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My version/idea, on how I think The Sims 4 should have been.



  • The Introduction of Items.
    • Unlike the regular clothing parts, this objects are interactable while the sims is wearing them or when taken off. These are split into three categories: bags/backpack, purses and umbrella.
      • Cellphones - the player now has the option to choose and customize their phone.


  • Traits being as a personality system from TS2, a long with zodiacs to balance them out.
    • - E.g.: Lazy ~ Active, Goofball ~ Snob.
  • Around of 57-72 traits in total
  • Traits now have a limit: the player can only aissign to the sim either 3 flawed traits and 2 benefital or just visa versa.

Gameplay/Live ModeEdit

  • Loan system.
  • Individual Member funds.


  • Introduce back the rabbit holes but in a form of non-rabbit holes (like the theater and bistro in a replacement of the Store 'Le Cinema Plumbot' and 'Business as Usual Bistro' set)
    • Including a grocery store, mausoleum, stadium (with ambient/fx animation), city hall and a bookstore.
  • A few mores lots that specifically have ( a) beach/-es, local swimming pool, a graveyard.
    • As well as other stores that have a sale for small but aesthetic objects that make the game detail: such as video game discs, magazines, gumball machines, mp3's
      • All of these items being interactable/functional (adding new game selection to the pc, maganizes that can be read on for gaining skill points ect.)


- Animated Hair:

- Multiplayer game mode:

- Optional Toddler Life Stage: Once the toddler ages, a message box will be promth to choose either of two options: for the baby to growth up as a toddler or skip the toddler stage and go straight into a child.

- Cars: Includes more types of ambient cars, such as service and public transporation in the background. A Render animation in the map view, driving from point A to point B after the selection where the sim(s) will be travelling to.

- Phobia System:

- Weather: Only rain and fog is added

- Object Placement: Clicking on the surface will give an interaction "place here", which once clicked will place the object, that the sim is holding, on that specific table.

- Curved Wall (1x1 only): Self-explanatory

- Half tile and center walls.

- More Outdoor-sy stuff: lawn mowers, vacuums, diving board (in the ghost patch).

- Height buttons: Changes the height of the sim slightly into one of three modes via buttons: short, medium, tall.

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