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The Sims Stories
Name: The Sims Stories
Genre: Drama
Created by: User:zulfadhliarahman

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Not to be confused with The Sims Stories.

The Sims Stories is a series of fanfiction created by zulfadhliarahman. This is the first installment of The Sims Stories, as this fanon takes place in The Sims 1. There will be 9 chapters to these series, each named after expansion packs of The Sims, save for the final chapter, which will be titled "The Sims Stories: Revelations".

The fanon series focuses on the titular family, The Sims, which consists of the protagonist, the single mother Kea Sims, along with her two sons, child Bobby and baby Gijuk. Supporting characters in the fanfic includes the Three Strange Dudes who wear House Party shirts, aspiring musician Willie Wogre, bummer Ronald Armstrong (one who wears a dingy white tank top), as well as Pleasantview originals such as Michael Bachelor, the Goths and the ​Newbies.

In the base story chapter, Kea strives to master all skills.

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The Sims Stories cast


Chapter I: Base Story Edit

One dawn in The Sims Manor, 10 Sim Lane, Kea is already up in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for herself and Bobby. As Bobby is still asleep, he is woken up by his baby brother Gijuk, being hungry.


Bobby: Aww man! Where's Mom when Gijuk need her? Ah well, I guess I have to comfort him for a while. (feeds Gijuk with a bottle).

After that, Kea calls Bobby for breakfast, and he complied. Kea then tells Bobby that she couldn't hear Gijuk crying for milk as she was busy preparing breakfast. She then praises Bobby for taking care of his younger brother.
The school bus arrived at 6AM, and after hitting the showers, Bobby rushes to start his day by going to school while Kea is reading a book to improve her cooking skills.

Kea realised that she needs to beef up her skills in order to thrive as one of the best Sims in Sim Lane. So she sets her sights on maximizing her skills. In order to do this, she must sacrifice her quality time with her sons, so Kea told her kids that their neighbour Bella Goth will be babysitting while Kea perfects her skills.

Bella arrives, and immediately assumes her role as a babysitter. She increases her relationships with both Bobby and Gijuk Sims. Bella knows a lot about cooking, but when she feels very lazy, she asks Bobby if he wants pizza. Of course, Bobby says yes to that. After calling the pizza guy,

Bobby: When will Mom be done with her skill-building conquest?

Bella: Maybe several months. There's the doorbell. I bet it's the pizza guy!

After several conversations and getting to know each other, Bobby is comfortable enough to be with Bella. Meanwhile, while Kea is reading a skill book, the pizza dude Freddy arrived, with the hot pizza in hand.

Kea: Who ordered pizza?

Freddy: Some guy named Bobby.

Kea: All right, here's $40.

Freddy: Dude! Like I made it all the way from SimCity to your house in less than an hour!

Kea: SimCity is such a hassle. I guess Bobby and Bella are so hungry that they had to order some pizza.

Kea then calls Bella and Bobby for pizza and return to read the book.

Bella: Is she still have her nose on the books?

Bobby: No idea.

After several minutes, Kea finally finishes the book, exclaiming that "I'm finally the master of cooking and mechanics! I guess that's all that was ever written in the book. Time to master the other fields! Next stop .. charisma!"

Kea decided to refine her talking skills, so she talks to a dispenser. As hours passed, Bobby goes off to school again, and Kea says goodbye and have fun to him as acknowledgment. The Sims house is now left with Bella and Gijuk, when Bella feeds him while saying this:

Bella: Hush now ... as Bobby is going to school, and so do you in the future. I have a belief that you and your brother will embark on legendary journeys like your mother has started on.

Kea: Now that I've mastered the art of conversation .. it's time to go outside and exercise those muscles while running around Sim Lane!!


Kea then went out of her house to jog around Sim Lane. She did this after being confident enough with her talking skills sufficient enough to make her charismatic. So Kea ran around Sim Lane, passing homes and even Michael Bachelor exclaims that Kea has such strong muscles.

Michael: Whoah .. that's one strong woman.

Meanwhile, Bobby is back at home after school. He is greeted by Bella, and decides that they should give Gijuk a sink bath. Bella thinks this is a great idea, so they proceed to give Gijuk a bath.

Kea is still running around Sim Lane when she came across 4 Sim Lane where the household of the Three Strange Dudes with House Party shirts live. These dudes are dedicated to do research on everything that happens in The Sims Universe. Kea greeted the blue shirt, light skinned leader Ron Callahan. After telling him what she's been doing, Ron agreed to train Kea in other fields, such as Body and Logic skills. In order to train Kea, he needs an assistance in the form of the green shirt, dark skinned thinker David Cameron.

Ron: Looks like you mastered the Logic skill. Good job.

Cameron: You have mastered Logic, but can you master the Body skill as well?


While Kea mastered her Logic skills, Cameron ordered her to maximize her Body skills. Ron gets hungry so quickly, so he takes a break from training Kea and grill some burgers. Unfortunately, Ron started a fire.

Ron: Oh man ... remind me to refine my cooking skills.

Cameron: Ron, what are you doing!?

Kea: I'd better get outta here.

Cameron extinguishes the flames, while Ron screaming and Kea running away. And by running away, she boosts up her Body skills on her way home. When Kea arrived at home, she is greeted by Bella.

Bella: Kea, you're back home!

Kea: Yes, I am, Bella. Yes, I am.

Bella: Is there anything else I can do for you?

Kea: There is only one field left for me to master. Will you be so kind to lend me your piano so that I can cultivate my creativity?

Bella: Do you need some tutoring? Mortimer's good at creativity.

Kea: Umm ... sure. That'll speed up my mastering skills.

The next day, Kea anxiously waits for Bella and Mortimer to arrive at the Sims Manor. Then, Mortimer brings his piano to the living room.

Mortimer: Here it is, the piano generously bought from Arianna Chimeway herself.

Kea: Woah, the piano handplayed by Chimeway!

Mortimer: Now, Kea. Sit down and I'll teach you how to do the Shopan.

Kea: OK then.

Bella: I love me some Shopan.

Mortimer: As I have been told by Bella, you only have creativity to cultivate in order to master every skill there is, am I correct?

Kea: Correct.

Mortimer then teaches Kea the ways of creativity.

Mortimer: By golly, you sure are learning fast!  Now that's maestro material!

Bella: Am I seeing the master of everything in the making?

Kea: Yes you are!

Soon, Kea is noticed by everyone in the house and gathered full support from her peers, including Bobby. After displaying such amazing performance,


Mortimer: Stop. That's it. You have conquered it all, Kea. You've finally done it.

Kea has finally mastered all the skills.

Mortimer: All right there, maestro. I want my piano back.

Bobby: Look, Gijuk! Mom's the master now!

Kea: Finally, after days and days of searching the true meaning of life ... I have mastered everything. Now I can spend time with my family again!

Bella: Congratulations, Kea!

Sometime after, Mortimer and Bella went home with their piano. And so, everything went back to normal as Kea returned to relieve Bella of her duties and taking care of her sons.