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The Sims Saga
Name: The Sims Saga
Genre: Genre Writing
Created by: Maximagination Studios
Rating: Everyone (Contains mild violence)
Number of chapters: 3

Original run: January 6, 2014
Status: Ongoing

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The Sims Saga is an ongoing group of stories written by Maximagination. The story, which takes place in The Sims 3's universe, describes the life of separate households, but it will eventually focus on their connection as the storie moves to other neighborhoods.

List of EpisodesEdit

Episode Storyline Neighborhood Plot
The Crash


Matt's Story Twinbrook Matt talks to a doctor about a car crash.
Kelly's Side


Pattina's Story Twinbrook Pattina wonders how Pattina Knack was special.
Fountain Taylor's Story Twinbrook Taylor begins writing a story.



Matt's StoryEdit

Matt Corona: An adult sim who lived on the other side of Twinbrook. He has a daughter, Calley. His traits are Shy, Unstable, Coward, Over-Emotional, and Nurting. This sim was created specifically for the story.

Calley Corona: A child sim. She is Matt's daughter. Not much is known about her, except she got pnuemonia from an accident. Her traits are Hydrophobic, Brave, and Excitable. This sim was created specifically for the story.

Molly Coddle: A pre-made sim in Twinbrook. She works as a doctor.

Pattina's StoryEdit

Pattina Ho: She is a child sim, also the daughter of Wallisi Ho and Wang Bo Ho, the owners of the ShyShock resort. She was named after Pattina Knack, a family friend who passed away in front of her very eyes. Her traits are Clumsy, Loves the Outdoors, and Diva. Her best friend is her imaginary friend, Lucky. This sim was made in one of the author's households.

Kelly Ho: She is a teen sim, and Pattina Ho's half-sister. She was born in the future, as Wallisi had been distraught after Lenny Smith-Jones broke up with her. This sim was made in one of the author's households.

Taylor's StoryEdit

Taylor: He is a young adult sim who moved to Twinbrook 28 days after Wallisi. He used to live in Bridgeport, but he moved away since his dreams of journalism clashed with his dislike of the celebrities. Little did he know that Twinbrook also had its fair share. This sim was made in one of the author's households, as well as his first sim to be entirely randomized.

Theodosia Claudia: She is a child sim. She visits the park everyday with her friend, Calley.Her parents are wondering if Calley can stay with them, but she is still worried. This sim was created for the fanon.