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The Sims 5 is the fifth of the sims franchised, created by Lukas11xxf's game company. It was released in 2032 of July, 24, and since then it became the best-selling game around the world. Nuff said.

What's new?Edit

Open world is back! That's right, you heard me! Like its predecessor The Sims 3, it has an open world - except it's as big as like in GTA 5. The City includes Over 430 of occupied and empty lots in total.

Advanced Buy/Build Mode. Curved and half-centered titled walls, blueprint house layouts, new terrain tools - you have now everything in your hands.

Active Careers are now the replacement of the normal careers. No more Rabbit Holes! No more Disappearing at edge of the lot!

Toddlers from the past - Pre-teens are the future! Non-stop complaining about toddlers ceasing to exist and teens looking like an elder confusion can save the day.

Transportation is back, but now comes in different varieties. Quads, skateboards, motorcycles, jetpack, Plane, rocket - and many many many... more.