Simoniztic Six

from left to right, the Omnipotent Sim, Fast4ward, EcoGuru, WereSim, UVSim,the Whisperer


The Base

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SimNations foremost superhero group, the SIMONIZTIC SIX have dedicated most of their lives to the protection of Sims worldwide. Gaining their powers from radioactive meteorites, this misfit band of heroes must do their best to save Sims lives. They banded together after the robotic Pirate King tried to take over the world with his army of Simbots.

Led by the Omnipotent Sim, Fast4ward, InvisiSim, WereSim, EcoGuru and the Whisperer watch over New Sim Earth from their Headquarters up in the hills of Sunset Valley, swiftly saving lives in any situation. Nothing is too much for this team, not earthquakes, crazed super villains, greedy criminals or the Alto family... except each other. The members of this team can never get along. Not only is there a wacky love triangle including Fast4ward, InvisiSim and Llamaman (Bridgeport's sworn protector), but EcoGuru has been prone to value the lives of plants above those of Sims.

Can the Omnipotent Sim keep the team together and stop the Pirate King at the same time?


  • The Omnipotent Sim (Marshall Curious) who gained reality warping powers

  • FastForward (DeAndre Wolff) who possesses supersim speed

  • UVSim (Marina Prattle) who can turn invisible at will

  • WereSim (Shawnee Fox) who is supersimly strong

  • EcoGuru (Holly Greenwood) who can manipulate plant life

  • The Whisperer (Hannah Jones) who can communicate and control Ghosts

The Simoniztic Six are also allied with Captain Simcity and his Legion of Simcity Saviours.

The Simoniztic Six's first major battle was against the Pirate King and his band of swashbuckling Simbots, who had attacked Sunset Valley. Marshall Curious had been locating all Sims who gained powers from the meteor strikes, and travelled with them to Sunset Valley to confront the Pirate King. As the Six did not have full control of their powers, the fight was long, but the team managed to damage the Pirate King's plans enough for him to flee home.