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The Simcity Free Middle School!Edit

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The Community FanonEdit

Welcome to the Simcity Free Middle School, a new idea of fanon on the wiki based on the current trend of "Democratic Education" schools such as the now semi-famous school in Brooklyn, New York. This idea of fanon is what I will be calling a community fanon, where writers all throughout the community of the wiki can add things to the fanon including characters and locations, or even write chapters themselves! (However, to contribute, you must send me your work and wait for my permission.) Aside from quality standards, there are only a few rules:

  1. All edits must have consent from me, the creator, DaanNLseventeen. To get consent, message them to me.
  2. If any chapter contains adult content, the title must state this and the chapter must be hidden in a spoilerbox.
  3. To introduce a not-yet-used character into the fanon, you must first send them to me if they are yours and have not yet been sent already, and then you must properly introduce them in a chapter (Have them enter the scene, have their personality and looks described, describe others' reactions to them, possible past knowledge from a student, etc.)
  4. All characters, locations, and chapters must be properly separated and signatured.

Now, the quality control rules:

  1. All characters and locations must have images to go along with them.
  2. All submissions must be spellchecked.
  3. All chapters must have the following: 3 or more WELL WRITTEN PARAGRAPHS, Good Descriptiveness, at least 1 image per paragraph to go along with the story, and use of at least one location and 3 different main characters.
  4. All images must be taken from the Sims 4 via freecam mode (Press tab to toggle)
  5. All chapters must be organized in order of happening (Go by introduction of characters, places, etc.) excluding flashback chapters.

Now, onto my submissions. Please note that I will not submit a chapter until I have gotten a decent amount of characters, although this page is NOT ABANDONED.


Laycie Prince

Laycie Prince

Laycie PriceEdit

Laycie Prince, perfectionist bookworm, supporter or freedom of choice and founder/superintendent of the Simcity Free Middle School is a woman who has always valued education over all else. However, the one thing she has always wanted is for children to choose their own paths. So, she almost entirely cleared out her house and turned it into a free school which is now accepting applicants. She has always been a bit of a loner, although is always there when a student needs her. Her favourite food is cheesecake, she prefers traditional decor`, and she adores reading books. She has had anxiety all her life and has found herself going into panic attacks at the slightest provoction. (Made By DaanNLseventeen)

Ayame Kobayashi

Ayame Kobayashi

Ayame KobayashiEdit

Ayame Kobayashi is a Japanese immigrant who came to Willow Creek to start a new life with her parents, happy-go-lucky father Haruki and pregnant mother Kazuko. The Kobayashi family are close and loving. Ayame loves listening to music, and her hobbies include playing the piano and violin. She also tries her best to make friends and maintain her relationships. (Made By WikiBuilder1147)



The Simcity Free Middle School.

The Simcity Free Middle SchoolEdit

The Simcity Free Middle School: The Place where children grow. Accepting children of all ideas, maturities, and responsibilities, the Simcity Free Middle School follows the belief of Democratic Education, in which the students create the rules, curriculum, and lifestyle. This school, although some look upon as strange and new students look upon as a house of mischief, is a school which according to Laycie Prince is "A school for students to develop their frame of mind naturally, free from rules, forced curriculums, and distractions". Will this mark the beginning of a new age, or will it burn to the ground trying? (Made By DaanNLseventeen)