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The Story Of 3 Adults Part 1
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Series: The Story Of 3 Adults
Written by: Fanboy123
Release date: 1/30/13

Previous chapter: N/A
Next chapter: The Story Of 3 Adults Part 2:Fixing Our Friend

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Story PlotEdit

Okay so this is the sequel of Fanon:The Story Of 3 Young Adults but this time Ryan, Randy and Grace are adults and they get a life and what not. so enjoy! :)

Chapter 1:Better Off Without CollageEdit

After a few days Randy dropped out of collage and Grace was getting bigger and bigger so one one sunny morning everything started to happen.

"Ryan..." said Grace in a very nervous state.

"Grace is anything wrong?" said Ryan.

"I think its coming..." said Grace.

"Oh my!! Quick Randy!! Come!!" said Ryan.


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3 SIM 31

Aww How Cute :)

"Its a girl!" said Grace.

"What should we name it?" said Ryan.

"How About Linda?" said Randy.

"Perfect." said Grace and Ryan.

"Well then. We have a baby on our hands." said Ryan.

After a few days with the baby around things has been getting more harder. Which means that when the baby is crying during the night they have to take turns getting up and feeding the baby and what not. So lets just skip the baby stages and go right into toddler-hood.

"Who is a good little baby? Yes you are!" said Grace.

"Hahaha! Uncle!" said little Linda.

"Linda keeps on calling me uncle." said Randy.

"Well you are always with Ryan so if that was me i would do the same." said Grace.

"Hey Linda who is daddys girl!?" said Ryan.

"You." said Linda while pointing at Ryan.

"What an angle." said Randy while drinking a nice cold Dr. Pepper.

Randy let his hair grow and so did Ryan.

"Ryan look! Shes walking!" said Grace.

"What a cute little thing!" said Ryan.

"Ryan it isn't too long before i get on your case with your hair. That means you too Randy!" said Grace.

"Ugh fine." said Randy.

"Daddy Tell me stwory!" said Linda.

"You wanna hear a story!" said Ryan.

"How about you tell her the story of how we first met?" said Randy.

"Good thinking." said Ryan.

Well then. Once upon a time..."

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3 SIM 14
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3 SIM 31

"The End." said Ryan.

Chapter 2: Alien PregnantEdit

One clam night Randy was stargazing until a UFO came and took Randy! Ryan and Grace were already sleeping then the next morning Randy didn't feel very good.

"Ryan. I don't know if this is normal but im not feeling very well" Said Randy.

"Randy the way you tell me this makes it sound like you're alien pregnant." said Ryan.

"Oh no, no, no this cant be happening!" said Randy scared.

"Dude Grace is scared to death when it comes to aliens so it will be best if you move out to that house next door." said Ryan.

After Randy moved out he gave birth without anyone knowing. And he gave birth to a healthy baby girl named May.

"Weird baby but yet it loves me so much." said Randy.

"Who is Daddy's girl!? You are!" said Ryan.

"I wonder how Randy is doing?" said Grace.

"Hes doing fine nothing to worry about hehe" Said Ryan in a nervous way.

"Why do you sound all nervous? Is he alright?" said Grace.

"Yes, Yes! Hes alright!!" said Ryan raising his voice a bit.

Grace got more suspicious when Ryan stated to raise his voice.

"Sigh... If you say so." said Grace. But little did Ryan know that Grace was planing to visit Randy the next day.

Chapter 3:Weird...Edit

Never had much faith in love or miracles Never wanna put my heart on the line...

Grace woke up to the new Bruno Mars song Locked Out Of Heaven. Ryan was already up taking sips of his Espresso. Grace noticed that Ryan's hair was cut short in a form of a crew-cut.

"Ryan, What happened to your hair?" said Grace as she was not surprised.

Ryan ignored her for a moment looking at his IPhone sending a text to someone important. As he puts his cell in sleep mode he just realized that Grace was talking to him.

"Oh, Grace yeah i cut my hair earlier today." said Ryan.

"How earlier?" said Grace.

"At around 7:00" said Ryan.

"7!?" said Grace in her mind.

Ryan was in his black suit with his beige tie Grace wondered why Ryan had to dress so fancy it wasn't like him to do that.

Beep-beep-beep! Ryan's Cell Phone alarm clock rang.

"Oh, Gotta go now Grace bye." said Ryan rushing.

"By-" Ryan was already gone before Grace was able to say bye.

"Waaa!" Grace heard crying she knew that Linda had woken up.

Grace calmed down Linda so she went to Randys house to see whats shaking.


Randy couldn't take the baby so he did something that he will forever regret... He KILLED The baby. Randy knew what he did was wrong he regretted every second after that he did something else that he will soon regret. He felt so bad that he started smoking and taking.... Drugs...

Tempted By RandyEdit

Randy couldn't live one second of his life without taking a puff of cigs or injecting himself with drugs. They offered Ryan a job in the Criminal Career. Ryan was tempted because Ryan and Grace couldn't afford the bills they were taking loans after loans after loans. §3,000 here! §1,000 there! Randy looked like crap. Ryan would disappear for hours and then come back in the middle of the night.

Dear Ryan, We are sorry but you cant just keep on taking loans from us and we cant just give you cigs for free times are rough we barely have any left. So im afraid it has to stop here. Your Friend, Don.

"Oh Linda, You deserve a better father then me" said Ryan ready to go to Randy's house to smoke and take Dope.

Right when Ryan opened the door Grace came.

"Oh No Mister! Where do you think you're going?" said Grace feeling fishy about Ryan.

"T-to Randy's h-house" said Ryan.

"Yeah Right, you been saying that for three nights already. Now tell me the truth." said Grace.

"Okay Grace! I admit it! I take drugs! I been taking it for a week already! I'm sorry Grace! I cant help it!! I am willing to kill for it!!!"

Grace gasped in shock.

"How could you! What happen to the Ryan i loved!?" After that Grace broke down on the floor crying and sobbing.

"No Grace pleases stop crying..."

After that Ryan went and hugged Grace. Grace hugged Ryan and lean her head against his shoulders wiping her tears on his shirt. Linda then somehow managed to climb out of her crib and went to Ryan and hugged him.

"Da-da! Da-da!" said Linda.

"I know Linda, I been a bad father but i will stop i promise you. And you too Grace." After that Ryan hugged Linda.

After all the hugging Randy came in.

"And how are we gonna fix Randy?" said Grace.

"I have no idea." said Ryan.