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The Rhoades family is the first family I created in The Sims 4. It is a large Three-Generational family situated in Oasis Springs with only two deaths.

Members Edit

Brandie Rhoades(Deceased, yet playable.)
Random Townie(Deceased)(He's been dead for so long I can't remember his name. :/)
Rochelle Bledsoe(Adult.)
Harry Rhoades(Adult.)
Korbin Rhoades(YA.)
Christy Rhoades(Elder.)
Hilary Rhoades(YA.)
Bradley Rhoades(Child.)
Jeanette Rhoades(YA.)
Daryl Bledsoe(Adult.)
Isabel Bledsoe(Teen.)
Ruby Bledsoe(Child.)

Family Tree Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Korbin is Gay.
  • Hilary is the only sim in the entire family that lives in Willow Creek
  • When Christy dies, Bradley will move in with his sister Hilary.
  • Brandie is my favorate sim in The Sims 4 by far.
  • They are all quite pale.
  • Jeanette is pregnant. I have decided that with the use of mods, she will have triplets. 2 Girls, 1 boy. I like a challenge.
  • They are loaded. They have a lot of money.
  • No-one has had multiple births yet.
  • The original sims were Brandie, Christy & Rochelle.
  • The youngest living sim is Bradley. But out of all of them, the Unborn babies are youngest.