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The Saga of Monthdale
Name: The Saga of Monthdale
Genre: Life Stories (Genre May Change once further in)
Created by: Sam.hershey.lonewolf
Rating: G (Again, this may change)
Number of chapters: 2 (Including Prolouge)

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"The Saga of Monthdale" is a story about small group of Islands to the south of SimNation, it is inspired by Pinstar1161's Sim of the Month Challenge (Okay, so it IS his Sim of the Month Challenge with modifications for story purposes.)

Prologue: A Brief History of the Island (Dates: ???-1/1/1)Edit

Back in the days when SimCity used coal to fuel the power plants the Islands of what is now known as Monthdale was a thriving city, mostly due to its main export, the coal that was below it. For years sims mined the coal until one day, nobody knows how it started, one of the smaller seams ignited starting a massive fire, by this time though SimCity was on the brink of changing it's plant to a natural gas plant and so the island was abanonded. All that remained in an unstable part of the island was the remains of a farm, everything else was abanonded and reclaimed by the island.

The fires were allowed to burn unchecked until, due to the damage caused by the fire, the islands sank a few inches allowing the old mines to flood, putting the fires out. While not needing the coal anymore SimNation saw the islands as a great new place for citizens, the catch, with its history no sim wanted to move there.

In a last ditch effort the SNFL (SimNation Football League) was pressured to authorize a team on Monthdale. The Monthdale Minutemen were formed.

And so our story begins.

Chapter 1: Acing a Sport (Dates: 1/1/1-2/2/1)Edit

MAIN SIM: Ace Sportington

Ace Sportington would be the sim to answer the call of the Minutemen. After moving in and getting his house in order he headed to the stadium and became a rabid fan of the Monthdale Mongooses. Only a few days later, the Minutemen gave him a full job at the Stadium as a Snack Hawker. Ace continued to yell and scream as he served snacks to the masses and for some reason the owners of the staduim thought he would make a good coach, so they made him a Toddler Sports Coach and put him in charge of the Monthdale Magnets. While he would have rather played on the field, Ace had a blast coaching the Magnets, until one day he got called in to the boss' office. His eyes lit up as he saw the contract and signed it instantly, it was a contract to play for the Weekend Warriors, the Minutemen's minor League Team. Ace decided with all his time on the field that he would hire a maid, which paid off dividends immediately as one day while he was making the bed and saw Ace come in...

"Hey Ace," Justin Cupps, the Maid, said.

"Hey Justin," Ace replied.

"I saw you playing today, you did good," Justin stated.

"Thanks," Ace said.

"I noticed towards the end though you were out of breath, I could help with that,"


"I know a guy, Xi Xu, he's in Shang Simla China, he could teach you some breathing techniques that would over inflate your lungs to keep air flowing to the blood,"


"No problem, that will be 125 simoleons for the house cleaning,"

Ace paid him and packed his bags for China, one there he sought out Xi Xu.

"Can I help you young man?" Xi Xu asked.

"A mutual aquitence told me about you, he said you have knowledge of a special breathing technique,"

"Ah, Justin Cupps sent you," Xi said, "Very well, I will teach you the breathing style of the Sleeping Dragon," he continued, a few hours later, Ace had so much oxygen in his blood he felt like he was floating. He thanked Xi and returned to base camp where he saw a message on a board.

Seeking Brave Adventurer to enter Tomb of the Lost Army to retrive artifact

Reward in Simoleans, Old Coins and Vista Points will be offered.

See Sima for more info.

Ace decided to put his new breathing abilities to take on the adventure. He headed over to the Sima residence.

"Finally," Sima said "A brave soul to go in the the tomb. I would go myself, but it far to scary," she added.

"No problem," Ace said. "Just show me where the tomb is,"

"The tomb entrance is here," she said pointing to it on a map, she then handed him a key shaped rock. "You will need this stone to enter the tomb itself," she added.

Ace made his way to the tomb, but too tired to brave it tonight, he headed to bed back at base camp. The next day after breakfast Ace headed out to the shops, where he bought a camera before he braved the tomb's many dangers and retrived the relic. After returning the relic and claiming his reward he flirted with Sima for a little before he eaded to the shop for a Stir Fry book and a punching dummy having heard of the Martial Arts he could learn on it, he then headed home. Sure enough the new breathing techniques paid off as Ace was quickly called to the manager's office, he had been moved up to the Minutemen. Not even that lasted long though, after a tremondous showing at his first game, he was promptly put on the starting line. Ace continued pulling off amazing plays and was quickly promoted to Team Captain, as he was leaving a Sports Legend talked to him and gave him some pointers along with a task. Sims liked reading about famous people and great adventures, Ace should head to Egypt and raid a few tombs. Ace headed to Egypt and aided the MorcuCorp in a few details and along the way raided a tomb or two, the bonus poularity upon his return drove him skyward. He ws soon made in to Superstar and achieved his lifetime goal. Another opportunity soon arose in France and although he failed to complete, he was able to help a fellow athlete. That and the adjulation he felt for reaching his lifetime goal and an 18-0 win at the Championship game put him in to the books as a Sports Legend! Ace smiles as he left the staduim that night, maybe he wouldn't have smiled though if he had known what chain of events he had just started.

Chapter 2: The Sharks Say it's the End of the World-And we Don't Feel Fine (Dates: 2/2/1-4/14/1 (Present Day)Edit

MAIN SIM: Barb Shakburg

The SimCity Sharks were NOT smiling however, outraged that their championship streak had come to an end by upstarts, they contacted the Science Lab in SimCity with a request...

Meanwhile Monthdale expanded, due to the Championship win, the SNFL got the money to build a small park in Ace's honor. A major business also opened a branch in Monthdale,

Back in SimCity, the Shark's plan was unleashed, a new mascot, a Shark/Sim Hybrid which they planned to use to strike fear in the opponents. Their first team to try this on...The Minutemen.

The results would be disaterous, first the Sharks lost 15-2, during the ensuing riot as security was trying to quell the crowd the mascot made a break for it, before the SCPD could catch up with her she dove in to the Southside Bay and vanished from sight.

She would arrive at Monthdale with a message from a school of Nurse Sharks she had passed on the way, a disaster was coming, the world was coming to an end. Knowing she had to tell the masses she applied for a position in Journalism with a twofold goal 1) warn the world 2) build a device the sharks had told her about and get off the planet. The going was rough at first, her shark DNA made it so she could only eat roasted Seafood and had to take daily swims in her pool. She also begane writing a book called "Almost Elvis was a Day Trader". She soon realized that she could not get her warning out though as a papergirl, so she spent a late night and some hard work and got promoted to Automated Spell Checker Checker. Sadly "Almost Elvis was a Day Trader" was a flop, and she began working on her second book, a sci-fi book this time while meeting new people around town, along with fishing and remodeling the house. Barb also made plans to go to Egypt to spread the word about her flop book. As these plans were being completed Barb was promoted again, this time as a Professional Blogger. The Si Fi novel was a hit, and with a few articles and starting a Drama Novel, she got the fame of writing she needed to be promoted to Aynomous Source Handler.

Sadly her Drama Novel was another flop, however, along with articles she wrote her power as an author continued to grow and as mid April hit she had finished making her pool an indoor one, starting an extension for her fire pit AND got promoted to Investigative reporter.