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Welcome to Chapter I of The Random Legacy. A new section of each chapter is released each Monday and Friday.

Section I: Crazy loveEdit

The early days of the Randoms were hectic. None of them had any idea what they were doing. They did their best at learning the skills they needed to survive in the "real" world. However, Oliver seemed to have a natural talent at his job. He quickly earned his first promotion to Small-Time Scribe. He brought in the most money. He had truly earned the respect of the house. But mostly Paris, everyday while Oliver was out at the library (Because they couldn't afford a computer), Paris would come with his lunch. Their neighbor however, Xander Clavell, who has had his eyes on Paris since she moved in, thought Paris was 'cheating on him'. He came to the house the next day, he yelled at Paris and eventually slapped her. Roman didn't take this too kindly, and attacked him. After the damage was done, Roman kicked him out. Roman hugged Paris, and went in for a kiss, which was blatantly rejected. Paris walked to her bedroom, creeped out, and Roman was left extremely saddened.

Section II: The Love TriangleEdit

Roman felt like he couldn't do anything, he couldn't work, eat, he was in deep depression. Lita took note of this, she was good friends with Roman, and she consoled him. She was very upset at Paris for never apoligising, she was 'busy' helping Oliver write novels. Roman began to fall in love with Lita, however she didn't know. But he still had feelings for Paris. He decided to let love go and start working on his job. He practiced his charisma and started to study logic, hoping one of them would catch on to his extra work, like Paris did Oliver. But she didn't, she was too creeped out by his sudden flirting. However, Lita did. She started to play chess with him when she had time. While there wasn't much time, since there work hours were very different. During the time Lita was at work, Paris became jealouse of the two, and started to hit on Roman. Lita had no suspicions.

Section III: Coming MondayEdit