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The Sims was the greatest PC game to be released. The game was so successful, it got three sequels. Over the past sixteen years, the Sims series, had been enjoyed by everyone who bought it. But there was one thing no one realized. The sims were alive. Even though, they weren't in control of their own actions, the sims really enjoyed being played with. But there was a problem. There were these creatures. Magical, and special, each assigned to a different game, to keep it in order. The creatures of the Sims 4 noticed, not everyone was playing it. Some people stuck with The Sims 3, some with The Sims 2. Heck, some were still playing The Sims 1. It made the creatures wonder, which game was the best? It sparked a massive argument over which game was the greatest, until finally, the creatures decided to settle it the hard way. The creatures a male and female sim, from each game, and turned them into people. But them being people didn't mean they were free. It meant that every sim in the game, was depending on them. Each pair of sims, from each game, were representing their game, in The Sims War.

Chapter OneEdit

Diane Pleasant had never been more scared. She was used to being the friendly, Sims 1 housewife, living in the comfort of home. But now she had been chosen as the female sim to represent The Sims 1. The male sim chosen, was Michael Bachelor.

Diane felt bad for him, since he existed in The Sims 3, and would have to go against it.

Diane didn't want anyone else to suffer this fate, but at the same time, she didn't want to go out into the real world. She knew Michael was probably feeling just the same, but he didn't try to show it. The few times she saw him, his face was as hard as stone.

Diane had found out what sims were going to be representing the other games. The Sims 2 ones were: Dina Caliente, and Dirk Dreamer. the Sims 3 ones were: Agnes Crumplebottom, and Christopher Steel. And The Sims 4 ones were: Bella Goth, and Bob Pancakes.

Diane was positive that The Sims 1 was going to lose. Even though, some people still played it, it still wasn't enough. In fact, Diane was wondering why they even included The Sims 1 in the war.

Diane had no idea, why the creatures even started the war. Quite frankly, Diane didn't know the proper name for the creatures, either.

Diane didn't even know where they were going. She knew they were going to turn them into humans...somehow. She didn't even know why they were allowed to do that.

Michael kept telling her, that he felt there was something far more sinister going on. Diane agreed with him. You didn't see game series wars everyday.

Diane realized that they had arrived. All the sims, who were chosen, were put into a weird hovercraft...thing. Diane didn't know what it was.

"Alright. Brace yourselves," said one of the creatures driving.

Diane, and pretty much everyone too, were confused and scared. Then, suddenly she felt a sharp pain through her body.

Sims never really felt pain, so this was new to her, Then it hit her. They were being turned into humans.