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The Sims 2: Young Adults Stuff
North American cover art




Electronic Arts


Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Konzol

Release date

August 25, 2009


Life simulation


ESRB: "T" (teen)


Single-player, 2 player, online play


DVD, digital download


Keyboard, mouse, joystick

Also available in Filipino by AStranger195 here.

The Sims 2: Young Adults Stuff (Ang Sims 2: Mga Bagay-Bagay ng Mga Batang Adulto in Filipino) (abbreviated TS2:YAS or AS2:MBBMBA) is a stuff pack released for The Sims 2 on August 25, 2009. The pack is solely based around young adults. It contains new clothes, new hairstyles and new objects. There are three themes included in the pack: goth style, thrasher style, and socialite style. It was developed by MasGaling and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Konzol. On Linux and consoles, it was released as a standalone game. It was included in the compilation The Sims 2: The New University Life Collection (Ang Sims 2: Ang Bagong Koleksyon ng Buhay sa Unibersidad in FIlipino) that includes The Sims 2, The Sims 2: University, The Sims 2: Young Adults Stuff, and The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff. TS2:YAS was released a day after TS2:ULC because of players being frustrated about The Sims 2: University Life Collection including The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff.

Game description Edit

(The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff icon) Give your young adult Sims everything they need to express their unique style with The Sims 2 Young Adults Stuff! Now your young adult Sims can show some attitude with all-new, unique furniture, decor items, fashions and more with three distinct themes - "Goth," "Thrasher," and "Socialite." Give your Sims a new stereo, TV, and other gadgets to keep them up to date and in touch with their friends. Make sure your Sims are always sporting the latest young adult fashions including track suits, designer jeans, and yoga outfits. Let your young Sims express themselves in ways only young adults can!