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Name The Schleicher Family
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections The Stillman Family
Other Information
Neighborhood Springsman Valley


Schleicher: A nickname for a furtive or stealthy person, from an agent derivative of Middle High German slichen, German schleichen 'to creep silently'.
Amalia: Work.
Wilford: Desires Peace.
Lucinda: See The Stillman Family.
Winfred: Friend of peace.
Llwyd: "Grey-Haired" or "Grey." (Wilford gained his first grey hair a few weeks before he was born.)
Cecil: Masculine form of Cecilia. Meaning "Blind." (Hence why he wears glasses.)
Désirée: Desired.



1st GenerationEdit

2nd GenerationEdit

3rd GenerationEdit

4th GenerationEdit

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