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The Seventh House
Name: The Seventh House
Genre: Suspense, Mystery
Created by: Chunkyheels

Status: Ongoing

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Windenburg had always been a peaceful town until the arrival of the mysterious Seventh House appeared. They went where they wanted without leaving a trace; They took what they wanted no matter the cost; They had the won the game before it was even started. After Shay's job is put on the line, she becomes determined to unmask the mysterious secret society and get the best news story that Windenburg can offer. All the while she knows that the Seventh House could be anywhere, ready to pounce if she makes even a single wrong move.


Main CharactersEdit

Shay Guillana (1)

Shay Guillana

Shay is a stubborn, ambitious journalist who hoped to be the editor in chief for 'The Daily Sim' one day. Sadly, thanks to her career and ambition she gets herself into some strange places. After an incident at work, Shay's careers is put on the line and she becomes determined to redeem herself and unmask the Seventh House.

Shay grew up in Sunset Valley and recently moved to Windenburg after a job transfer. It did come in handy as she was able to see her childhood friend Hector more as he lived not far from her. She enlists the help of her childhood friend, Hector to help her unmask the Seventh House despite his reluctance.

To get information, she finds herself going into weird situations although she has to remind herself that it is all strictly professional and she can't let herself get attached to anyone or anything, this is business and anybody could be part of the elusive seventh house after all.

Hector Ashcroft (1)

Hector Ashcroft

Hector is a slightly rough detective. He is a childhood friend of Shay and he reluctantly agrees to help her take down the Seventh House with her despite this jeopardising his career and budding romance with his beautiful co-worker, Rebecca.

Hector grew up in Sunset Valley with Shay and the two were very close, even attending prom together when neither could go with their first choices. The two were inseparable until fate intervened and after police academy was finished, Hector was sent off to Windenburg. Although he liked the peace and quiet of Windenburg, Hector felt that he couldn't quite appreciate the charm and nightlife of Windenburg properly due to his job. He couldn't go to the dance parties and let loose due to fear of a scandal and of course he was missing Shay a lot.

Luckily fate intervened and Shay was sent to Windenburg after her career sent her to Windenburg. Then his co worker, Rebecca suddenly become to show interest in him. Everything was going his way until Shay slightly blackmailed him into giving her access to case files on the Seventh house and now one false move could be Hector's downfall.

Carl is a naïve pathological liar, who's lies have gotten him into a bit of a situation recently. Carl had always felt that people would probably wouldn't like him for who he is. There was always somebody cooler out there than him and he was determined to be them. He was no longer just a water boy to the athletes, he was one of them: winning gold on a daily basis. When a girl he was seeing, Sarah Evans, mentioned that she liked a bad boy, he lied and told her he was part of the Seventh House. It was possibly the worst mistake a man could make and now he is in a bit of a situation.

Rebecca Black (1)

Rebecca Black

Rebecca is the beautiful and intelligent detective who is sure that Hector is up to something. She had always wanted to be a detective ever since she was younger. Thanks to her intelligence and natural talent at athletics, it wasn't that hard a task to get onto the force. She has been asked by the Police Chief to spy on Hector and see what he's up to: There are have been rumours that he is leaking information to an unknown source.

Rebecca grew up in SimCity and she was a city girl through and through. She always enjoyed cycling around her neighbourhood and fake patrolling the other kids. She became a detective in the city and loved how much there was to do. Every single day there was a new crime, more justice to be served. She felt like all those detectives in the films. Then one day her captain announced that she would be transferring to Windenburg. She soon discovered that Windenburg was ridiculously peaceful. Even the parties were respectful in far away locations. She was bored everyday and hated that most of her cases where people complaining that their neighbours were giving them funny looks. Finally the Seventh House case arrived and it was assigned to somebody else. Rebecca longed to be involved and her opportunity arrived. The police chief suspected Hector and need her to get close to him.

Anna is the paranoid house wife of James Kent and she is sure that his sister, Lola is up to no good.

Other CharactersEdit

  • James Kent - The serious husband of Anna Kent who dismisses her worries as the 'woman brain' much to her annoyance. He refuses to believe his little sister, Lola could be anything other than the photographer's assistant she claims to be.
  • Lola Kent - The younger sister of Lola Kent. Anna suspects that Lola's nightly parties may be more than dancing. She always seems to be coincidentally absent when the Seventh House strikes.
  • Sarah Evan - Sarah is the kind of, sort of girlfriend of Carl Andrews. She is mainly with him as she believes he is part of an elusive secret society and Sarah does love a bad boy.
  • Ulrike Faust - Ulrike grew up in Windenburg and like many in a small town, she knows everything about everybody it seems. She has been vital in helping Shay and Hector but could she be hiding more than she lets on.
  • David Moore - David is the police caption of Windenburg's police department and he is a little overwhelmed by the new case as most of his cases have been pretty easy before. He has effectively given away all responsibility to the other detectives to avoid blame if anything does go wrong.