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This story is followed by my "Seven Deadly Sins" challenge.


The Deity got bored of controlling little people lives and decided to put a top-notch to make his enjoyment of this hobby more diversive. Putting more thought into, he decide a nice touch to the "game" that it would fits his need of entertainment. It all began when he cursed 7 random people with The Seven Deadly Sins, where they are forced to express their respectivee infected sin every 3 hours or else their life will end shortly. For these all 7 sinned humans to stay alive while they act out their sins, the god created one more human being that his the uniter of the sins, for the sins to be intact all together. As long as The Uniter lives, all of these people will keep on living. The 7 innocents are destined to protect him for their own benefit to survive, which is why all of the 8 "roomates" are living together, until one of them dies naturally by the life cycle completely.

All of these people are named by their sins (In Lithuanian): (From Left to Right)

  • Tingumas (Sloth)
  • Godumas (Greed)
  • Puikybė (Pride)
  • Geismas (Lust)
  • Karalius (King)
  • Pavydas (Envy)
  • Apsirijimas (Gluttony)
  • Kerštas (Wrath)