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The Sims 4: Chair Stuff is the six stuff pack for The Sims 4, produced by the money grabbing company know as EA.


Take a seat and rest your buttox on off one these 150 lovely chairs that come with these stuff pack.

Invite your husband, kids and your whole family to dinner with these fabulous and luxurious chairs. Having a grilled-cheese meal? Get yourself a "Cheese smelly Chair-which" and it will filled the room with a moodlet that reduces hunger which urges your sim's to eat (don't worry, there no possible way for a bug to occur that causes sim to die by starvation instantly if that's what your thinking). Having guest over your house to the feast? Seat them on the Llama Chair, which separates them to sit on any other seat and gives a boost to their fun motive. Feeling like homo? No worry - you can buy a toilet looking chair that makes it appealing for story telling.

There are endless of possibilities, or shall I say chairs, to choose from. Just name one! With limited edition, you get a hovering chair. Isn't that great?! That's not all our loyal customer! With it, you can get 15 new hair for both - male and female, 80 other objects not related to chairs, 37 new clothing, and one premade lot that gives off a new clothing store, and a pointless toddler eating chair-thingy: which all of it aren't include if you buy the standard stuff pack.

The Standard is only 49.55$, while the limited edition is 60$. Buy it today.