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The Reading of the Will is the fourth episode of Silver Falls.

Last time on Silver Falls. Inspector Beige made a surprise appearance during Joanna's funeral. Sarah Lilac was assigned to Fuchsia Manor and has moved in. It was revealed that Emma was adopted. The episode starts with Thomas and the girls at Apricot/Mauve Law Firm. Two attractive young women, Marilyn Apricot and Evelyn Mauve, step into the office. "Hello, sir. Are you Thomas Fuchsia?" Asked Evelyn. Thomas gets up from his seat. "Yes, I'm Dr. Fuchsia." Marilyn goes through her files. "Ah, Joanna Fuchsia. So sad what happened. We were best friends. Well, Evelyn, Joanna and I. Anyways, let's start with the last will and testiment." She skims over the will. "Oh, my. Doctor, was your wife legally insane?" Thomas looks confused. "No, why." Evelyn grabs the will and reads it. "It says here she wants it read in front of the entire city of Golden Lake." Thomas grabs the will from her. "Well, I'll be a llama's uncle. She wants it broadcasted live all over Sim Island." The three exchange glances. Early the next morning, Marilyn and Evelyn stand on the steps of city hall, while the mayor, Xavier Salmon, looks baffled. The Fuchsia stand in front of City Hall along with reporters and the other citizens. Evelyn steps up to the microphone. "Everyone, may I have your attention? Thank you. Now, I have here the last will and testiment of the late Joanna Fuchsia, star of the movie, 'The Raven's Claw'." A cheer comes from the crowd. "Now, Joanna wished for her will to be summurized as 'I wish for everyone in and around the town to search for the priceless treasures I have hidden around the town. Whoever finds the most wins my entire estate and fortune.' I am also told that the search will begin tomorrow at daybreak. Until then, the secret treasures will remain hidden." The citizens leave as they imagine the treasures that await them.