this weak, False-smiling home. A mother who works, A father who cheats, A sister like Juliet, And I'm dead on my feet. Mother thinks I don't care, Father thinks I don't know, Sister thinks he loves her, But I've got feelings not to show. I scream, I run, I writhe, I'm done. I am so done.

But of course, I'm not. Still too young to be done with this horrible gauntlet they call "the good old days". Adolescent life is torture devised by society who don't like that people at their physical best can also know the most.

Mary Susanne Oldie Pleasant: Spring 6th, 2010Edit

I had a close call at work today. There was a whole bunch of paperwork that I was supposed to prioritize for my boss, and there were some speeches among it that he was supposed to edit. I was about to ask Jamie, my fellow worker (well, she isn't now, but that's not the point) if she thought I should edit them for him, when she asked the same thing! Well, I'm a busy woman, so I agreed, and she edited them. Well, it turned out she made some major mistakes that could've had horrible consequences if they hadn't been spotted. She was fired. But anyway, I was looking at the mistakes, and I saw how many I might've made myself! So it was a very close call. But in family news, dear little Angela is looking a little pale in the face and dark under the eyes. I hope she's alright. Well, of course she's all right! She's probably just wondering about her birthday and whether or not she should invite people. It's tomorrow, and she's growing so fast! But she does get overwrought about invitations because there are people she doesn't want to come, but she hates to offend people. Oh, Lilith doesn't seem to be too excited either, but she never is. She's got no emotion.

Daniel Pleasant's Journal: Spring 6th, 2010Edit

Oh, sim it. It happened again. My fling with Kaylynn is becoming an affair. This is the third time we've got together. Every time she comes over and tries to pretend that nothing's happened, but the tension just keeps growing and then we find ourselves sneaking off together. The girls came home in the middle of it, too. They didn't catch us, but it was nerve-wracking. I need to take a shower and just sit in my room reading.

Angela Marie Pleasant, Spring 6, 2010Edit

I feel so horrible. I've been trying so hard to be cheerful, because my family needs me to be. I feel so betrayed right now. By Lilith for showing me, and by Dad for doing it, and by Mom for not being there when we all need her to be. Lilith had been sent home from school early, and when I came home fifteen minutes later to check on her, there she was, sitting outside Dad's bedroom door. I asked what she was doing, and she gave this grim, messed-up little smile and said,

"Sit down and see what Dad's been doing. I bet you'll listen now."

So I sat down, and I could hear--I can't write about it anymore. But what Lilith's always been saying about how horrible this family is true, and I won't fight with her about it anymore. This family is utter trash. I tried to sleep, and I just had a nightmare that there was a psychopath in a cloak with a gun in the house. I ran around trying to wake everyone else up, but there were just more cloaked people. Eventually all three of them cornered me, and then they put down their hoods and they were my family. And they shot me.

I'll never sleep again.

Lilith's Journal: KEEP OUT! Spring 6thEdit

I feel like a glitch. I just traumatized my sister. I heard her muffled screaming from her room when she tried to sleep off the horror after I had her listen to Dad cheating on Mom. I swear, I could blow up this whole house and never look back. I'd just keep running, and running, and running, and running, and running...

Mary Susanne Oldie Pleasant: Spring 7th, 2010Edit

I'm becoming worried about Angela. Whatever happened, Lilith is clearly to blame. At the party Angela just went through the motions with the same thing to say to everyone and the same smile for everyone, but it wasn't her smile. It was like a watered-down version of the original. Lilith is even more sulky than usual, and I'm sure she's the cause of this upsetness. I wish I could just stay in my office forever.

Daniel Pleasant's Journal: Spring 7, 2010Edit

My daughters are acting strange. Lilith isn't even being rebellious, just silent and muttering. And Angela is just a pale comparison to her normal self. She looks like what sleep she had last night was horrible. And Mary is trying to downgrade it as much as always so she can get on with her work. I know this makes me a horrible head of my household, but I would really run away with Kaylynn if it weren't for Angela. I miss how Angela used to be already.

Angela Marie Pleasant, Spring 7, 2010Edit

I can't take it anymore. It's like everyone's painting smiles onto their faces and closing their eyes in order to lie to themselves and everyone else. Lilith is really the only honest one in this family. Mom lying to herself about how much we need her here, Dad lying to Mom, me and Lilith about--that--and me lying about all this weight as the nice one not being too much.

I really miss Lilith. When we were small, we really got along, but now I'm starting to wonder if she liked me even then. After all, I was still the favorite back then--a fact I hate, but what can you expect from this family? I remember sitting with her playing with our miniature knubb set. I remember growing older and noticing her growing bitterness, and starting to figure out why. Take our birthday for instance. I blow out the candles, get "Happy Birthday" sung to me, and then Dad brings Lilith (who's sitting on the couch during the festivities) a thin wedge of cake with a half-melted candle in it. Why do Mom and Dad hate her so much? She was a nice little sister when she was small. Is there no end to this family's awfulness?

Lilith's Journal: KEEP OUT! Spring 7Edit

Happy birthday to me. Happy anniversary to my first encounter with life's truths. It's weird how the little things in life can push you too far, and how misery spreads from person to person. We all prey on each other like monsters of the deep--as anyone who knew me would be surprised to hear the quote from me, but not the core idea of it. When I was a child, sitting there on the couch trying to light the candle in my slice of cake, I realized something that I've never forgotten. I was officially in 3rd grade. Angela was still trying to get into 3rd grade. And there she was with new shoes, a plastic tiaria, and a big slice of pink cake. It should've been me laughing and unwrapping presents. I was smarter, both academically and in wisdom. I knew enough already, and she was still a baby. And after that, I never tried. I never studied, I never helped, I sat back and watched. This family's been my little depressing terrarium since 3rd grade. And Angela is now the one who deserves the attention. I made it that way on purpose. It helps me not to hate her. Happy Birthday, Angela. I'm sorry.

Mary Susanne Oldie Pleasant: Spring 8th, 2010Edit

Oh my plumb. I came home from work and something's happened but neither Daniel nor Lilith will tell me what. I can't find Angela. Where's Angela? Where's my baby?

Daniel Pleasant's Journal: Spring 8, 2010Edit

Angela's missing! This morning she was feeling ill, so I let her sleep in because she's been feeling so strange lately. Lilith of course went to school. When I came home from work Lilith was there, just staring at a wall. I asked her what happened, but she didn't say anything, just gave me a really cold look. I went into Angela's room to ask her what happened, and she wasn't there! There was her panda bank on the bed, and her backpack was gone. I can't believe my perfect daughter would run away...

Lilith's Journal: KEEP OUT! Spring 8Edit

My sister is gone. I was at gym when I felt this horrible shudder come over me, like someone had walked over my grave. I ran home as fast as I could, knowing that this feeling was connected to my twin sister. I came into her room and her panda bank was empty on the bed, and her backpack was missing too. On her pillow was a note that said,

Lilith, as your big sister, I know you pretty well, probably better than either of us would like to admit. I trust you to follow my instructions. If Mom and Dad aren't home yet, then this should be easy. If they are, try to be quiet about this. You must've guessed by now that I'm leaving home. Destroy this note, and don't tell Mom and Dad what I've done, but you can tell Dustin I'll love him forever. I need any search to be delayed so I can get as far away as possible.You, most of all, should understand. But I wanted you to know that I'm safe and happy. Your sister, Angela.

But she might not be safe. Even in a small town like this one, what kind of chances for a good, sane, respectable or even harmless life does a lone teenage runaway girl have? Maybe if I was with her we could make it. I'm not afraid to fight any creeps, but Angela's so gentle and quiet and innocent. The worst part of this is, I don't even know how to cry for her.

Angela Marie Pleasant, Spring 8th, 2010Edit

I've done it. I've run away. I have §89 in my backpack, along with this diary, pens, a photograph of Mom, Dad, baby Lilith and baby me, a collapseable scooter, and some carrots and apples. I can't believe I may never see them again--no, I will. When I've written my books and gotten my royalties and I can come back to them as an adult, I will be with them once again.

I'm writing in this again. It's late and I'm bored. I bought myself a little cup of hot chocolate and I'm sitting out behind a tattoo shop eating apples. Hey, I think I recognize some guys from my school. I don't really like them. They're the loitering, graphiti, cigarette kind. Well, they're coming over here, so I guess I shou

Mary Susanne Oldie Pleasant: Spring 9th, 2010Edit

The police are here. I've been talking to them and they say that a lot of times kids run off just for a little bit just to scare people, but that's not my Angela. She would never do that to us.

I can't believe how terrible my own family is. I just found out that Daniel--well, I can't talk about that right now. I've got to focus.

Daniel Pleasant's Journal: Spring 9, 2010Edit

How could this year get any worse? I've lost my daughter and my wife now, and I'm responsible for another child. What's next? My job? My home? My sanity?

What happened was, the police were in one room questioning Lilith, trying to find out about where Angela could've gone. Mary was in the kitchen, and I was in the living room. I guess we were all trying to sort things out in our minds. Well, a little tan car pulled up between some police cars, and soon there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there stood Kaylynn, her hand on her stomach and a worried expression on her face.  

"Daniel," she said, "What's happened? I came over and I saw all these police cars. Is someone hurt?"

I answered her wearily, "We hope not. Angela's missing."

Kaylynn sat down heavily. "What an awful time," she murmured, "But I have to tell you anyway before I lose my nerve. Daniel, I'm having our child."

"What?" my voice got shrill.

"What?!" Another voice, even shriller, issued from the kitchen. Mary-Sue stomped in. "Are you simmed kidding me? You cheated on me, Daniel?"

By now, Kaylynn was out the door and driving away. "Mary, I'm sorry, just listen to me--"

"How could you do this to me? And at a time like this, too!"

"Mary, it was before--

"Before what? Before our marriage? Exactly how long has this been going on?"

"Since you became a workaholic who hardly spoke three words to me!"

"What? I'm to blame for this? That's it! You could at least face this like a man. I want a divorce!"

And I haven't moved from the couch since. The police are still questioning Lilith. I guess she has a lot to say.

Lilith's Journal: KEEP OUT! Spring 9Edit

I can't believe that Dustin! I called him to tell him that Angela was missing, but would love him forever, and another girl picked up!

"Hello?" she said, in her annoying, high-pitched voice.

"I told you not to answer! Give me that," I heard Dustin say, than he said, "Hi. Who's this?"

"This is Lilith Pleasant. Who was she?" I said angrily. "Is she a good student? Does she feed the homeless? Does she say she'll love you forever, even now that she's missing? Is she half as amazing as my sister? You know what, you're lucky Angela loves you, or I would whip your nart!" I hung up. Then the police were calling from downstairs that they needed to talk to me. I came down.

"Hello, Lilith," one of the officers said. "I'm Officer Green. This is Officer Vinici. We're going to need to ask you some questions. Would you come into the study with us?"

I followed them in, and we all sat down.

"You're Angela's younger twin sister, right?" Officer Green said, taking out his notebook.

"Yeah," I said, "By nine minutes. We're identical, so you already have a rough idea of what she looks like, but she doesn't dress like me and she smiles more."

Officer Green nodded, writing in his notebook. Officer Vinici asked, "When did you notice she was gone?" He seemed to be more serious and less gentle than his associate.

"Well, I had a bad feeling in my spine--" I noticed Officer Vinici's skepticism "--like, a bad premonition, so I ran home from school..."

"You ran all the way home from school? No one gave you a ride?" Officer Green seemed mildly impressed.

I nodded. "I'm a good runner. Anyway, I went upstairs to check on her. She had stayed home from school. But when I got into her room, her panda bank was empty on her bed and her backpack was gone too. And, well, there was this note in her handwriting that said she had run away."

"Do you know why?" "Did she act strange before then?" Both officers asked at once. I answered both at once.

"Well, Angela and I overheard our father and the"

"We understand. Continue," Vinici said.

"Anyway, and Angela started to have nightmares. She looked all pale and she had hollows under her eyes. Then she turned up missing on the day after our birthday."

Green took more notes, then asked, "What kind of relationships does she have with your family?"

"Oh, she's great. She made food and cheered people up and helped out. Mom adored--adores her, and so does Dad."

"What about you?"

I felt like I'd been hit between the eyes with a spoon. "It's kind of complicated, I guess...I mean, there was nothing about her to hate, but I was really jealous of her. I cared and all, but I didn't want to show it. Maybe because Mom and Dad never showed it to me."

After a pause Vinici asked, "Did she have a boyfriend or anything like that?"

"Well, she did have a boyfriend named Dustin Broke. He was very rebellious, and kind of like me--goth. But I just spoke with him on the phone this morning. I don't think they ran away together or anything."

"Last question, Lilith, than we'll be leaving. Did Angela have any places she liked to go, like a park, or an aunt's house? Some place she may have run to?"

After a moment, with a half-hearted laugh, I said, "School. She liked school. But I don't think that's where she went."

The officers left, and I went into my room. I thought of writing some poetry, but no words came out. Instead, tears.

Angela Marie Pleasant, Spring 9th, 2010Edit

I can only write in here because they decided I can't use it to get out.

"But she's got a pen," one said.

"Does she look like the type to stab you in the eye with a pen?" says another.

"But what if she slips a message out?" said the third.

"From a basement? The only way that could happen is through one of us...Which I know is not going to happen. She's not going anywhere, all right?" said the confident one. He's kind of stocky and blonde with tattoos on his arms. The others look pretty much the same, dark haired and also tattooed. They're Kevin, Jim and Sam from school. It seems the only reason they had for snatching me and putting me in a mystery basement was out of boredom. I don't know where I am. I was crying too hard to really pay attention. Now that I know better, it's a little too late. They seem to have a code for who they live with, where they go when they leave, and anything else that might give them away. Oh...Oh...Have they done this before? What happened to whoever else was last tied up in their basement?

I think I know what the answer to that question is now. If anyone else was tied to this nail on the wall (too high for me to reach, knot too tight to yank away), they're somewhere in Strangetown by now, probably sold to anyone in human trafficking who buys teenagers...Probably many do that. But here's the conversation I heard.

"This is getting kind of boring already," Jim said. "She doesn't cry, she doesn't try to run, she just sits there and scratches in that book of hers. Can we beat her up or mess with her or something? She's like a fricking bag of flour."

"Well, if she does get out," said Sam, "We don't want her to be able to run to the police with physical evidence."

"What? She's getting out of here?" Kevin said, a few steps behind. "I thought we were going to sell her. We could use the money."

"Yeah, but she's probably not worth too much. She's, what, fourteen? Fifteen? Anyway, she's not done growing yet. And we can't keep her in our basement until she is," Sam told the others. "It'd cost more money than it'd be worth."

"True," said Kevin. "So if we sell her at all, it's gotta be soon, and we can't just let her loose when we're done with her. She knows us. She's got to get out of town or kick the bucket, and I don't think it'd be a good idea to finish her off."

"Well, if we sell her, how far away should we make sure she's going?" puts in Jim.

"It doesn't matter if they just end up taking a kidney and whatever else those Strangetown psychos buy out of people," Sam retorted.

"But if they keep her around, or she somehow trades hands until she comes back here, that'd be a problem," Kevin said.

Jim flung his hands into the air. "It doesn't matter right now! Are we going to sell her, or wait till later, or what?"

That was the last I heard until I began crying so hard (for the first time since I got put in the basement) that they felt the need to put tape over my mouth and the meeting dispersed. But what am I going to be two weeks from now? Someone's WooHoo slave? A kidney and a liver in a freezer? I have to get out of here.

Mary Susanne Oldie Pleasant: Spring 10th, 2010Edit

I have no family. I have lost my beautiful daughter. I'm leaving my husband. My other daughter...She doesn't want this family anyway. She doesn't want anything. I might be better off without them. When I was young, barely a child, I found out that I was adopted. I became a freak to myself, to the other kids. I was a spectacle. Family has never worked for me. I jumped into a relationship with Daniel, and into having kids. Then I got two. Everything seemed perfect for me when I saw Angela, when I was holding her and smiling down into her angelic face. Then the doctor told me there was another one, and Lilith was born. I was trying to take it one step at a time. I wasn't ready. I guess things have never been okay between us, not since the doctor said that. Family has never been a secure place for me. Maybe it never will be. Maybe Angela's the person one step ahead--running away might be what we all need.

Daniel Pleasant's Journal: Spring 10, 2010Edit

I haven't received any more word from Kaylynn about her--our baby. I'm a little bit glad, even though it's awful. I mean, she's alone, and quite a bit younger than I am, and she can't work while pregnant. I can't believe what I've done to her, and what I've done to my wife. I feel like a monster.

I'm beginning to question my whole life here. Mary-Sue, well...Even when we were young, and I was so in love, she was always just a little cold to me. She rejected me the first time I tried to kiss her, and my sister was married and I got two promotions before we finally conceived Angela and Lilith. And I was doubting us as a couple already by the time she was in the hospital, but then we had two children, an extra strain. I guess Mary felt that too, because we've been treating Angela like a queen compared to Lilith ever since. Maybe we were subconsciously hoping one kid would run away, but not Angela. Have we been hurting her all this time?

Lilith's Journal: KEEP OUT! Spring 10Edit

I've made a decision. I'm leaving. I just found out that Mom and Dad are splitting up, so they've got divorce proceedings, police to work with, and hordes of Angela's adorers coming to the door freaking out. They won't be able to find her while dealing with all that. My plan is to leave early from school and hit the road. They'll think I got detention or something. I'll call them from payphones. One more confession, speaking of the word 'pay'...I stole close to §500 from the safe they keep in their bedroom. I've known how to break into safes for years.

My plan is working. This town isn't so pristine over on this side of it. In the past two minutes I've had six people try to sell me one drug or another. I saw one guy with a knife stare at me as if wondering whether it was worth leaving his bottle and paper bag behind in order to mug me. This--this is the kind of world I can understand. More truth. Less pansy-like politesse. Angela wouldn't last a day. But she can't be dead; I'd know if she was. She's my sister, and I'm going to find her.

Angela Marie Pleasant, Spring 10th, 2010Edit

I'm just terrified right now. I can't even make plans to get out without thinking of ways they could go wrong and breaking down. I'm being fed cold soup out of cans, but I just keep throwing it up. My stomach isn't steady enough to hold anything, and I'm just so weak. I think I'm even coming down with something; what little I've been able to eat rushes out again in minutes in the more embarrassing way, and I'm coughing and sneezing. It's probably nothing now, but even basic medical help isn't present at all in a basement. I've been trying to be cheerful, but this is just terrifying. Having to live surrounded by vomit and sweat and every other bodily thing, besides being disgusting, is known to give people serious sicknesses, and I know they're not going to take me to a hospital or even let me upstairs to take a bath. They still haven't decided what to do with me, but I could die down here anyway.

I probably won't write much soon.

Mary Suzanne Oldie Pleasant: Spring 11th, 2010Edit

Lilith is gone too. It doesn't feel the same as when Angela left. I guess she's always been more adult, more separated and less dependent upon her family, so it just feels natural that she left. And there's nothing to worry about with her either--she thought to steal §500 from us. She always figures something out. I don't know what she's doing, or where she's going, or if she's coming back...She just never came home from school, and I've lost both my daughters. I guess Daniel's the only one who's still got one, him and that smut of a maid. I just hate it! I hate it all, and I just--I want to--I don't know. I just don't know what I want anymore.

Daniel Pleasant's Journal: Spring 11, 2010Edit

I can't believe it! Lilith's gone too. She just never came back from school. I don't understand why Mary-Sue's not worried! Yes, so she was planning it; she robbed us of §500, but that doesn't mean she's not in danger. I know that I've never been the most caring father, but she's still just a kid. Either Mary-Sue thinks too much of her ability, or I think too little. But that's because she's my daughter, no matter how much trouble we give each other, and I want to make sure she's safe. Mary is just so detached, like we're just people and not a family to her. We're just crumbling, my soon-to-be ex-wife, our daughters, and Kaylynn. It seems like it's never just one life that gets bruised; everyone who's nearby gets struck too. If only it was just me, and I didn't have to see all these other people I care about get hurt, maybe I could keep on. Yet it hurts just as much to watch as to feel.

Lilith's Journal: KEEP OUT! Spring 11Edit

I think I'm starting to put it together now. I've been asking around in shops and things, and this cafe lady said that she sold a smiley girl who looked like me a cup of hot chocolate, but she got a little worried because it's on the edge of a bad neighborhood and teenage girls shouldn't just walk around, plus Angela looked really nervous and kinda furtive, so she watched her leave. Apparently Angela went behind a tattoo shop and never came out. I'm going to go check it out, but after today I might not write much. I've gotta focus on my sister, before something bad happens. If it hasn't already.

I found her backpack, full of §5 bills, produce, a scooter, and a picture of our family. Even after all of us hurting her in one blow, she brought it with her. But then she left all of this behind, and she's not stupid enough to leave her money and food on purpose. She got scared away--or taken.

Mary Suzanne Oldie Pleasant: Spring 12th, 2010Edit

Daniel and I haven't spoken since a fight about my attitude about Lilith's disappearance. That's barely more than 24 hours, but it hurts a lot. I know I wasn't very communicative before, but for some reason I miss even his attempts at conversation. Him just saying nothing, angry and silent, aches. I want him to talk to me. I want to talk to him. But we haven't been friendly to one another in so long I don't even know how to start, or how to tell him that. It's hopeless.

Daniel Pleasant's Journal: Spring 12, 2010Edit

I just can't understand what happened. Time is playing tricks on me. Years ago there was me and Mary as newlyweds, then as frightened parents, and I know things went bad from there, but it was a slow process. And now, over a week, everything has jumped to being even worse. Part of it is this fight I had with Mary-Sue. She was just sitting there, going through paperwork for her job, and I just started screaming at her and of course she startedd screaming at me and we got more and more hurtful and more and more personal until she just smacked me across the face and literally ran away. We haven't spoken to each other since. I don't know how it got this bad, and I don't know how to fix it, but I'm the girls' father and Mary's husband and it's my job to help. I just don't know how.