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The Rebirth of Sims Spirit is a fanon created and owned by DevlyHallows and soon other users will be able to type up information Here.

This Fan-Created piece of work is featured around a Zombie apocalypse tooken place in SimCity. You may find that we travel to places in The United States like Atlanta, Georgia and many more and it does also have a relation to the rather popular game: The Walking Dead.

Characters Edit

The main charactersEdit

These characters are from TS2 AND TS3 So the sims from TS2 Have portaled themselves into The Sims 3.

Additional Characters Edit

Anybody who is a member of the Fanon Group you are allowed to play and choose an additional character.

Zach Harper - A Person from the game Emergency Heroes: Will be met in Chapter 11.

Ricardo Gregario - Pearl's Boyfriend

Unnamed Sea Pilot - Found dead at the Storage facility.

A starter Edit

Here is a basic starter of what has happened so far: There is Pearl Yang in Sunlit Tides who will become an important person in chapter 4. Matthew and Devin live in Bridgeport and Lilith and Angela Time-Travelled and now are YA's.

Chapter One: Ashton's Dream Edit

By DevlyHallows. Devin couldn't stop rolling in his bed thinking of being Matthew, what it would be like to live in a luxurious modern retreat with everyone filling his heart. The alarm suddenly went off and he went down to have some breakfast, He turned on the T.V. and started to listen.

Today there seems to be a bad day with some ra- Devin turned the Television off and glanced out of the window. What would it be like to be Matthew Hamming, the one who owns that home over there. He says as he points at Matthew's house...... BANG ... 'Uh oh 'He Skittishly remarks ...

Chapter Two: The Life of a StarEdit

by Salammbo.

Matthew woke up with a headache. He had been out partying with his best friend Richie the night before. Matthew went out partying often, as celebeties do.

Matthew is the most famous actor of Bridgeport, the city of stars. He has everything he could want: A successful career, a best friend, a big house, money... everything but a family and true love. That was what he was searching for in Sunset Valley.

He suddenly heard a loud noise. He went out to check out what it was. He couldn't believe his eyes!

Chapter Three: Crash LandingEdit

By AsherÉire

"Angela, I told you it was a dumb idea to touch that bright shiny object, you moron!" One girl yelled.

"You dared me to!" The other girl argued back.

"Yeah, dared, I didn't give you permission!"

Matthew gently coughed to catch the girls' attention. "Can I help you?" He politely asked.

"Yeah, get this pathetic excuse of a twin sister off of me!" Lilith yelped. After some struggling, the girls managed to get to their feet.

"So anyways, I'm-" Angela paused as she realised who was standing in front of her. "Matthew Hamming? Oh my goodness, I've seen all your films and-"

"Angela, you do realise Matthew Hamming died last year, right?"

"What?" Matthew questioned.

"Wait a second... where are we?" Angela asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Sunset Valley." Matthew replied. The girls looked at each other.

"Sunset Valley was Pleasantview about 75 years before we were born or something... Don't tell me that shiny thing was a time travel device..." Lilith groaned.

"You sound surprised- we were wandering around the outskirts of Strangetown!"

"So why are we back in Pleasantview then, Miss Smarty Pants?" Lilith retorted.

"Lilith, just shut up! I hate you!" Angela yelled before storming off.

"Don't worry, this is a hundred percent normal." Lilith told Matthew with a small smirk.

Chapter 4: Tropical paradiseEdit

By FluffBall.

Pearl was on the beach, watching the waves crash against the rocks, her hands sinking into the warm sand. The moment was perfect!

At one point a wave went right up to her feet. The water was delightfully warm. She decided to get in. It was lovely! The water was turquoise, you could see the beautiful coral reef at the bottom. Beautiful coloured fish swirled all around her.

Suddenly she saw something shiny covered in algae. she went down to get it and just as she was about to grab it, there was a bright light accompanied by a loud noise.

She rose up to the surface, she couldn't believe it !

The whole beach, it-it was in flames!

Chapter 5: The (future) FanEdit

by Salammbo

Matthew was sitting in a café with the two time traveling twins. The noise was them landing in a tree. At first they were literally glowing, but it stopped after a few seconds. Matthew didn't really believe that they came from 50 years in the future, he just thought they were drunk.

"So... you two are really fro-from... the future?" He asked.

"Unless we aren't really in 2012 and this isn't really Sunset Valley and you aren't really Metthew Hamming" answered Lillith while reaching for a croissant.

"Oh... And... how is my life, in the future?" Asked Matthew hopefully.

"Oh it's M.A.R.V.E.L.L.O.U.S! That's actualy the title of your greatest hit! Oh and after you get married to your co-star Imogen Pelly who starts a film career and—". Lillith interrupted her. "Angela, didn't you learn ANYTHING from sci-fi movies? You can't tell people about their future, or you could change it... or worse!"

Chapter 6: Starved for Help (Same name as EP 2 in The walking dead). Edit

By DevlyHallows. Devin immediately pulled the ignition and drove off as fast as he could until he finally stopped at a shelter all he could think of was walkers ... What where they the walkers seen in movies. He continued to drive on.

Oh no! Not more people, Dread's Matthew as he looks in despair

*Gasp*, It's Matthew HAMMING, My Idol! Devin Bellowed out his name and he said all of the movies he watched.Umm.. Sim Raider, Love at first sight and that's it.

Oh Goddamnit, You have brought more people with you! Matthew groans.

Mr Hamming Sir, I think they are .. WALKERS RUN! Shouted Devin.

Errm Running is too far to go. Angela exclaimed.

Well Miss Smarty Pants, Maybe isn't Smart like she thinks because there is a car there. Lilith Brooded


After a long drive they stop at Riverview and sort out the plan staying at the Bar for food.

NOW What? Exclaimed Lilith and Angela at the same time.

We Stay here for the night whilst I go hunting with 'The Miss who got out of the wrong bed'.Devin interfere's while taking over.

Lilith growls for annoyance, and Angela said.Ew, I don't like eating rabbit.

No, it's Llama stew I'm afraid. Stated Matthew.

Matthew and Angela will stay and guard the Bar and I'll give you these 2 weapons each. Devin gave Angela a knife and an Axe, Matthew got a glock (What he found in the Bar during a safety check) and a baton.

Chapter seven: Too hot!Edit

By FluffBall.

Pearl was so scared and confused, she went up the mountain to see what had happened. What was once a beautiful island had become a horrid and dark piece of land.

What happend? she thought.

She started crying when she heard a noise, she looked behind her and it was her boyfriend, Ricardo Gregario, but- but, he was a walker!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! She screamed

There wasn't only one walker, there were at least ten! She started running away from them, but she came to a cliff.

She was surrounded!!! She only had one choice!


Chapter eight: Off the islandEdit

By FluffBall

She was in the water, she couldn't stay there forever, but the walkers were waiting for her on the beach! She was stranded!

Suddenly she rememberd the sail boat Ricardo had shown her a few days ago. He had found it hidden it in a cave not far from where she was, and it was in a perfect state for sailing! She was saved! But she had to hurry, for Ricardo was now a walker and he probably still rememberd discovering the boat!

Luckily all these years on the island had made her an excellent swimmer and she could hold her breath for at least two minutes. So she took a deep breath and went under water so that they couldn't see where she was going. Her plan was to swimm until they couldn't see her and then make her way to the surface, from there the boat was only a few minutes away.

But the stress of escaping walkers was making her panic, and she couldn't hold her breath for as long as she had hoped! Suddenly she lost her breath and had to come up,unfortunately the walkers were still there looking for her, and her boyfriend was the first to see her. She could tell from his expression that he knew exactly where she was going, and he alerted the rest. She had to get there fast if she wanted to leave the island, because she seemed to be the only survivor, and they seemed to remember everything, so they must have already taken hold of all the boats!

when she got there the walkers weren't there, but she could hear them walking down the long corridor that gave way tho the cave. Walkers are slow, so that gave her time, but not much.She had to hurry! She got out of the water and into the boat, luckily her father had thought her how to make a sail boat work, but that was a long time ago. She could now see the walkers, they were doing some kind of slow running, but they would still get there in a few minutes.

Right at that moment Pearl rememberd how to get it to start, she made her way out of the cave, but a walker got on and attacked her. She was never very good at fighting so she just gave out a scream and made a run for it, fortunately the walker slipped on a puddle and fell out the boat.

she steered for a few hours then she fell asleep. When she woke up she was no longer in the sea. She heard a noise and went to see what it was. She was about to go out of the cabin thing at the bottom of the boat when she ran into a red haired girl. The two gave a big scream and three people ran down the little staircase. One looked like the girl only with a gothic style, another looked like a normal adult man, and the third one looked like a successful celebr- Wait a minute, that's Matthew Hamming!

at first the people looked terrified, they were holding weapons, but as soon as they realised she wasn't a walker, they put them down.

It turns out they were survivors from the apocalypse, they explained that they had been running for two days and when they saw her boat they went to see if they would find food in it, and instead they found her!

Pearl was relieved, she was no longer alone!

Chapter nine: No more luxuryEdit

by Salammbo

Matthew woke up at 2 am. He had just had a terrible nightmare: He was a survivor from a zombie apocalypse. But the more he taught about it the more it felt so real. He finally realized that it was! But it just didn't feel right. A week ago he was the rich and famous Matthew Hamming. Now he's just Matthew, the zombie apocalypse survivor, a nobody. He eventually fell asleep again.

When he finally woke up it was bright daylight outside. They were staying in the Great Room Great Dane. Matthew went down stairs to find a man in his 30's, teen twins, and a very, very beautiful woman. Matthew was actually stunned by her beauty, but his thoughts were interrupted by the young man. What was his name again? Ah yes, Devin.  He asked Matthew about his latest movie, StarStruck. It's about a guy (played by Matthew) who falls in love with a star. Matthew didn't have time to answer because Lilith said that they should go get food.

They went out but they weren't prepared and they got trapped by the zombies. They were surrounded. Lilith and Angela looked at each other, nodded, and started attacking the walkers. Lilith got injured but not badly but Matthew got stabbed in the lung. He needed surgery, quick.

Chapter 10:Indigestion Edit

(By DevlyHallows)

Devin revised and perused the rules of injuries on the set. He compulsively rescued Matthew by bandaging the hurting wounds. Lilith conceitedly remarked "What about me!". Angela nodded her head in laughter. They finally escaped the zombie's they thought to themselves.

Pearl showed her scar from the shark which grazed upon her leg, Matthew gently Kissed it better and Lilith obviously had to commentate "There's no time for romance, C'mon". They searched for help at the school.

Devin bashed open the door's and a loud alarm pounded. Angela, Lilith and Pearl stayed outside as of safety. Matthew and Devin went in and found some lunch for Lilith and Angela, They had a rather upset tummy after. They also continued to raid.